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  1. I've seen that a number of times over the past few weeks out here, Shelley. Amazing that from an evening out, drinking beer with friends, all the way to being locked in solitary in some dank, foreign, hellhole, ABM has you covered!
  2. Good man, Steve. That is what I was looking for.
  3. Glad to hear that you were there for Rascal when he went, Chris. that is the right thing to do, even though it tears you up inside. They deserve no less. Sadness here to. while I was gone for a few days, an injured Cockatiel died and a couple of my non-flying 'tiels were killed my a murderous parrot while in the hands of a caretaker. I feel your pain, friend. Prayers for Rascal, and you take care of yourself. Reid
  4. Reid C.


    That picture is too cool. I kid you not, that is the exact same paneling that is in the cargo section of my Ford van! Now all I need is the hair!
  5. I am deeply saddened to hear of this. I always like Andrew's music and was lucky to see him play at the Roxy during some of Eric's performances there. A great show all around. He will truly be missed.
  6. Reid C.


    OK, I remember now. Thanks, Kirk!
  7. Reid C.


    I don't remember the flying Saucers, Kirk. I'll look that one up. Do you remember the model airplane flying circle located next to the the Moon Rocket in Tomorrowland? Many young pilots got their start there learning to fly U-control models provided by L M Cox located right there in Santa Ana. that was closed in '58. By the way, where did the Moon Rocket go? that thing was classic!
  8. The return of Mrs. Peel? How very cool. Welcome back MJ!
  9. May all be well with you and yours on this most happy day! Enjoy a wonderful Birthday, Aventurine!
  10. See! You didn't get dicked out of nuthin'! Happy Birthday, Tracy. May there be many, many, more!
  11. Reid C.

    MAD magazine

    Rob, you think you had it tough? My Dad was always stealing mine and never putting it back where he found it. Parents can be such jerks!
  12. Reid C.

    MAD magazine

    Hey Kirk! How about Star Blech: The Wreck of Korn?
  13. Reid C.

    MAD magazine

    This one is for you, Darlene! The greetings cards with inclusions! Out of the dusty recesses of my mind comes an example of just how warpped I was by MAD Magazine. I still have some of them committed (yes, the right word) to memory. F'rinstance, the greeting card with a little extra for that over achieving neighbor... Your lovely shrubs, your lush green lawn, Are such a joy to gaze upon, That they've inspired my loving spouse, To beautify our grounds and house, So now I spend my leisure time, Seeding, weeding, spreading lime, Raking, aching, black and blue, And friend, it's all because of you, So now I pause mid puff and pant, To send you this, a little plant, I hope you won't think it's rash of me, It's POISON IVY! Tee hee hee! Obviously, Martin, Berg, Drucker, and all the rest had an impact on me that has lasted forty years. I can't remember today's date, but I quote still quote those Neumanistic fiends!
  14. Too bad about Randy. He was one of the best of an industry that spawned a plethora of colorful showmen.
  15. Professional wrestling was OK, but if you wanted real entertainment at the Olympic Auditorium, it was Tuesday night and the Roller Derby, mc'd by Dick "Whoa Nellie!" Lane! The Los Angeles Thunderbirds rocked! Sorry.
  16. Kirk knows me too well, Paul. Hey, it takes two horses to make a race and your take on ICR is most valid and well received. I'd still be happy to buy you a beer at the next EC concert!
  17. Uh-oh, Paul. Is that thin ice I hear cracking? Most assuredly a Top Twenty for me and I will go even further and say it is in the top three of my all time favorites. I always liked the opening. Sort of sets the mood for the first part of the song. As far as the piano interlude between the verses, well, I might agree about the second interlude repeat as being somewhat redundant, but it has never bothered me all that much. I do like the piano bits and think they add to the general feel of melancholy and wistfulness that flows through the first section of the song. I hate fade outs and have always thought that the wrap up on ICR is one of the best. Keep in mind that this is really a three part song, with the slow ballady intro, a rock oriented middle, and a full blown rock and orchestral ending that tapers off to a definite finish (do you like the final ending chord of the live version, or the original album cut without?). Best of all worlds really, and if it takes eight minutes to do it, so be it. It is sort of a trading off of commercial success for the pure joy and art of the music. Sure, this was out of the norm for "the formula," but that was OK. There were plenty of other songs in the Raspberries catalog that covered the power pop theme. I never got the progressive rock feel, but thought of it as an example of what a robust young band could do when they flexed their musical muscles. Faults? Yes, there are some, but it is a 'berries song like no other and it has brought tears to my eyes twice live (and more than a few others I noted). A certified gem even if there are a few flaws. Good post, Paul. Good post. Don't even go after Starting Over!
  18. Com'on people! Post up on this one!
  19. That would be figure skating, Ballroom dancing, and Motocross. You got a problem with that?
  20. Happy Birthday, Matt. Hope it is a good one!
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