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  1. I always thought the downward spiral began when Syd Thrift arrived altho he may have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time instead of being the problem. There is not much love for the current ownership. 1966 was my favorite year in baseball, The O's were badass.

  2. I'm looking for opinions from those of you who have seen this show in the past, I know the cast changes year to year, but how much of the show is Ringo and how much everyone else? My wife wants to go, but besides it being on a Tuesday night which would involve taking time off work, I'm not too thrilled paying 200 bucks to see Gary Wright sing Dream Weaver. I guess I'm looking for someone to talk me into it.

  3. A-1, G-man, your preview was right on! We left the show feeling that it was very good, after some time passed, I decided that it was much better than that, I guess it needs to "sink in". His talent, enthusiasm, interaction with the fans and wide range of material made for a great evening, money well spent. Opening act, The 88, very talented and tight, but a little loud for my old ears. Highly recommended.

  4. Purchased 2 tickets a couple of days ago, turned out to be front row, great. Not so great was a $29 "fee" from Live Nation, found out later I could have gone thru the box office for $12.50, live and learn, they'll never get me again.

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