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  1. I always thought the downward spiral began when Syd Thrift arrived altho he may have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time instead of being the problem. There is not much love for the current ownership. 1966 was my favorite year in baseball, The O's were badass.
  2. Look forward to your recaps every week Pat, thanks for taking the time. Sorry to hear your team is imploding, but can you keep it going for the next week or so?
  3. I'm looking for opinions from those of you who have seen this show in the past, I know the cast changes year to year, but how much of the show is Ringo and how much everyone else? My wife wants to go, but besides it being on a Tuesday night which would involve taking time off work, I'm not too thrilled paying 200 bucks to see Gary Wright sing Dream Weaver. I guess I'm looking for someone to talk me into it.
  4. Nice job on the weekly recaps Pat, thanks for the email idea, I'm logged on again.
  5. Now they have to win in the Garden
  6. Hope I can live up to the billing, attention will be devided as we are moving our only daughter to Arlington Va. for her first real job after graduate school, I'll give it my best shot, but wouldn't mind if BJay slipped up a little too.
  7. I like mine until the games start, used a new approach, we'll see how that works out.
  8. A-1, G-man, your preview was right on! We left the show feeling that it was very good, after some time passed, I decided that it was much better than that, I guess it needs to "sink in". His talent, enthusiasm, interaction with the fans and wide range of material made for a great evening, money well spent. Opening act, The 88, very talented and tight, but a little loud for my old ears. Highly recommended.
  9. Did something happen to Cubbiefan Mike or did he just quit posting? Nothing new on name that BB player since Nov., hope he's OK.
  10. Hey baseball fans, Unless the draft date or time is a conflict, I'll be in the $ league. Instead of naming names of non payers, just announce when checks arrive, make us work for it. Rick
  11. "followed by dozens of trade offers that get rejected" If everyone gets as many as I do, that number has to be in the thousands
  12. Heard he was going to be at the Lorain Co. fair in August, must be doing pretty well
  13. I assumed that was the case, but it sure is good to hear. Thanks GMan, how long ago did you see him?
  14. Purchased 2 tickets a couple of days ago, turned out to be front row, great. Not so great was a $29 "fee" from Live Nation, found out later I could have gone thru the box office for $12.50, live and learn, they'll never get me again.
  15. Here's one we're not gonna miss, thought I'd put it out there for everyone. Lorain Palace is maybe a wider version of the Allen w/o the balcony. If that's inaccurate, sorry, I was last there pre 1980. http://www.livenation.com/edp/eventId/417942
  16. Same as you Shelly, minus the red cabbage.
  17. Haven't seen it, but convinced it will happen as I am eligible to retire in May 2013. Isn't that the way things roll?
  18. Here's another vote for the fat bald guys, congrats to you both! P.S. My wife and I dated 10 yrs and have been married 27.
  19. I like watching tennis, but rarely sit and watch to the end, but that was so riveting and intense, I missed very little. I can't imagine playing that hard for over 4 hrs., guess it helps being 20.
  20. I'm hoping for a 8-8 year. [browns I'm with ya Hollies, let's start by upsetting Favre and the Vikes, hopefully he'll throw about 4 interceptions.
  21. It always seems they do the things they should to improve their OL, but it doesn't get better. The running game is so so, maybe because of the line. I was hoping Mangini was a little more in your face than Romeo, they seem to need a kick in the butt sometimes.
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