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  1. Anyone else attend this rain soaked affair at Blossom Sat. night? We normally don't do Blossom for many reasons, traffic, parking, concession prices and overall nazi attitude , but we had free tickets. The show was pretty good considering all of the above, but the weather made the end the best part.

  2. I don't know if it's final, but the main returnee is Matt LaPorta, power hitting 1b-of. These early deals seem to be Shapiro's style, this is how the Colon for C Lee, Grady and B Phillips happened also. I think if you wait too long and Milw. sends LaPorta somewhere else, then you have less bargaining power with the remaining teams and end up with less. Hate to see CC go, but hard to feel bad for someone who said no to 72 mill.

  3. Originally posted by Laura:

    There are 5 people putting in their comments- you, Tony, Danny S, Mood Indigo, and Darlene-against Al Gore in general, or liberals specificially.

    All I did was make a pot growing joke, Politicians screw us too hard and fast for me to keep up, or pretend I know what's going on.

  4. Must have seen Molkie Cole 100 times, mostly at Stoney's (Boom Boom Room, Space Lounge, and a few other names I can't remember) and still try to catch Outta Dodge a couple times a year, altho hitten the bars isn't as easy as it used to be, it's hell getting old. Also played a lot of basketball against Phil, he was a 3 point bomber!

    Those guitars all looked smaller than normal, were they "kid" size?

  5. If you can't scare them away, and they're out during the day, that means they are probably ill (rabies?) and you need to act fast. My last encounter was on a weekend, I called a friend who works for the city, he suggested the dog catcher, who wasn't on duty. Somehow I ended up calling the police, who said they would come out and shoot it if it was sick, how do you confirm that? End of story was that it climbed into a window well and died about 2 days later, good luck.

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