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  1. Done! Thanks for the reminder, BV. i had forgotten about this site. I'll hit it every morning from no own. Such a simple thing to do for those who can't speak for themselves!
  2. Hey, Melissa! Nice to have you join us. Jump right in!
  3. I just caught up with that episode of Glee last night and must say that it was refreshing to see someone give this song the effort that it deserves and be able to pull it off in grand fashion. The last third got a little too "Christina," for my tastes, but overall, the best cover that this wonderful standard has ever seen. I'm impressed.
  4. Is it that time already!? It seems like only yesterday that I misplaced your Birthday card! Happy Birthday, my friend. May you have many more!
  5. Concern and prayers coming from California, Jackie. all the best to you and your Mom.
  6. Robin said it went to 523. What the heck is going on!?
  7. Jeez Chris, Supercar was my favorite! I still have a model of it somewhere around here. About five years ago, The Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, had a two night special showing of Supercar and all of the Gerry Anderson puppet shows (Fireball XL5, Thunderbirds, Stingray, etc.). To top it all off Gerry Anderson himself was there, talking about the shows and signing autographs. Had to have been my second best meet and greet! What an evening, mainly attended with guys my age, but with a large contingent of kids. too. "See, this is what Daddy used to watch, back before CGI!" Perfect, Rob! Another fan!
  8. Seal of approval! (giggle)
  9. Happy Birthday, Miriam. I hope you and yours (and he who is not there yet!) have a wonderful time on this joyous day. All the best! Reid
  10. You and yours are in my prayers, Aventurine. I am stunned by the magnitude of this disaster and fervently hoping that things will start to improve. Bundle up, stay warm, and know that you are being thought of by us all here in the States. Stay in touch if you can. don't forget that if you need to talk, we a only a keystroke away. Reid
  11. Jim Carson, 1110 KRLA, LA Oldies. A Simi Valley boy, too! He used to come into the Honda dealer I worked at and I have run into him going out to dinner on numerous occasions. Small town and great minds? Who knows?
  12. Japan will survive and prosper. I wish them well.
  13. All the best to you on your special day,Marc!
  14. Will they never learn? The aliens, or the writers .
  15. OK, so it isn't ten but I really like these eight! Club at the End of the Street The One The Simple Life The Bitch is Back Philadelphia Freedom Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding Blue Avenue
  16. This causes quite a battle around my home. I love Mayo and think that Miracle Whip is quite good too. My opposite number doesn't care for mayo and hates Miracle Whip with a passion. armed with this sort of intel, I have a new and exciting way of exacting revenge. I simply spread a generous coating of MW on a couple of pieces of Wonder Bread. You know, that super soft, doughy, bread-like substance that comes wrapped in the package with red, yellow, and blue, balloons? When not masquerading as bread, it works great as catfish bait, by the way. Anyway, then I lay on some thick slices of Velveeta cheese(yes, the gummy industrial yellow stuff), making this the sandwich fit for a god. She sees me take one bite of that and she is off, screaming for the bathroom. Says she can't understand how a person can eat three such vile "foods" and pretend to enjoy it. Simply pit, there is no pretending. This makes one great sandwich! Thanks, Miracle Whip!
  17. That would have to be Sunrise. No matter how bad I feel the beauty of that song always manages to perk me up!
  18. All the best Terragram. Have a great Birthday!
  19. Reid C.

    ITs a Girl

    Wonderful news, Shelley. All the best to you and your family!
  20. True enough, but a little hint on where to find Dilithium crystals sure would be a big help!
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