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  1. I've not seen either of those movies Vera...But your post made me think of a conversation I had just a few days ago with an acquaintance I met on the river this summer. He shared with me that he served a brief period during Vietnam...he made the statement to me that when he came home he was spit at and swore at...he told me he was spit at in U.S. airports three times while headed home...and these were soldiers who had no choice but to serve other than AWOL. Just felt a need to mention it in regards to "support and care" for our troops and their families...very, very sad
  2. Totally twisted...thought for sure he must be someone you know Cartmill
  3. Men are like wine: some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age. Pope John XXIII I adored you then and I adore you now...Happy Birthday Eric
  4. Wow...I had to look that one up...a very interesting profession Beth...Congrats!!!
  5. Vera...My heart and most positive wishers go out to you and Valorie...Know you are being thought of in this little spot of the world
  6. Ou la la....I want to "hook up" with you too Gir-aux...Sure wish they had a pole dancing Graemlin...
  7. Of course they are...lol...But the trick is that women possess an intuition....and if we're "on top of things" we get to play too
  8. Happy Birthday Mellie...Hope your day is filled with much fun and fabulous surprises!!!
  9. Bravo!!! I couldn't have said it better...exactly the reason I distanced myself from the board for a brief period...But I've decided to just be me and come and go as I please and ignore those who are fast and eager to insult and offend...Now why don't we all just get drunk and...oops..I better not say it...might get my fanny smacked
  10. Hi Eric: When you performed Never Gonna Fall in Love Again on the Midnight Special in 1976 who played back up for you??? I watched it recently and it flashes to the faces of four members...I understand a back up group called "Magic" I think backed you on All By Myself??? Is it the same band??? Thanx in advance Margo
  11. Margaux


    Wrong spot..please disregard this post...My bad!!!
  12. Happy Birthday Matt...a few days late http://youtube.com/watch?v=glNjsOHiBYs
  13. This really broke my heart...I have no other words...I'm just very sad about this
  14. In China execution have become an industry for "organ harvesting"....you can be executed for even white collar type crimes...and there is no appeal...basically organs are matched with tissue types even before sentences are passed down...Big execution vans which look like motor homes roll into prison yards...The condemned is then brought to the van where all curtains are closed and everything is kept very hush hush....articles I've read pertaining to this which you can find all over the net indicate it to be a very "bloody" ordeal...importing livers and kidneys from china has become quite a lucrative business.
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