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  1. I use either GHS Boomers....010 gauge on the 1st string (e)...and I also use D'Addario...same gauge. .009 gauge was a bit too light for my big hands. I would always snap those skinny ones....lol. Wish you the best in your quest and play away my friend!


  2. Hi ok. I would suggest The Rickenbacker 360 6..6 standing for six string guitar. It is a classic Rickenbacker look. I have one in a Fireglo finish. It is awesome and it fits right into your budget. A Rickenbacker is primarily used for rhythm guitar duties...at least that's what I use mine for. It has a clear, crisp, jangly sound...the classic Rickenbacker sound. Of course Wally has a 12 string Rickenbacker which costs a bit more than your budget allows. I would definitely go with the Rickenbacker 360 6. Go to your nearest music store...Guitar Center...Sam Ash...whoever....and try it out first. I'm sure you will love it! GMan

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