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  1. Oh for sure! I am in. All hail the munificent and most He-manly, Spanky! Line for minions forms to the left!
  2. I missed the whole thing! My New Years Resolution for this year is to become a member of the Way Out West Tent of the Sons of the Desert. The Boys will not be forgotten!
  3. Reid C.

    Cameron Diaz

    Friday night, Ira! Cameron Diaz is in The Green Hornet. Go for it!
  4. All the best, Julie. Have a very Happy Birthday!!
  5. Sort of like eating half a pound of cashews while waiting to go on the Simpson's ride at Universal. That was an experience!
  6. Great. Let the drooling commence! California is so backward. The nearest White Castle to me is in St. Louis. Road Trip!
  7. Going to miss you, Craig. Rest easy.
  8. Hey there, Wim! Have the very best of Birthdays, OK?
  9. I just talked to my friend in Arkansas. He says Redwinged Blackbirds have notoriously bad night vision. The flock got spooked and they flew into things, causing death by trauma. If country reasoning stands true, that would mean the fish got a fright and swam into the dock.
  10. M-80s?! Wow! Fish in chips!
  11. If there were a little more of that outdated, retro sound, the music industry wouldn't be the vast wasteland that it is today!
  12. Fish subcomb nicely to cherry bombs.
  13. Why shucks. Looks lak pur-fekly good road kill ta me?
  14. Not something that I wanted to hear. With all his strife of late, I had a bad feeling about his prospects. Thanks for the music, Gerry. RIP.
  15. Mirriam 1, Rabbit 0. Thank you for the facts, Aventurine. Here is hoping the your New Year is filled with happiness and good health!
  16. Then too, this may be the work of the nefarious H.A.A.R.P. antenna array in Alaska. A means of peaceful data gathering in the ionosphere, or a Tesla-inspired beam weapon that causes earthquakes and can toast entire populations where they stand? Only the Arkansas blackbirds may know the answer, but they ain't talkin'!
  17. Great theory, Missm, but it seems the word hasn't gotten out. There are a lot of one legged Starlings that hang around the patio at our local Costco.
  18. Thanks Ira. I still can't believe that the reunions where even better than the boys live in the Seventies! Talent sometimes just gets better and better with time.
  19. Out of the mouth of babes...
  20. Hey Missm! My bird just laid an egg. does that count, too!
  21. Touching tribute, Tartanbo. The best way to go is doing something that you love, and knowing that you are loved by others. I'm sorry.
  22. All the best Marcus! Happy Birthday!
  23. Happy New Year, Missm! I knew that cigar I was saving would come in handy one day!
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