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  1. it really is unreal the people that get voted in..i'm sorry,rap IS NOT rock n roll! it's not rocket science to figure it out,why do'nt they have a rap hall of fame if it's such "good"(and i use that loosely) "music"?..if u can call it music that is!! so many great artists that deserve being in there!!! what a scam..lol,chris

    Put them all in at once and get it over with, I can't tell one song from the next
  2. Where does the time go? Seems like about 10 years ago we saw them at Blossom (it was actually 1973) what a day, and show! $3 for lawn seats, he woulda been 30 at the time. He was more of a part of the band then he was ever given credit for, sad to see this stuff, I kinda sneak up on the obits these days afraid of what I might find.

    RIP Richard Wright

  3. Like many of you I was a true baseball junkie, we always found some way to play with any number of people, plus the card collecting, my 25 cent allowance was used for 5 packs of Topps and I was broke for a week! In 1964 we found something to fill any dead time, especially in the winter, Strat o matic! We played constantly as kids and off and on as young adults, what great memories.

  4. I'm not in the know when it comes to politics, and never heard her name until today, but she's like a breath of fresh air in this stale race. McCain, Obama and Biden, pass the no doze please.

  5. Let us know the results, it's a great place to watch a show, but everything else about it is less than appealing. I liked it when I was younger, but avoid it at all costs now, it's more trouble than it's worth. In the 70's it was $3 to sit on the lawn, BYOB or whatever else you enjoyed, it was like an all day picnic/party with a concert as a bonus.

  6. it's worth it before the show as you're much closer to where you need to be, but getting out is horrible, we used the directions that Baby Sister gives above just last weekend (Rod Stewart/Bryan Adams), entry and exit were easy and parking was free, but it was a 1-2 mile hike to the pavillon. You can also get to the paid parking using this entrance.

  7. Wear comfortable shoes and bring lots of cash, as they've transformed from "BYOB" to buy ours and pay really high prices, traffic in and out and parking are bad, free parking is a long ways away. If you are on the lawn, low folding (beach) chairs are permitted and recommended, umbrellas are also permitted. I found that the hill is a hell of a lot harder and lumpier than it was when I was in my 20's. Most of all, behave yourself while driving in, no partying, stop at red lights, and no speeding. The Police around there seem to live for these nights. Aside from all that, Have Fun!

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