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  1. Just wondering what everyone thinks of Wendy's using the song for their pretzel bun ads. Did they have to get Eric's permission to change the lyrics? Here's a link to pg 2 of a thread I found when I searched for the commercial online, that has a link to the full ad, and where the posts end up talking about The Raspberries and John Lennon instead of the ad.
  2. This part: The combination short ventage nationally into 1972 together with a giant nun calledâ€Pushiness To a fare-you-wellâ€, might be talking about "a big hit called "Go All the Way" giant=big nun=hit, as in discipline in a Catholic school ???
  3. Must be someone who doesn't know English very well. Even says it's a "taking" doll instead of "talking". :-(
  4. MAJOR Congrats!! Now could you thank us properly by printing more of the Marathon Man books? Pretty PLEASE!!
  5. I saw a guy in the aisles taking pictures with a huge telephoto lens. So where was he from? I thought he would have been from a paper like Plain Dealer. Has anyone seen those shots?
  6. I had been to Cleveland before, but never stayed overnight like I did this time, and I managed to see a lot in about a 24 hour stay that really impressed me. Thanks to everyone who posted here about Priceline, I got a fantastic price at what must have been the most conveniently located hotel to my incoming route on I-90, the Hilton Garden. When I checked in, the man behind the desk asked if I was there for "the concert" and I said "YES!" but then realized he might have been talking about Manilow, so I cleared that up, and then he told me his wife was excited about Barry, but he'd rather see the Raspberries. After the concert, I bumped into him again, and he asked about my night and was amazed that I got to meet the entire band. He took a photo of me with my local friends before leaving for the night. Within a few minutes at Tower City, going to pick up my sister, who found the RTA from the airport very convenient and economical, a woman asked me if I needed help finding something, since I must have looked puzzled to her, and then a nice young gentleman asked me for my number because he'd "lost his" (LOL!) and offered to drive all the way to my home in Detroit to visit me occasionally. Cleveland loved me! :-) Before the concert, I was able to meet Marlene, and she introduced me to Bernie. Wish I would have had the time to meet more of the people of this board, but it wasn't possible since I was leaving my sister alone too much as it was. We had breakfast at a place called Big Al's, which had almost anything you could want on their extensive menu, and wasn't expensive either. After I took her back to the train station, and checked out of the hotel, I sat down to look at a map and plan my route to see the city by foot. It was cold and windy, but I bundled up and didn't let it deter me. I stopped in to warm up at a small mall on E 9th, and by the time I was nearing the Hall of Fame, it started to snow. I was in tennis shoes, having left my boots in the car, but it never got too deep or slippery for me to head back early. I was surprised how quiet the streets were for a Saturday in a downtown area. Nothing like busy Detroit or Chicago. The areas of Euclid that had construction blocking them probably contributed to the deserted feeling. I was disappointed in how small The Arcade was, since the ads had hyped it as something more spectacular than I found it to be. Still, I got some nice photos inside and was glad Priceline hadn't given me the hotel in there, because it would have been much harder to drive to, even tho it was closer to the venue. Since I was so close to Public Square, even though I'd seen the spectacular Christmas lights there the night before, I decided to go inside the Soldiers and Sailors monument to check out the stained glass, and I found one of the nicest people ever in there, Tim. Sitting in that small room all day repeating the same info about the monument must get awfully boring, so he was very glad to have some company for awhile. I was just killing time till I was hungry enough for dinner, so I told him about the concert and some of the other adventures I've experienced. He was a great audience, and when I had to leave, he gave me a hug, asked if he could take my picture, and told me I'd made his day. I only hope we all made The Raspberries feel as important as Tim made me feel. Everyone who lives in the midwest should never take for granted how friendly and helpful people are here. At the Detroit airport where I work (I agree it is very difficult to get to, since it is really NOT in Detroit)I often hear people talking about how nice we are in the midwest. Not that I personally have anything bad to say about people who live in the other parts of the country, but my sister claimed that it was like a different world where she lives in Maryland, so that she'd forgotten about the kindness of strangers.
  7. Or, you could find someone who can verify this info by calling the venue, and will bring you cash and meet you the day of the show so you can sell them that way in person. Or if you can't find anyone to do that, maybe the venue will make an exception and give you a refund that day so they can sell the tickets to someone else directly. I have an extra to sell now too, but I did receive mine in the mail, so all I need now is someone to mail it to. Anyone want a fantastic seat in row E?
  8. I have a very good ticket to sell because I had to get 2 together after I already bought one in E. If someone doesn't need 2 tickets, please email or private message me for this one in the dress circle that is now available to some lucky person.
  9. I was wondering about that too. When I ordered them, it said VIP online, but the tickets I received in the mail have no such designation.
  10. If anyone has 2 tickets next to each other that they are trying to sell for the Cleveland show, please PM me ASAP with seat numbers. I already have one, but I want my sister to be able to sit next to me. Thanks!
  11. I pm'ed you. If anyone else has a pair of tickets, please let me know too. I'm trying to be able to sit with my sister, and didn't know she would be able to go, when I bought only one on Monday. Thanks!
  12. It's been ages since I was in Cleveland, so I have no idea what the downtown area is like. I will be driving in, so does anyone have suggestions whether it would be better to get a hotel further away with free parking and drive to the theater, or pay for parking at a hotel within walking distance? Will the construction on Euclid be over by December? Is there anywhere to park free on any streets within walking distance of the theater? Any restaurant I shouldn't miss eating at before I leave for home on Saturday? Any suggestions/advice will be greatly appreciated!
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