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  1. I was surprised how fast the closers went, having only played 4x4 (no strikeouts) previous to this, where they are really important, I thought they would last a little longer in this draft, well, I got a couple. This was a fast paced draft, not sure how you guys had time to chat. It was a great time tho, not sure about my team (other than the pitching sucks, which is normal for me), let the games begin.

  2. So it's first come first serve, amd the waiver priority only has to do with the guys that are cut? I noticed someone cut J Encarnacion, so I thought it was underway, I'll figure it out as we go, but I didn't want to miss any studs in the meantime. Thanks for the help.

  3. The one and only time I had the WC experience, was traveling with a WC junkie from northern Ohio to King's Island, he had to stop, and I tied them, I'm here to tell you "sliders" and an amusement park are not a good combo.

    Enjoyed Royal Castle many times as a kid tho.

  4. I'm with you Pat, I've been doing this stuff since 84 and there's nothing like draft day, a couple of guys in our league call it the greatest day of the year. Do you guys (+gals) draft a bench or just pick up FAs as needed? LC, sorry about that, I thought i deleted the team, but you can go ahead and do it, when is the deadline for getting back in, and how is the draft handled, on the site, e-mail?

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