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  1. He sounded great in everything he sang, but listen to "Ask The Lonely". The song itself is monumental, but Levi's voice is the crowning achievement to a superbly recorded song. Now the song truly does break a heart. RIP, Levi...you'll be missed.
  2. "Perfect Way" An excellent song from an excellent LP, "Cupid And Psych '85". I'll have to drag that one out. Haven't listened to that in years.
  3. Many things come to mind, but i would like to ask you all about one particular candy i adored, but has sadly disappeared like my teeth. Does anybody remember... Bonomo Turkish Taffy!?! Flavors: Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry Banana Always bought a bar at the candy store on Crossbay Blvd. in Queens.
  4. Original member and songwriting icon Graham Gouldman, along with 10cc members from '78 do it live on their latest DVD release. Graham performs some of his sixties classics here... "For Your Love" "Bus Stop" "Look Through Any Window" (take note, hollies65!) Not to mention all the great 10cc tunes. Can't Wait!!!
  5. "Salt In My Tears" - Martin Briley
  6. "Girl Of My Dreams" - Bram Tchaikovsky
  7. Side3

    Can't Sleep

    Used to have the same trouble nearly a year ago. I decided to change to an all raw diet and within a matter of months i've experienced many benefits. One of them is 7-9 hours of solid sleep. Harrison said it himself... "You know that what you eat, you are. But what is sweet now, turns so sour."
  8. I never had, and probably never will see it. Too big a fan of the original movie... "I love 'em tender, Tracy and Fender!" - Motor Mouth Mabel
  9. "Starry Eyes" - The Records
  10. Top Five From... HAIRSPRAY "I'm Blue" - The Ikettes "Shake A Tail Feather" - The Five Du-Tones "Nothing Takes The Place Of You" - Toussaint McCall "Mama Didn't Lie" - Jan Bradley "The Madison Time" - The Ray Bryant Combo
  11. Todays Top "Six" Remakes" "Ain't That Good News" - Sam Cooke "Ain't That Good News" - Florence Ballard "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" - Gladys Knight And The Pips "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" - Marvin Gaye "Heaven Must Have Sent You" - The Elgins "Heaven Must Have Sent You" - Bonnie Pointer
  12. Todays Top Five: "Gimme Little Sign" - Brenton Wood "I'm Your Puppet" - James And Bobby Purify "Thin Line Between Love And Hate" - The Persuaders "Do It Baby" - The Miracles "I'll Always Love My Mama" - The Intruders
  13. Todays Top Five: "Needle In A Haystack" - The Velvelettes "Take Me In Your Arms" - Kim Weston "The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game" - The Marvelettes "You Made Me So Very Happy" - Brenda Holloway "If I Were Your Woman" - Gladys Knight And The Pips
  14. Todays Top Five: "Love Or Let Me Be Lonely" - Friends Of Distinction "Love Ain't Love" - Florence Ballard "If You Let Me Make Love To You" - Ronnie Dyson "Just Don't Want To Be Lonely" - Main Ingredient "Show And Tell" - Al Wilson
  15. Todays Top Five: "In The Rain" - The Dramatics "Love On A Two Way Street" - The Moments "The Bells" - The Originals "Trouble Man" - Marvin Gaye "For The Love Of Money" - The O'Jays
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