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  1. LC, thanks for getting this all together once again, I'm sure the "other" A Peterson will be there at 13.

    Does anyone know how to make the draft page fit on the computer screen, I've got a 17' screen, so that shouldn't be the problem, I can see (somewhat) the chat going on, but would like to see it all, as I'm sure I'm missing some cutting edge commentary. Any ideas welcomed, thanks.

    Good luck to everyone, have fun and I hope you all finish tied for 2nd.

  2. trolling around and found this old post, went to AOL radio, preset a bunch of music types, songs sound a little different, but a good different, more clarity and seperation than I remember. I'm also stuck on British Invasion, been listening for the last couple of days, thanks.

  3. Before the glitch, I had the #3 pick and had decided if he was there, I was gonna take J Addai, I got bumped down to I think #12 and "settled" for C Portis, Portis turned out to be a better choice and of course my 2nd rounder came much sooner, (can't remember who I took there), but none of it helped as I finished out of the playoffs, so last year anyway, 12th was better than 3rd.

  4. Good, I was hoping it wasn't going to be crowded!

    Seriously, we went in 07, what a great show, they are still at the top of their game, not just hanging around for the payday.

    Nautica also is a top notch venue.

  5. To Freeman's credit (and he deserves little) he probably could have had any young starlet he wanted, he must really "love" his grand daughter, and I thought he was one of the normal celebs.

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