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  1. Hi BHPat, I was/am Pooch Parade, I wanted to check out the site and the only way to do that is to create a team, It looks a little more time consuming than I was hoping for, with the daily transactions and all. I may reconsider, but as of now, I'm out.
  2. I may be interested if you have a vacancy
  3. Demolished within the last month along with the rest of the worn out shopping center that housed it. They say it will be replaced by a Crocker Park like setting. Does anyone remember Reverend Rick standing on a car preaching to club goers?
  4. Ron, or anyone else that cares, The Ridgeview Center that housed the Cyrus Erie Club was torn down about two weeks ago, (the only thing remaining is Brunswick Bowling Lanes)to be replaced by a more modern shopping center similar to Crocker Park. There was a Giant Tiger in downtown Elyria, but not in that center, there was a Woolworths, GC Murphy, Big Town (local), a couple of grocery stores and a Marshall Drugs.
  5. Does anyone know anything about HD radio?
  6. I have always liked "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly", and the Beatles stuff for sure.
  7. He'd be my main reason to go also, my wife would be there for the 5th Dimension.
  8. Lineup announced today. BJ Thomas, Rascals, Lou Christie, 5th Dimension, Ronettes and Peter and Gordon. Who's goin?
  9. A couple of discount houses in this area were Joe Norban's (became Value City, and is still open) and Gold Circle. Our downtown area had a Giant Tiger, Kresges, with a lunch counter and Grant's, also with a lunch counter.
  10. The building that housed Uncle Bill's and Cook's in this area was Ontario first.
  11. Kraftwerk at The Allen Theater - not much was expected as far as a "show" and they delivered, the movement of a finger or two was the highlight. The main entertainment was watching people pull themselves up to the opera seats by climbing the curtains. Lou Reed in Akron - his only dialogue was "there ain't gonna be any f---in Satelite of Love, baby" after it was requested from the croud. Robin Trower/Public Hall - can't really put a finger on what was missing here, really liked his music, and he played it to a T, but the concert droned on and on, may have even left early, could have been the venue.
  12. I've gotta check out Sirrus or XM, does anyone have an opinion on HD radio? I'm with you, Lobsterlvr, that Brandy song, which I didn't like it when it was new, almost makes me ill now. How did this piece of crap survive almost 40 years of constant airplay? Although I really liked it when it came out, Brown Eyed Girl is a close 2nd for songs I do not want to hear!
  13. These are the type of posts that had me lurking here for over a year before signing up recently. You guys really know your stuff, very interesting!
  14. I remember it as earlier, but that isn't important, I'm just glad you remember it and we agree that it's a very good song!
  15. Found a You Tube video from 1971, also checked Wikipedia which said it was #3 in 1965, I remember the song perfectly, was just having trouble finding others who did, glad you remembered! I was surprised he was From the UK, figured him to be midwest US, looks like he was more of a writer than preformer.
  16. In 1966 or 67 we went to the Doors concert at Public Hall, while waiting to get in there was a band playing outside, my memory (pretty cloudy) says it was Cyrus Erie, is this correct?
  17. Does anyone else remember a song from the mid sixties, Yesterday Man by Chris Andrews, my buddy had the 45 and he is the only one who knows what I'm talkin about if I mention this tune, I'm guessing we first heard it on CKLW.
  18. IMO there isn't a weak link on that first solo album, unless you want to say Fresh as a daisy, due to overexposure.
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