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  1. I enjoyed reading this as I didn't know much about GFR, they weren't one of my go to bands either, did see them live once around 1971, I went because someone else wanted to go, not a bad show. I did purchase a history of Terry Knight & the Pack CD from Mark Farner's web site, always liked their music.
  2. The "old " address is still active and primary but at times gives me problems, the yahoo address is additional but came in handy this time, we're in and ready to roll, even "great' players can go 4-10, right?
  3. I've been unable to access this site for about 6 months, today I did something about it to find the annual fantasy FB posting, I guess I'll start one, drop me an invite if you would, thanks. Rick mertz53@windstream.net
  4. Thanks to LC, Muzza and Kiwi, let the games begin.
  5. Saw them at the Moondog "oldies" concert in Cleveland a couple of years ago, there were 4 or 5 bands and the Spinners stole the show, there were 2 original members there that night, RIP.
  6. I wasted almost as much time playing SOM as I have in fantasy, I wouldn't trade it for anything.
  7. Add Mngr. wins and take Mattingly, the 1st year (1984) of our AL only league, I had my choice of OFers to round out my roster, I chose the semi productive Steve Kemp over the rookie Mattingly, that one hurt. I did win the 1st 2 yrs of the league tho, so I guess I survived it. Strange the things you remember.
  8. Did someone issue a APB for Tommy Tunes? I was wondering why I hadn't rec'd any trade offers and then I noticed he hasn't signed up yet.
  9. You must not know Blondie's maiden name.
  10. Looks good, my wife wanted to see it, now I can go willingly.
  11. Hope you had a good one, all the way from Elyria.
  12. never mind I see now you are signed up and were wondering where everyone else was
  13. I'm having the same issue, LC's emailed the invite to me twice, but I have a new laptop and it's not letting it thru, I'd contact him if I were you.
  14. We just got home from there, our daughter works in DC and lives in Arlington VA.
  15. That's the kind of info that got me hooked here and keeps me comin back
  16. Sure sounds like it to me, also sounds pretty good.
  17. consider this stolen, thanks.
  18. Congrats BV on overcoming 2 very tough obstacles, I need to do both of these things myself, and would be happy to get even 1 of them done. Again, good job.
  19. I have a draft today, I'll ask if anyone is interested.
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