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  1. Happy Birthday, Laura! So glad you had a wonderful day!
  2. Oh My! I'm just seeing this! Many prayers for Missm and family!
  3. Thanks for sharing the article, MM! Here's my favorite highly effective false ending from Eric : Runaway - Eric Carmen
  4. Happy Birthday, Eric! If I could give you one gift, I'd wrap up all of the Peace, Hope, and Love your music has given me, and I'd send all back to you...Sealed with a kiss! With Love from the bottom of my heart , Elle
  5. Happy Birthday, Marlene! Hope you have a fantastic day!
  6. Happy Belated Birthday, RASPYROCK! Hope is was great!
  7. So happy for you and your family on the arrival of TJ, Miriam!
  8. Great photos, Tim! I'm sure it was a dream come true... Times two !! Love Heart !
  9. The banter between you two cracks me up! Here's to second chances, Ira! But look at it this way, there are worse things than "Papa Johns" carryout and a little "Beach Blanket Bingo" ...
  10. Raspberries and Babies ...Two of life's sweetest things! Not to mention how sweet and thoughtful of Wendy to give such a cute gift! Great to see Miriam looking so well! Best wishes to Miriam and her family on the long anticipated arrival of Baby T.J.!
  11. Meatloaf, Fresh green beans cooked with new redskin potatoes and yellow squash. I also tried a recipe for "glorified cabbage casserole"...everyone loved it! And for dessert...Frozen chocolate peanut butter cups (similar to a peanut butter pie with an Oreo crust, fluffy peanut butter filling, and chocolate glaze on top).
  12. Welcome, Shell! If you are anything like your partner in crime, sol, we're sure to have lots of fun in store!
  13. WOW! Talk about heating things up for the Summer ....But in a good way!! I'll be vacationing at the beach next week, and now I have the perfect song to go along with it! I love Eric's voice on the chorus! Thanks so much "Bernie Baby" !!
  14. I went to Amazon and voted all of the new reviews by our well-qualified reviewers as"helpful"....even though I already own the superbly written "Marathon Man"! I'll trade a "helpful" review vote any day for a gift like "Boardwalk Baby" !
  15. Happy Belated Birthday, Beth! Hope you had a great day!
  16. Someone finally uploaded the M&M "Hungry Eyes" commercial to YouTube:
  17. Kim, Thanks so much for such a well-articulated, heartfelt post! Isn't it nice to have a little place to come to where such caring, intelligent people gather...especially when the stressors of everyday life seem to overwhelm us sometimes? I know I don't post everyday, but rarely a day passes when I don't check in to see what's new in Eric Carmen Land! It's such a comfort to enjoy the friendship and camaraderie with other great people here who also share a true love for the music of Eric Carmen . Kim, the very first time I saw your screen name, BlondeVelvet , it caught my eye (wonder why ?). Then, after reading your first few posts, I knew I was going to like you, and that you'd fit right in here. You know, we all come to the table here from different walks of life to share each of our individual talents and contributions, resulting in a delightful mix of salty, savory, sour, and sweet elements...Finally ending in one deliciously unique family experience! Key word here being FAMILY. Welcome to the family, Kim!
  18. Happy Birthday, Danny ! Hope you had a great day!
  19. Happy Birthday, Brian! To one of the sweetest, most considerate guys on the board! And pretty intelligent, too....A fellow Cowboys fan! Hope today was "heavenly" !
  20. Happy Birthday, Ira! Here's wishing you a fantastic day, and an even better year ahead!
  21. Happy Birthday, Anna! Hoping your Birthday is as sweet and lovely as you are!
  22. Chris, Here's hoping soon you'll have a spring in your step , and everything will be back to normal!
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