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  1. I know for many of you who have endured this life-altering Mega Beast known as "Sandy" things will never quite be the same. I have also endured a tornado when I was only 7, although no where near on the same scale, for a 7 yr. old it was still pretty frightening and images remain that I will NEVER forget. My prayers for strength, courage, endurance, patience, but most of all for safety and love to remain within you during your recovery and healing. You have ALL been very much in my thoughts...
  2. I wish to thank everyone who has been adding rare songs and ideas for my special project. So many songs I had NEVER heard of before until my friends here at EC were kind enough to share them. I have been redoing the 5 lists and have managed to chisel them down to 3 (a very massive 3 lists however)! Now, I still MUST figure out what direction to take all of these intense songs about the many different feelings that revolve around the word 'love'. I have also had some further unexpected issues that are complicating my completion of this project! So very sorry as I do not mean to disapoint those who have been kind enough to help me. My first BIG 'somewhat' unexpected issue is that I will be going for more surgery just as soon as they are able to schedule it for me...Yippee or maybe I should say OWEE! The second issue is not an issue at all but rather a wonderfully suprising 'gift' that truly falls into my project regarding "LOVE".....I have been blessed to have someone new come into my life :-) She is much younger than I, and I am having a hard time keeping up with her youthful exhuberance but she really has helped me to continue to 'fight the good fight' despite whatever pain I may be in. Anyways, her name is "Lucky" and she is an adorable 9 week old labrador mix that I rescued after she had been abandoned in a landfill site...thus me giving her the name "Lucky". So please everyone, be patient with me and I still have every intention of completing the wonderful projects I have already begun...Special huge thanks to Kirk for also helping me to get through my difficult times with the most uplifting thoughtful gift! Thank you sincerely Kirk...I am working on it too ;-)
  3. Yes I agree with you Val. I can even remember sitting around with a nice mug of hot chocolate while watching his Christmas specials...it always seemed like an extended part of your own family at that time of year..you know, trying to get home and gathering for the holiday, the decorating, the carols, etc. I know I will probably get slammed but I actually preferred listening to Andy over Frank Sinatra. Andy had a way of making you see the other world where you wanted to be...like gliding across Moon River-the visuals that always came up in my mind whenever that song played-such a tranquil place to be. R.I.P. Andy and thanks for sharing your voice with the rest of the world!
  4. Oh love Boz and Boz's versions of other songs. I don't remember how to do the whole video song stuff anymore but I thought I would mention a song I like very much...to me it's more about long distance relationships than 'why' the couple is in this long distance relationship...I am certain MANY of you out there know it well but here is a refresher just look it up on youtube: "Care of cell 44 - The Zombies" Enjoy and once again keep those songs coming! *Vera*
  5. Just wanted to add that I do hope I get more...I know that is asking alot but I do need more than this please! I have quite a few from my own lists but still I know there's got to be more 'lurkers' around that maybe just haven't thought of one yet...hope you remember that this is now a project for more than 'just me'and a few people/friends I have met/made in the past few months. I am really happy to also been welcomed by new members and members all the way from Japan...now I need the kiwis to come back for a moment and add a couple too!!
  6. I had never heard the song by Kayak and it is really quite good that it made me wonder why they never made it...or maybe they did but I just had never heard of them. Thanks so much..going on the list Blackhawk! I am slowly but surely going through every song everyone had posted...I just keep being impressed by all the ones that I have never heard of before that you have all added. And Kirk, don't worry, when I finally do make that compilation I will post...as I said it is a project in the works and may not just be just a mix cd of music because I have a passion to be creative.
  7. I also want everyone to know that I was truly away focusing on my health...I have NO "Facebook" page that I have started up to chat on , nor did I go on/join any other sites. I am just happy to be able to sit for a time and be able to type again here :-)
  8. Wow, you guys are giving me some really incredible songs...Julie I just want you to know I have actually personally always loved that one by Stonebolt. I have my own personal reasons for wanting to create this list but you all have inspired my 'creativity'. To me, music pretty much saved my life...and even in some of your responses I can hear how much certain songs have come to mean to you all individually. That being said, there is truly nothing more powerful than love, and love seems so emotionally overwhelming when expressed in song. I want to 'create/make' something that I can give to help other sick people at my hospital a little bit of hope/comfort but most of all love to help them to fight and win whatever illness has brought them there long term. Because our hospital is a district hospital many people come from out of town and don't always 'get regular visits' so maybe this small gift will brighten their days. I will let you know when and what I have created from all of your help. Please know this, that although I may not mention your name in this response, you are RECOGNIZED for your efforts and contributions and I WILL thank you soon! *Peace*
  9. Thank you for your help and also nice to meet you 'Late'. Some of the songs I really hadn't given much thought too so this is being a tremendous help. Keep them coming,as I am sure alot more can be thought of than this by the brilliant ec folks!
  10. Thank you for all of the help so far but even more important to me is all of the kind words that have been spoken. I knew, this is the ONLY place on all the web where I would find true music aficionados. Any and ALL help is much appreciated. I wouldn't say that I am 'all better' but I AM in a very different place now than when I had decided I needed to leave. I have had a few surgeries since that time but still waiting on at least 2-3 more. *Peace*
  11. Hello Everyone, I was hoping that you wouldn't mind offering me some assistance when it comes to putting some proper song lists together. This is my first message or request since I left so I am hoping there are still some members on this site that remember me and wouldn't mind helping me out if they can. If you know me at all, I am looking to make a list or lists of great love songs throughout all time. Now I do already have most of the more historically recent ones so to speak like "Never Gonna Fall in Love Again" or 'Every Breath You Take'...what I am actually looking for are the more obscure or one-hit wonder type love songs...and the love theme could be anything-falling in love, breaking up, unrequited love, empowering love songs...well you get the idea now. Mostly I am interested in songs from the 1970's back through the 1950's...but I will not object to songs/music that is classical as long as it reflects the theme of love nor will I reject even more contempory love songs from between 1990-now. So I think I am giving a fairly easy request and in a way I hope it is refreshingly fun...maybe you could share why you like the song so much...or not. This will be a great great help to me and as always I WILL be extremely appreciative. Thanks to all. Yes, it is really me, *RaspberryWolf*
  12. Happy Birthday to a lady who is not only a class act, but who also gives the human race a good name with her nursing compassionate attitude!! My wish for you Laura is that as that as the season of Fall arrives, that like a fallen leaf, your life may have changed alot this year but by next spring, rebirth/renewal/healing will have found a home once again in your heart! My birthday 'day' wish for you is that you be good to yourself for a change, take care of YOU, and have some fun/enjoy this thing called life! Happy Birthday Laura!!! *Vera*
  13. Hippo Birdie 2 Ewe, Hippo Birdie, 2 ewe, Hippo Birdie, Hippo Birdie, Hippo Birdie 2 Ewe...serious though Elle, Hope your day is filled with good times and loads of fun! Happy Birthday!
  14. Hey Missm, I will check into it...after all, nothing ventured nothing gained, right?? Gosh I MUST stop using these corny metaphors. Rob, I start a chronic pain management group in November and am looking forward to getting taken off my 'extremely strong pain medication'. My best friend from college, her husband is also a chiropractor. I think I told you this before as he attended a University in Dubuque Iowa. I know when I WAS seeing a chiropractor here in town he gave me something to help alleviate my pain but I forget what it is called. All I know is that it worked well for a while...maybe it would have worked longer had I not had to stop going. That is one thing about me...I look at every aspect of the healing process...for it is a process and the first thing you need is to make sure you are on good terms with your 'mind'...then the body will follow. I guess I am just currently 'outta my mind' because the body is definately NOT following LOL! *Vera*
  15. Thank you Darlene, I will definately now put more effort into following Rob's advice. My major frustration right now is pain and tiredness. I get sore and exhausted just from taking my dog for a walk at the tree farm here. But you all know that famous 70's saying "Keep On Truckin'" and so I shall :-) *Vera*
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