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  1. I've listened to a bit and look forward to more. Thanks so much, Ira!
  2. Thanks Brian for the post! Name checks are always “verrah†cool. But what’s even cooler is the way it was phrased. Eric could have been identified as just being the writer of ABM that was inspired by this Concerto. But they ID’ed him as his aunt’s nephew. As an aunt (with no kids of my own) I like that!
  3. If this info is just made up as part of the joke, then it works…but if this info is (possibly) true, then it’s a shame that Eric has someone close to him that can’t shut their mouth about his personal life.
  4. Hi Marvin, To be fair, reading the unedited statement, the logical conclusion (at least to me) dictates that Eric is not creating anymore based on the fact that he has money coming from royalties collected by Celine Dion’s recording and cover versions. Which, btw, is just fine, his right. I think we can all agree with that. Now, if one removes that last sentence (as you did in the original post) about “the checks (cheques) coming in,†there doesn’t seem to be a logical reason (at least to me) to think that the "worst thing" to happen to Eric, “creatively†was the “resurrecting†of ABM and that this would stop Eric from being creative. However. You have stated James and I have misinterpreted your original post, hence your edit of it. Ok. So in the future, perhaps it is best that if any of us who feel/think that our post was “misinterpretedâ€, to leave the post unedited and to clarify one’s point and why it was “misinterpretedâ€. This way others can understand one’s reasoning and why one stated what one did. Otherwise it may leave any respondents looking like babbling fools.
  5. Hi Marvin, You edited out where you stated: "the cheques" are coming in. That is where James and I both got the idea that you were assuming that because Eric is receiving royalty checks, he is not being creative and making a new CD. Just to clarify. If you had edited it out before we posted, I don't think we would have posted a retort.
  6. I agree 100% James. Ok, so "the cheques" are coming in. (Well, I am assuming they are as I am not privy to Eric's PRS statement and all the other royalty statements he gets.) What Eric does with his time and his "checks" is his right. People create because they want to, and some when they want to. Even wealthy people do so, if they choose so. But you know...when people hit the lotto, many retire and do what they want to do. Most people are happy for them. Many keep working. It's just a choice. People also decide to retire early. My Daddy did at 55. From that time on he traveled with Mom and he just kicked back and enjoyed his family. In the end, just because Eric is a singer/song writer doesn't mean he has to do it for the rest of his life. It is Eric's choice if HE wants to create anymore music for the world to hear. None of us knows if he will---BUT he might. And if he doesn't, he doesn’t. The world won't fall apart. And then if he chooses not to, it will be time for people to move on and not expect another CD or a tour.
  7. Great, I'll pencil it in. When I can find a pencil.
  8. I was lucky enough to spend the day with Muzza and Kiwi as well as Al Kaston and Jim and Barb Bonfanti at the Rock Hall of Fame. Upon finding the Ohio section of the Hall and all of us knowing that though Raspberries memorabilia was on display, they had yet to be inducted, I remember leaning over towards Jim and saying something like: An award is just something someone made up and gives to someone. But if you look in any Rock history book, your name is in there, and no one can erase what you did. Even if someone took a Rock history book and tore it apart, your name would still be in the next one and the next one and the one after that. Sure, it’s great to get an award, but no one can give you what you have already accomplished. Just because you don’t have an award doesn’t mean you didn’t do what it takes to earn that award. You’ve done more than others could even dream about in a lifetime and it’s all documented---forever. As for Eric. Sure. I think he deserves this award. But. No award can tell me what I (and many, many others) already know. That he is a brilliant song writer. I guess I’m not big on awards if I really think about it. But that's just me. Everyone has their own take on them.
  9. Oh for goodness sakes! I'll do it! Geesh. Never let it be said that Wendy doesn't give a helping hand when necessary! Hey...wait a minute. Why does that sound...just wrong?
  10. I'm up getting ready to go to the airport and watched the whole thing again. Loved the part with Eric and his son. Very endearing and sweet. Very...
  11. Ahhhhh! Oh Bernie. This "Where are they now?" is awesome! My gosh. Eric did look mighty handsome in this segment! *sigh* I can't wait for anything else you share...and thank you...ahead of time!
  12. LOVING these!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Wendy-Ann

    Me and My Boy

    Gorgeous---the both of you!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Since you don't have a FB that I am aware of...I will have to say this here: Happy Birthday, gorgeous!!!!!!!
  15. WOW...a whole new post when I use the scroll bar! I kept thinking...what photos? Yes, thanks Brian. Super! And I just "dig" the photos of smashing the guitar. Uber cool, manly agression = yum!
  16. Well, if you pay (any) taxes (that goes to health care) then it's not free. I know the high taxes I paid when I lived there. Oh, and I don't have to pay any insurance premiums. However, even if I loved the NHS, I still don't understand doing a dance segment about it. As for the closing, for me...I loved it, even though it seems they did a repeat on British music. But even so...I LOVED the Spice Girls, Annie Lennox and Eric Idol!!!! Oh...and I LOVED Brian May and Roger Taylor. I actually enjoyed the gal singing with them. And I always enjoyed "Take That" when I lived in London. In the end I enjoyed the closing...a lot!
  17. This song is relatively new to me...but this is the way I feel when I hear the song. BTW, LC. Did I ever tell you that I just LOVE when you post? I get all "happy" when I see a new post from you. Always worth the time to read one, long or short.
  18. Why thank you, Duane. I have always "tinkered" on the old ivories since I can remember. And to think...I only did one run through on the piano. I mean, after all, I was up against Ariane who is a professional. I'm happy you couldn't tell that I wasn't.
  19. It's me...I had to do a video. It's been a while now.
  20. G G A G C B G G A G D C G G G E C C B A F F E C D C ...and many more... Wendy xo
  21. WOW! I mean WOW! I've read this comment 3 times just to take in what it was all about. I'm amazed! I'm mesmerized! I’m intrigued! I am indeed in awe... This is beyond the scope of anything I can imagine about writing a song. Thanks Bernie for this awesome insight. I'm sure many, many of those on here who really like to discuss Eric's music in detail will appreciate this. This is so COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
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