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  1. Peanut butter amd potato chip sandwiches are pretty good, haven't had one for a long time, but I'm sure I'd still like it. I got my daughter to try one and she ate them for awhile after that. It's not really an odd combo tho.

    I don't even like to sit at the same table with mustard, pungent is putting it mildly.

  2. Saturday night we were invited out for a night of blues at the Parkview, the club is at W 58th and Cass Ave , north of Detriot Rd. It seems like it was a blue collar corner tavern in a mixed residential / light industrial neighborhood. The club, food and music are all highly recommended, I'm not a big blues guy, but Charlie Christopherson and Midnight Lightening put on a good show. He is Hendrix influenced and did a good job all night long, just throwin it out there in case any of you locals are looking for something to do one of these weekends. I think they have entertainment 3 nights a week, check their website for the schedule, menu and more.

  3. I first heard "I Want to Hold your Hand" on the radio at a friend's. I asked him what, (not who) is this? I could feel as a 12 YO, 20 seconds into the song that it wasn't just a new band, but a new level of music, not like anything I heard before or since.

  4. The Heater from Van Meter

    Thanks for the memories Bob, he was at our Little League function just short of 50 years ago and I thought he was old that day.

    A friend in the sportscard business said he once told him, Anyone that doesn't have my autograph must not want it.

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