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  1. You probably don’t want to get me started on Trisha…because we might be here all night. Suffice it to say, I think she’s one of the greatest female vocalists of all time. As I listened to that beautiful performance of “Put It In A Song”, I couldn’t help but find myself being transported back in time to the sound and style of one of Trisha’s earlier hit singles, another one, maybe not so coincidentally, also with the word “Song” in the title. It’s always been one of my favorites of hers, but it struck me the last time I listened to it a few years ago, of how the older (and hopefully wiser) me, now could finally fully understood and appreciate the relevancy of what those exquisite vocals, combined with the exceptional emotionality of the lyrics…truly delivers. Here’s the title track from Trisha’s 1993 album of the same name, “The Song Remembers When” : “I was standing at the counter I was waitin' for the change When I heard that old familiar music start It was like a lighted match Had been tossed into my soul It was like a dam had broken in my heart After taking every detour Gettin' lost and losin' track So that even if I wanted I could not find my way back After drivin' out the memory of the way things might have been After I'd forgotten all about us The song remembers when We were rollin' through the Rockies We were up above the clouds When a station out of Jackson played that song And it seemed to fit the moment And the moment seemed to freeze When we turned the music up and sang along And there was a God in Heaven And the world made perfect sense We were young and were in love and we were easy to convince We were headed straight for Eden It was just around the bend And though I had forgotten all about it The song remembers when I guess something must've happened And we must've said goodbye And my heart must have been broken Though I can't recall just why The song remembers when Now for all the miles between us And for all the time that's passed You would think I haven't gotten very far And I hope my hasty heart Will forgive me just this once If I stop to wonder how on earth you are But that's just a lot of water Underneath the bridge I've burned And there's no use in back tracking around corners I have turned Still I guess some things we bury Are just bound to rise again And even if the whole world has forgotten The song remembers when Yeah, even if the whole world has forgotten The song remembers when.” ❤️
  2. Hi Kirk! I remember this one well, and always liked it! Maybe it got more airplay in the South!😉
  3. ❤️😘❤️ Thank you, Bernie!!
  4. WOO HOO!! I’m so happy you had a “Change Of Heart”😍, Bernie!!! ‘Cause I “still believe in what Love can do”!! ...and I Love You, 😘and Eric...and this site!!❤️❤️❤️
  5. I am sad that I can't see you here, my sweet friend Elle.
    I am always wishing your happiness.


    Naeko Nagasawa    

  6. Most of us know what a powerhouse of vocal ability that Lady Gaga possesses. I never really appreciated that talent until the movie, “A Star Is Born” was re-released. I just loved the movie and thought she and Bradley Cooper (A multi- talent in his own right) were awesome together. I really love the Soundtrack from the movie, especially this song. Speaking of “heart-wrenching”, LC,...this is about as heart-wrenching 💔as it gets. “I’ll Never Love Again” - Lady Gaga
  7. Loved it, LC! I had never heard it before. Mary’s voice is so rich and soulful, perfect for this song. I also loved her cover of “Because The Night”. “Those are the days When we walked on clouds ...Those days are over now.”😍😢
  8. Listening to this entire clip brought back so many musical memories, and countless times of listening to the iconic, Casey Kasem, and American Top 40. The fall of 1977 was a memorable time for me, as my family had just moved. I was 14, and my sister and I were making the adjustment of starting at a new High School. So many of these songs on this particular countdown, brought back specific memories of my youth at that very time. I knew the production costs of the Boats album were high, but I didn’t realize how exorbitantly high it was in comparison to other album production costs at that time! Great find, Matt!!
  9. Ballads are my weakness, and EC definitely has a way with a Ballad. A good Ballad is timeless, and listening to a well orchestrated ballad is something I never tire of. Eric hits the mark on both for me, with so many of his Ballads. I’d buy this Ballad compilation in a minute, LC, because Eric’s Ballads are usually the first thing I go to when it comes to listening to his music. I think his romantic and poetic nature, compliment and carry-over into his lyricist abilities, combining to set the stage for a Ballad that’s hard to beat, from any songwriter. As far as new tracks go, I think some of his unreleased Ballads are definitely good enough to fit the bill! I think your new Ballad compilation definitely benefits with the additions Eric’s unreleased singles, “Wild Wild Heart”, “Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea”, “Love At Last”, and my favorite unreleased Ballad, “After You”😍. P.S. LC, you can share your playlist with me anytime...
  10. WOW!! Great find, LC...the Getty Library has a lot of additions now! So many great shots I haven’t seen before!😍❤️ Thank you, LC!!
  11. Lew, earlier when I instructed you as your (Trial run) First Lady, to find some way to get Eric come back and visit here (Even if it’s only a few times a year), I certainly didn’t mean for you to charge him with “Abandonment”!! We want to entice him back...not make him “Runaway” even further!! For this stunt, I hope you know that you’ ll be giving me a foot massage tonight, and I may even take a page out of “The James Harem Training Manual”, and have you clip my toenails, very slowly and methodically, making darn sure they are smooth and even. If this is your idea of some of the ways you plan on building back our Community here, maybe it’s time you learned the “Elle Method For Success”! It’s really very simple when you think about it. Just remember, some of the major elements of the program are words that rhyme with Ice. My methodology includes employing behaviors that entICE, add spICE...and always, always come across as nICE. Even if It means doing things... twICE.😉 Dear Lew, my feet are waiting for you...
  12. As I said in my “Brand New Year” ...post, we did it “All For Love” ...’Cause nothing really matters if it’s strong enough.”❤️ Love is all that matters😍Faithful and forever❤️Keepin' us together👍Love is all we need🙌🏻Prisoner of illusion😎Sentence is suspended🙏Loneliness is ended🌅Love has set me free❣️ Many thanks to Bernie😘 (And ALL ❤️of Us), our “Sentence Is Suspended”!!😍🙏🙌🏻 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO US!!!🎉🎊😘 There’s one word from Angelina (John), that I can think of to best describe how I’m feeling today.... BOOYAH!!!!
  13. It’s A “Brand New Year”...and we’re still here!! I have “Great Expectations” that Bernie has had a “Change Of Heart”, and that tomorrow’s “Sunrise” will be a glorious sight to behold, as a new day, fresh with the promise of new life, emerges for us here! I think I can speak for all of the members who have come back to support this wonderful Eric Carmen Community, and say that we/he/ “She Did it” “All For Love”💕💕... HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!!❤️🎉🎊😘
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