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  1. That's right, Susie!!! The man had a great knack for producing...and gosh, he did a great job on both versions of "Let's Pretend" ...and here's Jimmy and "Mr. WendyWorld" in 1976. PS: You're welcome Señor James.
  2. Gosh...I miss the times we would "side bar." So happy you discovered your ancestry. And I think I will check back from time to time to see the weigh in for the election...it could be interesting.
  3. James...you slay me. I miss you on facebook...just sayin'... As for youtube videos...I happened to like this one, though I can't remember how to embed it. Anyway...sleep soundly my friend, if you can...
  4. Bernie! I'd be happy to fry some Blynai up for you...I guess it's just another way to say potato pancakes, and I'll serve it with fresh soured cream, from the grocery store. But you know that Krupnikas is my "thang." Seriously, I have 5 bottles made with raw honey sitting in my closet just waiting to be shared. Liquid amber at its finest!
  5. No thanks needed, but thank you for your kind words. I was happy to protest on behalf of those Northern European people who lived in the Baltic States at said time, many of those were my own relatives. I was prepared to go to jail if need be to bring awareness to their plight. My amazing, wonderful and beautiful Daddy was interviewed at our Lithuanian-Catholic church during the time of uprising against Soviet occupation. He spoke from his heart for all our relatives in Lithuania...I was ever so proud of him. As for this not being a political site, I am happy to say that it very much has been in more ways than one since I first joined at the very end of 2007, and why I actually signed on and read it yesterday. I wanted to see if there was any discussion on the up coming Presidential election as we had done 8 years ago. What a time to be on this site! We've exchanged views on politics, religion, conspiracy theories...even sex...as well as music. Truly a free speech zone which I have always thought to be wonderful and to add to it...this is the place which I first realize that I love to "write." A win-win situation for me at least!
  6. Well, you didn't offend me...I just wanted to clarify that we as Balts are pretty spectacular in our own right, each culture, each special, each different. And...we're so strong together. OK, so I as a Lithuanian American could only do my part in the 90's living in America, protests and such...but the 3 nations of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia sure held their own during Soviet occupation and breaking free from it! We're all distinct, yet so connected in a round about way. I find it "magically delicious!"
  7. Well, I...as a VERY PROUD American of Lithuanian descent don't see that there is any comparison going on unless I missed it. My Lithuanian culture is different than your Estonian one, and I am so happy for it, like jump for joy that I am a Lithuanian, I would never want to be anything but a Lithuanian...and I'm sure we're both proud of our own heritage as both bring different aspects to the world. We're Balts, and I for one am proud to be a Balt through descent...and the many Estonians (and Latvians) I've met understood the comradery with that. Of course the cultures are different, they're different countries for goodness sake. Again...I don't see anyone comparing them...and if they did, is it a bad thing, or a chance for us to educate others on what each of those cultures brings to this wonderful planet?
  8. WOW! It is beyond "awesome" to use a very California surfer/girl word to get on this forum and once again read intelligent banter about a few different subjects all in one thread. It's like the way it used to be. I love it! The whole thread. And LC's usual, it's great to see your name. Oh, and James, I'm still looking for that next great video for you to "enjoy." You're welcome. PS: I think the word "sexist" gets tossed around more freely these days than "Rizzo" was in the movie "Grease." If someone called me "little girl" I guess I'd have to know the context in which it was used, as I will always be Ed Antanaitis', "little girl" and love that label! Sure, it may be demeaning, but from what I read, I think it doesn't necessarily warrant an automatic "sexist" label. Just my thoughts. This to me was more of an ad hominem, than sexist.
  9. Sometimes wonderful things come in unexpected packages. Congratulations to the Raspberries and the other artists involved. Very cool! Very cool...indeed.
  10. Wendy-Ann

    My Team

    Very cool, James...
  11. All of us were new here at one time. Many questions are repeated when one is new and perhaps hasn't read every question in this or any other forum where said question may have been asked before. That's OK. The earth won’t be knocked off of its axis by a repeated question. Cheryl, I think it's fair to ask any question that isn't rude, crude or socially unacceptable. Leave that for Lew Bundles.
  12. Hi James...Yes, I've known Cherie for almost 20 years now. She is a standup lady, a caring friend and has one rockin' voice. I've had the pleasure of singing with her at one of her home parties, even though she's more "Rock" and I'm more "Sound of Music." At any given time when she hosts a party, some musician will break out a guitar and a sing-a-long will ensue. It is really cool! I always get to play "the egg." I am the Tracy Partridge of the bunch, sans triangle but with "the egg." I've met Joan Jett once, 4 years ago and she was the sweetest! She told me that the guitar she bought from Eric is "hidden away so no one can touch it." She plays it only on special occasions. Now...having said all of that, I still want GATW to win. It's just a better song than "Cherry Bomb." PS: She (Cherie) and Bob (Robert Hays) are divorced but are the BEST of friends. It's lovely to see. They have one son, Jake who is an amazing young man. Nice to see too!
  13. One thing that definitely can be said about Robin Williams is that the "dash" between 1951-2014, sure wasn't wasted! Good for him. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old time is still a-flying: And this same flower that smiles to-day To-morrow will be dying.
  14. And with all this going on...Kiwi and Muzza still took the time to send me (and Mom) a card when they heard my Mom had 2 seizures. That folks...is a prime example of good friends, even if we're 1000's of miles apart. So happy you're doing well, Muz. Be careful with the pepper.
  15. A fine line between genius and insanity. Robin always seemed to walk that, at least to me. He had to be one of the most talented people to ever grace this earth. What makes someone want to leave his wife and family behind…as well as give up his own life to just end it all? My heart is a little bit heavier tonight over a man, I’ve never met…but who was so much a part of my life since I was a kid. Rest in eternal peace, you comic genius.
  16. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to celebrate the use of this song. Thank goodness for paintshop pro and the whole "Keep Calm" craze to inspire me. It's fun to create, and one thing about this website...Bernie always lets our imaginations run free. So.... KEEP CALM...
  17. I honestly didn't realize how amazing Micky's voice was until I saw him solo with his sister. (His sister...WOW!!!!!!!!! What a voice!) I was off to the side of the stage singing all the harmonies to the Monkees' songs. I love harmonies. And honestly, Micky's voice was so perfect to sing with (even if it was on the side of the stage). I would have given anything to sing one song with him. I can't stress enough that people need to see him live. You won't be disappointed.
  18. I've always wondered that too. Back in the 70's when I was collecting, it seemed like the Japanese not only had the best albums, but also magazines. Germany ran a close second especially on the magazines. And, you could score big in the UK. Here...not so much. Because of this, getting a Japenese penpal and/or a European one was an accomplishment as they were much in demand to help you get their versions of certain albums and magazines.
  19. I didn't see him mentioned—Micky Dolenz. Even though Davy was my favorite, Micky's voice made my heart melt. His voice is sooooo pure. And he can sing many genres of music. If you've never seen him live, go now to his facebook, look to find out where he's touring, buy an plane ticket and be ready to enjoy an amazing evening. You can thank me later. This song just does something to my heart that I can't describe. It's like trying to explain to someone the feel of a certain kiss. Sometimes there are no words.
  20. Let’s face it...one could score an Academy Award winning movie that sweeps every Oscar category possible...and some people will still find the smallest thing, come in like a torpedo and try to blow up the excitement generated by the moment. I (and I’m sure many others) just choose to ignore that type of negativity. Really, who gives a fanny perpendicular about what certain people think, or what I think, or what the Dahli Lama thinks, unless one holds that person in high regards. I get that. When I respect someone, I want their opinion of me and what I do to be on the maximum level. I never want to lose that. BTW---James, I have always held you in the highest regards, so, I know I value what your opinion is. You don’t need to clarify who you are not a reincarnation of; you are you, and anyone who has been on this board long enough knows that you never come on and post with venom in your heart. I like that. I’ve never had to wonder who you are. You lay it out there for all to see. As for music...yes, when one places someone’s music high on the pedestal of brilliance, one tends to want it to be used for something that is nothing less than brilliant. However, in this case, I guess the old saying holds true, “What is one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.†And that goes for tastes in TV shows; some people do like “The Bachelorâ€â€¦a lot. (Yeah, I don’t get it but... Ce la vie!) Again, I got it James, many songs we hear on TV shows and commercials are a part of the sound track of our lives, and we’d like to attach them to something “we†think is amazing. But it will always be up to the artist, and if we hold said artist in high regards, I guess we’ll just respect their choice for what they feel is best with what they’ve created. We will always still admire that work. And that, as Martha Stewart would say…â€Is a good thing.â€
  21. Stacy...LOL! And I know what you mean! Save room for the "Holy Ghost" was always wise advice.
  22. James, I think I understand what you mean. Class is timeless and at least to me and I only speak for myself, "The Bachelor" is classless, yet the song being used is a timeless, classy song. One has a right to license one’s song(s) for whatever reason. Why not...this is America. And an opinion is just that...a thought...and James, I get it. And nothing wrong with being sensitive, it’s a great trait in anyone and you meant no harm...you're just saying what your heart holds true in a very respectful way. That is always a good thing. PS: I'm not apologizing for a lot of things lately. Sometimes it's good to hold firm to what you feel is not something weak, but a strength.
  23. You may want to watermark your photos, that way if you choose, you can have them removed or if you're OK with them being shared, at least those who view the photo will know who "owns" it. It's all about what you prefer.
  24. "We've come too far to leave it all behind, how could we end it all this way" "If You Leave Me Now" (Chicago) Everything about this song is passionate and heart breaking. I LOVE the violins!!! For me this hits home as "my" teenaged angst song. It was the first song that I heard when I woke up on Sept. 16, 1976, and it spoke volumes about how I felt as I was about to move back East with my family, and I was about to leave behind the life and friends that I knew in San Antonio. I thought my world had ended that day. Teenaged drama, I know...I was only 14, and I was in pain. And when I hear this song, I can still feel every moment of that day in TX, even until today.
  25. Here's another way to look at the whole "accent" theory. From what I know, the southern accent came about because of the people that settled in the south were mostly from England, Scotland and Ireland. So, would it really be that strange that those from the British Isles (Great Britain and Ireland) sound like they do when they sing because it is "their" own accent and "we" think they sound southern because we’re Americans? As for non-southern Americans singing with what "sounds" like a southern accent, I suppose I don't hear it unless they are country singers. But that's just me. PS: When you hear Celtic singers (Scots and Irish) you will note that they "sound" southern...country if you will. That's because southern (country) stemmed from them, and not the other way around.
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