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  1. Hi Kirk! I remember this one well, and always liked it! Maybe it got more airplay in the South!😉
  2. ❤️😘❤️ Thank you, Bernie!!
  3. WOO HOO!! I’m so happy you had a “Change Of Heart”😍, Bernie!!! ‘Cause I “still believe in what Love can do”!! ...and I Love You, 😘and Eric...and this site!!❤️❤️❤️
  4. Most of us know what a powerhouse of vocal ability that Lady Gaga possesses. I never really appreciated that talent until the movie, “A Star Is Born” was re-released. I just loved the movie and thought she and Bradley Cooper (A multi- talent in his own right) were awesome together. I really love the Soundtrack from the movie, especially this song. Speaking of “heart-wrenching”, LC,...this is about as heart-wrenching 💔as it gets. “I’ll Never Love Again” - Lady Gaga
  5. Loved it, LC! I had never heard it before. Mary’s voice is so rich and soulful, perfect for this song. I also loved her cover of “Because The Night”. “Those are the days When we walked on clouds ...Those days are over now.”😍😢
  6. Listening to this entire clip brought back so many musical memories, and countless times of listening to the iconic, Casey Kasem, and American Top 40. The fall of 1977 was a memorable time for me, as my family had just moved. I was 14, and my sister and I were making the adjustment of starting at a new High School. So many of these songs on this particular countdown, brought back specific memories of my youth at that very time. I knew the production costs of the Boats album were high, but I didn’t realize how exorbitantly high it was in comparison to other album production costs at that time! Great find, Matt!!
  7. Ballads are my weakness, and EC definitely has a way with a Ballad. A good Ballad is timeless, and listening to a well orchestrated ballad is something I never tire of. Eric hits the mark on both for me, with so many of his Ballads. I’d buy this Ballad compilation in a minute, LC, because Eric’s Ballads are usually the first thing I go to when it comes to listening to his music. I think his romantic and poetic nature, compliment and carry-over into his lyricist abilities, combining to set the stage for a Ballad that’s hard to beat, from any songwriter. As far as new tracks go, I think some of his unreleased Ballads are definitely good enough to fit the bill! I think your new Ballad compilation definitely benefits with the additions Eric’s unreleased singles, “Wild Wild Heart”, “Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea”, “Love At Last”, and my favorite unreleased Ballad, “After You”😍. P.S. LC, you can share your playlist with me anytime...
  8. WOW!! Great find, LC...the Getty Library has a lot of additions now! So many great shots I haven’t seen before!😍❤️ Thank you, LC!!
  9. Lew, earlier when I instructed you as your (Trial run) First Lady, to find some way to get Eric come back and visit here (Even if it’s only a few times a year), I certainly didn’t mean for you to charge him with “Abandonment”!! We want to entice him back...not make him “Runaway” even further!! For this stunt, I hope you know that you’ ll be giving me a foot massage tonight, and I may even take a page out of “The James Harem Training Manual”, and have you clip my toenails, very slowly and methodically, making darn sure they are smooth and even. If this is your idea of some of the ways you plan on building back our Community here, maybe it’s time you learned the “Elle Method For Success”! It’s really very simple when you think about it. Just remember, some of the major elements of the program are words that rhyme with Ice. My methodology includes employing behaviors that entICE, add spICE...and always, always come across as nICE. Even if It means doing things... twICE.😉 Dear Lew, my feet are waiting for you...
  10. As I said in my “Brand New Year” ...post, we did it “All For Love” ...’Cause nothing really matters if it’s strong enough.”❤️ Love is all that matters😍Faithful and forever❤️Keepin' us together👍Love is all we need🙌🏻Prisoner of illusion😎Sentence is suspended🙏Loneliness is ended🌅Love has set me free❣️ Many thanks to Bernie😘 (And ALL ❤️of Us), our “Sentence Is Suspended”!!😍🙏🙌🏻 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO US!!!🎉🎊😘 There’s one word from Angelina (John), that I can think of to best describe how I’m feeling today.... BOOYAH!!!!
  11. It’s A “Brand New Year”...and we’re still here!! I have “Great Expectations” that Bernie has had a “Change Of Heart”, and that tomorrow’s “Sunrise” will be a glorious sight to behold, as a new day, fresh with the promise of new life, emerges for us here! I think I can speak for all of the members who have come back to support this wonderful Eric Carmen Community, and say that we/he/ “She Did it” “All For Love”💕💕... HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!❤️🎉🎊😘
  12. I’ve always loved “Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea”, from the first time I heard it. It’s hard to believe that the song wouldn’t have been considered good enough in it’s day (even if it’s length might have needed to have been adjusted a little). I’d buy it today in a store or on ITUNES in a minute!!❤️
  13. Thanks, Lew...let’s hope she “Get (‘s) The Message” 😉, and comes back for a final visit. And yes, I got your message, I just haven’t had a chance to respond to it yet.😘
  14. I sure wish I could, Lew, but I don’t have a contact for her anymore. 😔 Would anyone else happen to have one?
  15. If we truly are in our final hours in this Eric.Carmen.Com family and Community, I’ll have to admit, I’m feeling somewhat like a prisoner on death row right now, awaiting my final walk along “The Green Mile”...praying for a last minute stay of execution. At this point, I’m not above crawling and begging! So, PLEASE , “Governor Bernie”, might you grant us an emergency extended (lifetime🙏) reprieve?? If my final request is not granted, I can’t leave here without sharing the video Andrea (andiemay) made for me, for my favorite Eric Carmen song of all-time, “Boats Against The Current “. Believe it or not, that one little homemade video has garnered over 174,000 views since its debut in June of 2009!! I think that’s quite an achievement, don’t you? At the time I asked her to make the video, all the videos of “BATC”, available on YouTube at that time, included the background vocals, and I much prefer Eric’s solo version of the song, without the background vocals. That was the version I longed to hear in a video. It also turned out to be pleasant coincidence, that Natalie Wood was my favorite actress from Vintage Hollywood, and soon after I joined the board, I discovered that Eric loved her, too! So, I asked andiemay if she might be able to include some shots of Natalie in the video. Well, as you can see, Andrea did all that...and so much more, in what I think turned out to be such an awesome video! I’ll always have such deep appreciation for her hard work, generosity, and creativity. My final request to Andrea was to ask if she might be able to include my all-time favorite movie quote, from my favorite movie, starring Natalie Wood, “Splendor In The Grass”. She included the quote at the end of the video. The sheer magnitude of what this song and this video means to me is indescribable, but suffice it to say, it will always be very near and dear to my heart. And though I never dreamed, invisioned or wanted things to end this way, how ironic is it that I can’t think of a more fitting quote to end with, to describe the place that Bernie created here, the love and friendships I found, and what this board and some of its members have truly meant to me? So, I felt it was so fitting to share it here one final time: “Though Nothing Can Bring Back The Hour Of Splendor In The Grass, Of Glory In The Flower, We Will Grieve Not...Rather Find Strength In What Remains Behind.” Much Love To You All, Elle (BTW, Elle is just my screenname, my real name is Lisa.)
  16. Yess!! Beautiful, thanks Aventurine and Second Moon!!💕
  17. It may have been “Heart-wrenching” testimony, LC, but I almost busted a gut laughing while reading it!! Lew is still in rare form and at the top of his comedic game! Surely Bernie would not let hilarious talent such as this fine example, be silenced!!🤣🙏🙏
  18. I’d never seen this either! Love it!! Eric looks very handsome! Great “Super Sleuth” 🕵️‍♂️ work, Kirk!!😍❤️
  19. You’ve been doing some great digging, LC! I remember this thread well. Of course, like you and Duane, the lyrics and lines you quoted from “Boats Against The Current”, have to be at the top of my list, as the song is, IMHO, one of the most perfect songs of all time. That being said, Eric has penned so many, many superb lyrics, and a lot were mentioned in this topic. Like you, the imagery alone that so many of Eric’s songs evoke, has kept me awake and entranced many a night. To me, there’s no better introspective music out there to get lost in. So, from one “active listener” to another, thanks, LC, for reminding us of this this awesome thread...and, most of all, thanks to Eric for all those many stellar lyrics. For as “Perfection is Consuming”...many of my favorite lines from Eric Carmen are as about as perfect as one can get.
  20. I agree, Pat. “Foolin’ Myself” is such an incredible song, and the older I get, the more I appreciate the beauty of the tone of desperation in the lyrics and Eric’s complimentary emotional vocals. As you said, when you’ve lived the lyrics (and I’ve lived the lyrics, too), the song becomes even more unforgettable...
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