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  1. Happy Easter Harry We only had a 2 pack The Heat lost The Browns didn't play
  2. There will be alot of Laker fans in Cleveland if the Heat manage to make it that far.
  3. Don Hoffman is feeling very lucky right now.
  4. Seemed like everyone in northern Ohio was smiling today
  5. From my Grandfather, If you gotta get married, you may as well get a rich one. I took it as a joke, but starting to think he was more serious than I thought.
  6. Really liked this when it was released in 1960, still sounds pretty good, RIP. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3meEmDpaDU&feature=related
  7. Peanut butter amd potato chip sandwiches are pretty good, haven't had one for a long time, but I'm sure I'd still like it. I got my daughter to try one and she ate them for awhile after that. It's not really an odd combo tho. I don't even like to sit at the same table with mustard, pungent is putting it mildly.
  8. I like this one http://www.classicbands.com/index.htm
  9. Lots of stuff on You Tube about this killer blizzard, here's one. Scenes on this video were typical of what we got in northern Ohio. Nice song from Steve Miller is a bonus. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMYVLJgCprE
  10. They had a large picture of the Rat Pack surrounded by neon letters that said "If you're going to hang out, you better hang on." Pretty cool.
  11. Really? It appeared to be someplace that would have had the same name for 50 years, it's a really small place.
  12. Saturday night we were invited out for a night of blues at the Parkview, the club is at W 58th and Cass Ave , north of Detriot Rd. It seems like it was a blue collar corner tavern in a mixed residential / light industrial neighborhood. The club, food and music are all highly recommended, I'm not a big blues guy, but Charlie Christopherson and Midnight Lightening put on a good show. He is Hendrix influenced and did a good job all night long, just throwin it out there in case any of you locals are looking for something to do one of these weekends. I think they have entertainment 3 nights a week, check their website for the schedule, menu and more.
  13. If we're not getting the $, I'm expecting a video of Dusty and the rest.
  14. "hell has frozen over" damn, I thought the Browns were in the Superbowl
  15. I first heard "I Want to Hold your Hand" on the radio at a friend's. I asked him what, (not who) is this? I could feel as a 12 YO, 20 seconds into the song that it wasn't just a new band, but a new level of music, not like anything I heard before or since.
  16. My only experience with "sliders" was eating them one evening and going to an amusement park (King's Island, Cinn. OH) the next day. Trust me, this is not a good combo. An ex co-worker said as teenagers they bought them and threw them at trucks.
  17. Almost 42 years later and here they are. The internet is an amazing tool.
  18. Purchased this CD a couple of months ago, here's a free listen to every song on it. http://www.myspace.com/theemittrhodesban...9-1973-12866034
  19. Someone I've known of for over 40 years, but know nothing about. RIP Capt.
  20. The Heater from Van Meter Thanks for the memories Bob, he was at our Little League function just short of 50 years ago and I thought he was old that day. A friend in the sportscard business said he once told him, Anyone that doesn't have my autograph must not want it.
  21. Sorry to see you go Don, you were very entertaining on MNF and a pretty good QB also.
  22. tough choice, but the Squealers are cockier
  23. Sorry embedding challenged http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0toXDKMgHQ&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kct3QWbca-E&feature=fvw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uThnUmWRCCs&feature=related
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