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  1. Pat, I looked for them in Target and didn't see any, but I only looked by the BB/FB cards, are they somewhere else, like in toys?
  2. Pat, Clark Toys (above) has Cutler for $5, I didn't venture far enough to find out about the S/H, but it could be worth checking out. The also had alot of hockey, but those names are all the same to me.
  3. Pat, I haven't seen McFalanes in a long time, but I haven't been looking either. Refresh my memory, who carries them, was it Toys R Us?
  4. Mood Indigo


    Who wants a shotgun?
  5. Mood Indigo


    roach clip earrings. Sweet, how about those 70s?
  6. How many days til opening day? I miss the boxscores already.
  7. Great job Pat, sorry you missed the FB draft tonight.
  8. DRAFT HINT - the Browns DEF has been looking awesome
  9. Damn right Paulie! I'm not only considering it, it's on my to do list. Gonna set 2 alarms to avoid autopick.
  10. "Now I have to decide who to choose first!" Gotta be a Packer!
  11. Very good internet radio site featuring mainly doowop and rockabilly, check it out. http://www.rockitradio.net/
  12. Dark hair, a preference Lodge family fortune, a real bonus
  13. Sorry, guess that won't work for you.
  14. Hey Rick, You have been invited back to rejoin bigpoppalc's custom league in Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football. This invitation is only valid for the Yahoo! Id you used last season; if you have changed Yahoo! Id's, please contact your commissioner, as you will need a new invitation. In order to join the league, just follow the link above. We will send you a confirmation with further details once you have completed the registration process. --Fantasy Football Commissioner http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/...8_222_641196_14
  15. Bobby Vee has (had) a rubber ball?
  16. Maybe not, The "Quitness" spurned the Knicks.
  17. Hey, I want him to stay, but am a little disgusted with how earth changing he thinks his choice is. An hour special? Is he going to sing and dance also? I will give him credit tho, he's taking care of it quickly.
  18. Great site with wide selection and reasonable prices, thanks.
  19. I was surprised when you cut him, but mostly because he's a Ray, his stats warranted a trip to the waiver wire. Sometimes you just can't take it anymore, last year (or maybe the year before) I cut V Wells and it felt great.
  20. Thanks GMan, I couldn't think of the owner's name.
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