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  1. Blazing Saddles has to be mentioned somewhere on this thread
  2. heres one on Ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/Chesterfield-Kings-S...1QQcmdZViewItem
  3. no hidden meanings here You're breaking my heart, you're tearing it apart, so **** you Nilsson
  4. Here's a site with alot of good listening http://doowopjukeboxhalloffame.com/songs.html
  5. It's opening day! That makes it spring here in the Cleveland area! We're up on Chisox 7-2, that's almost as good as sunshine!
  6. I Could be so Good to You / Don and the Goodtimes Mind Excursion / Tradewinds
  7. Grew up on this stuff, he must have been very young when he was in Cleveland. RIP Jack. Great link Jump Man.
  8. very true, you can grab a dud 20 times in a row and no one remembers, but find one gem, and you look smarter than you probably are.
  9. Here is part 1 of 4, you can catch the rest from this page http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oory_FvwLiU&feature=related
  10. I actually enjoy the last few picks of a draft, they sometimes can make or break your team, taking a flyer on someone you saw a blurb on somewhere, but I'm used to 40 man rosters in a keeper league, where there's room to carry these guys awhile.
  11. Or were you referring to my statement that it was fast paced, if so, I would never rely on auto pick, I'd rather make my own mistakes. First time on Yahoo and I agree with BHP that their ratings leave alot to be desired...
  12. Oh Yeah, so you think some random computer picking system would have done a better job? I really didn't understand your post, it just felt offensive.
  13. That was my first thought also, until I remembered they close at 9.
  14. I was surprised how fast the closers went, having only played 4x4 (no strikeouts) previous to this, where they are really important, I thought they would last a little longer in this draft, well, I got a couple. This was a fast paced draft, not sure how you guys had time to chat. It was a great time tho, not sure about my team (other than the pitching sucks, which is normal for me), let the games begin.
  15. So it's first come first serve, amd the waiver priority only has to do with the guys that are cut? I noticed someone cut J Encarnacion, so I thought it was underway, I'll figure it out as we go, but I didn't want to miss any studs in the meantime. Thanks for the help.
  16. can someone explain how waivers work, and when? I can tell we were listed in reverse of the draft for now, does that change to reverse order of the standings after the season starts? Can we do anything now?
  17. I'll be there as long as I can, I know our aution draft is an all day event, how long does this last? I work at 4 AM.
  18. I totally agree with The Hollies, all they did was pump out hit after hit. How about the Moody Blues?
  19. Thank you, New Zealand. I'll take #8 and run with it. Nothing like draft day!!
  20. I didn't mean to keep you hanging, but I did E-mail LC to say I'd give it a go if Margaux didn't want it, turns out he was out drafting another team, practicing for Friday, take it easy on me, the NL is not my strength, see you all Friday at 8:15! Here's one that might have "found" me earlier - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAhGERg5iPg
  21. The one and only time I had the WC experience, was traveling with a WC junkie from northern Ohio to King's Island, he had to stop, and I tied them, I'm here to tell you "sliders" and an amusement park are not a good combo. Enjoyed Royal Castle many times as a kid tho.
  22. I'm with you Pat, I've been doing this stuff since 84 and there's nothing like draft day, a couple of guys in our league call it the greatest day of the year. Do you guys (+gals) draft a bench or just pick up FAs as needed? LC, sorry about that, I thought i deleted the team, but you can go ahead and do it, when is the deadline for getting back in, and how is the draft handled, on the site, e-mail?
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