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  1. Planning a trip to Panama as soon as I am well....just FYI....I bring my own pillow, one less thing to think about. Then let's get photos and get some of the nosey BCR fans talking. Good gracious I never knew so many were just sucked into my life. No one gave a damn about me in high school. Bahahhaa ¡Olé!
  2. um...I don't have coodies. LOL Unless you do? ha Hugs back to you....
  3. Sucked! Not even close to the beautiful rendition that Ian did. And BTW, Leslie INSISTED to re-record it. He was pissed that he wasn't chosen to be lead. This IS and will always be, Ian's song.
  4. Ian was picked by the producer, Jimmy Ienner himself to sing this. I received a call from Jimmy the day after Ian died. It met the world to me...and he reminded me that Ian had the X factor...but I knew that. For me that would be an Xcellent catch for my future...no matter the ups and downs.
  5. You were the first one to call me when Ian died. I was in shock but the call meant so much to me, babble about the funeral home men were coming and I don't know what else. But to hear your voice and then my other friends calling meant the world to me. Thank you so much, with much love too!
  6. It's only been 2 1/2 years and every minute my heart is in pain but it doen't mean that I find happiness through the day. I wish I could say I was doing well, but I m not. Hopefully one day I will be better. As I have told others, for me it's like a deck of cards, I either fold or keep playing. I opt never to fold. I just miss him so much and I can't believe the tears I still cry. But that is the price of love...and well worth it.
  7. Finally James...you got something right. I am assuming you are away from your harem as you post.
  8. That's right, Susie!!! The man had a great knack for producing...and gosh, he did a great job on both versions of "Let's Pretend" ...and here's Jimmy and "Mr. WendyWorld" in 1976. PS: You're welcome Señor James.
  9. Gosh...I miss the times we would "side bar." So happy you discovered your ancestry. And I think I will check back from time to time to see the weigh in for the election...it could be interesting.
  10. James...you slay me. I miss you on facebook...just sayin'... As for youtube videos...I happened to like this one, though I can't remember how to embed it. Anyway...sleep soundly my friend, if you can...
  11. Bernie! I'd be happy to fry some Blynai up for you...I guess it's just another way to say potato pancakes, and I'll serve it with fresh soured cream, from the grocery store. But you know that Krupnikas is my "thang." Seriously, I have 5 bottles made with raw honey sitting in my closet just waiting to be shared. Liquid amber at its finest!
  12. No thanks needed, but thank you for your kind words. I was happy to protest on behalf of those Northern European people who lived in the Baltic States at said time, many of those were my own relatives. I was prepared to go to jail if need be to bring awareness to their plight. My amazing, wonderful and beautiful Daddy was interviewed at our Lithuanian-Catholic church during the time of uprising against Soviet occupation. He spoke from his heart for all our relatives in Lithuania...I was ever so proud of him. As for this not being a political site, I am happy to say that it very much has been in more ways than one since I first joined at the very end of 2007, and why I actually signed on and read it yesterday. I wanted to see if there was any discussion on the up coming Presidential election as we had done 8 years ago. What a time to be on this site! We've exchanged views on politics, religion, conspiracy theories...even sex...as well as music. Truly a free speech zone which I have always thought to be wonderful and to add to it...this is the place which I first realize that I love to "write." A win-win situation for me at least!
  13. Well, you didn't offend me...I just wanted to clarify that we as Balts are pretty spectacular in our own right, each culture, each special, each different. And...we're so strong together. OK, so I as a Lithuanian American could only do my part in the 90's living in America, protests and such...but the 3 nations of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia sure held their own during Soviet occupation and breaking free from it! We're all distinct, yet so connected in a round about way. I find it "magically delicious!"
  14. Well, I...as a VERY PROUD American of Lithuanian descent don't see that there is any comparison going on unless I missed it. My Lithuanian culture is different than your Estonian one, and I am so happy for it, like jump for joy that I am a Lithuanian, I would never want to be anything but a Lithuanian...and I'm sure we're both proud of our own heritage as both bring different aspects to the world. We're Balts, and I for one am proud to be a Balt through descent...and the many Estonians (and Latvians) I've met understood the comradery with that. Of course the cultures are different, they're different countries for goodness sake. Again...I don't see anyone comparing them...and if they did, is it a bad thing, or a chance for us to educate others on what each of those cultures brings to this wonderful planet?
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