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  1. Welcome to EC.com, Tom. Great first post. That one is a keeper!
  2. You have a lovely touch, Andie. Well done. Now, what can you do with "I Can Remember?"
  3. Happy Birthday Beetlejay! It has been a while. Hope everything is going well!
  4. Have a lot of respect for the IROC series, Paulie. Pitting topnotch drivers in identical cars on a rotating basis really brought out who was the best. Always a treat to see who would be better, the oval guys, the roadracers, or the rally champs. Fun stuff. My first love was the Unlimited Sports Cars of the sixties (Chaparral, Ford GT, Lotus, etc.) or it's later evolution, the Can-Am series. Four hundred plus cubic inches, wings, flippers, and a thunder that drowned out all else. And Jim Hall's sucker car! What a time of innovation and nary a computer to be seen. That was real racing!
  5. Fixed or not really doesn't seem to matter to the rabidly addicted. Members of my family load up in a massive motorhome and trek to Fontana Speedway. There, wedged shoulder to shoulder and mirror to mirror, with hundreds of other single-minded minded and similarly equipped fans, they break out the massive BBQ, comfy chairs, giant flat screen TV, and the essential and all-encompassing sun shade. Sure, they could go up to the viewing area on the top of the motorhome and actually watch the race, but where would be the fun in that? Better to view the whole spectacle in comfort and in a front row seat facing the TV, while the drivers and cars go at it, hammer and tong, unseen by the naked eye, just a few feet away. Yes, there is nothing like the raw, primal, unfiltered appeal of oval track racing. Rule bending, subtle cheating, and the occasional fisticuffs between drivers are all just icing on the cake! Not interested, but give me a call if they put a break in the traditional circle jerk and direct them down off the banking and make them run a road course between motorhomes through the infield. Then I might be inclined to watch. Just as long as NASCAR scheduling doesn't conflict with a good Roller Derby on another channel!
  6. Relieved and thrilled to get to share in this most wonderful news, Miriam. After all, your Mom will soon have a grand daughter to dote over> She can't miss that!
  7. Reid C.

    Hobby pictures

    I might just post something. Let me figure out how to get a picture on.
  8. My Dad taught me to stop and smell the rose. Sadly, he never did.
  9. What a great post! When you have Larry's smooth analysis, coupled with Wendy's romantic lilt, the superlative Bryson stylings on the guitar, and Eric's lustful croonings, you end up with EC.Com perfection. If only this one had been on the play list at Cleveland. Sigh. Well done, friends!
  10. Very good, Ira! Now that you mention it, Bilko and TC are clones! All the characters match up, too!
  11. Funny, I thought the same thing, Kirk!
  12. Not to get sappy or anything, but one of my dogs came up and put her head my lap and just looked at me. such love and adoration, especially when I scratched her behind the ears, and not a crumb of food in sight! There is real devotion and love for man in many animals. How we can fail that trust is beyond me.
  13. Frank says it himself. "There isn't much more I can say."
  14. I just wish the punishment would fit the crime. It seems this people commit unimaginable atrocities on their pets and receive little more than a slap on the wrist. I would seem that at least to some members of the judiciary, animal cruelty doesn't rate as much of a crime. I beg to differ.
  15. Well, if this is the kind of stuff they have in mind (harmony and all that music junk), count me in! Yeah, sort of "Be My Beach Boy!"
  16. Love the BANG that accompanies every impact. The two greatest pie fights of all time were in The Great Race (Tony Curtis, Jack Lemon, and Natalie Wood) and the Laurel and Hardy debacle that involved an entire Los Angeles street. That film is lost, but a clip of the Meringue mayhem remains.
  17. Never gonna let that die, are you? Where were you when I had to take that monster back down the those stairs. I didn't even get desert that time! By the way, if you ever want to go see the stairs, it is a nice motorcycle ride to the Silver Lake District
  18. All the best to you Bernie. May you have many more Happy Birthdays! And, thanks!
  19. For more nautical mischief, watch "Towed in a Hole." The Boys try to fix up an old boat for their fish business and chaos ensues. Saw this on the big screen at UCLA a number of years ago and I couldn't stop laughing! Check it out on You Tube.
  20. Good for you guys! The stuff is classic and now you'll be able enjoy it time and time again!
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