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  1. Real nice clip That is better than tv production.
  2. Brook

    Dumb Voters

    Speaking of dumb voters, the news in Houston did a story about a first time voter. She waited in her car from 2 am until the precinct opened at 7 am, so she could be first in line. At 7 am she found out that she was at the wrong voting precinct. I wonder who she's voting for? And they will run the country for the next 4 years. God help us!
  3. How do I get the Jesse Bryson songs form myspace on cd? I love "lonely." Nice tune along with several others.
  4. Maybe it is proper police procedure in Ohio or in the U.S., but I'm not sure if it was necessary to put him through a series of tests. A blind guy could see that he was drunk! How about one test, take him in, breathalizer him and book him. My gosh, do we need to have the guy got through a battery of tests, when we know that he's drunk out of his mind. He needs some jail time and serious rehab. I think there is a country music song in there somewhere? Now my wife left me and I kicked my dog, would complete the ********. Come on Eric.......Stop boozing.
  5. It all comes down to choices we make in life. We have bought into "the disease " idea. People choose to quit everyday. It isn't easy, but they do it.
  6. I'm disappointed. Every day in the local paper, they list all the famous people with birthdays for that day. EC has been in there every year. Today , he's not. Happy Birthday anyway!
  7. Brook

    Lyle Lovett

    He goes to my church, but he's on the road alot. He played last week at my church.
  8. I am going to Michigan this summer and Lyle Lovett is going to be in Lansing. My folks in Chesaning might go to see him.
  9. Hey guys I saw Gordon in Houston last summer. Great show. The guy is around 69 years old and looks every year of it. That illness that almost killed him a few years back , showed. But his voice and stage presence was wonderful. I can strongly recommend seeing Mr. Lightfoot. You won't regret it! Actually this is Brook's dad posting here.
  10. I have never been to a Raspberries concert because I was to young.4 yrs. ago, my parents went to a Raspberries concert.I wanted to go, but they didn't buy me a ticket or they didn't have an extra.They had to drive into a different state. We were on vacation in the summer in Michigan.My parent drove to Clevaland,Ohio.They came home and my dad said "Next time you can go with us".
  11. Raspberries -COME TO TEXAS-Preferably HOUSTON!
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