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  1. Thanks you all for the Happy Birthday Wishes!
  2. Hello Everyone! I want to start getting new music to put into my mp3 player. What bands/artists should I look up? Thanks!
  3. Hey Everyone. I started a photography page for my work on facebook and I would love it if you took a look! Also, Tell me what you think because I love feedback:) Thanks! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Annie-Dolan-Photography/212128731139?ref=ts
  4. Yeah,I just saw that video and i loved it! haha
  5. Here's a new one "I turned around and the water was closing all around like a glove, Like the love that finally found me"
  6. I love ween! My favorite song by them is Back to Basom http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSg2zQl0hk4&feature=related
  7. Okay, here's how you play. I'll put a song lyric here and the next person who posts will have to answer who did the song and the name of the song! then they will put up a new song lyric! Here we go!!! "out of college money spent, see no future, pay no rent, all the moneys gone, nowhere to go"
  8. I don't agree with JuliaD post.Even tho you said you didn't mean to be nasty about it you sounded nasty in the post.Maybe Diane is stressed out because people here keep fighting like their 5 years old! I'm 16 and know better then that!.My family loves Diane VERY MUCH!!!!She is very much part of my family and what you said was rude!I don't come here a lot because of the fighting and yet some things never change...
  9. In case you missed it we will be at Giordano's pizza. It's by Midway Airport (Exit 55 at Cicero) and is on the corner of 63rd and Cicero. We'll be there from 2.00pm on Sunday 17th. Muzza and Kiwi
  10. This is Muzza using Annie's log in as we can't log in anymore. Just checking who's coming. If possible could folk post here to let us know you're definately coming. Ta Muzza and Kiwi
  11. Hi Guys. This is Muzza. Neither Kiwi or I can log in at all so we are having to use Annies log in. If someone can tell us what we need to do to gain access to the board again that would be great. Muzza
  12. Underrated: I'm So Tired Two Of Us Revolution 1 I'm Happy Just To Dance With You Old Brown Shoe Long Long Long Julia Drive my car Dear Prudence You Never Give You're Money This Boy The Word Cry Baby Cry Junk Overrated: Lady Madonna Revolution She Came In Through The Bathroom Window Love Me Do Maxwell's Silver Hammer With A little Help From My Friends Happiness Is A Warm Gun Lovely Rita Act Naturally
  13. I have good news! They are sending my mom home today!.I talked with her on the phone and she told me what they tryed 3times yesterday to do a spinal tap and they couldn't.They did a MRI and a Cat scan and didn't find anything but her blood white count was up a bit so she has a something they just don't know what!.She said she feels a little bit better now so thats good!
  14. Hi Everyone!.I know some of you may know this but for everyone who doesn't yet! am Ecstasy->Kathy Lee's daughter!.Tonight she went into the emergency room because she wasn't feel well.Everyone kept thinking it was a flu and the doctors said it's not.So they ran some tests on her and can't find anything but their gonna keep her over night because she still has a bad headache and Nausea.Ill be keeping you all updated if i here anything else.She's wonderful and i love her so much! So if you guys could pray for her that would be amazing! Thank you all so much! I love you mom=]
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