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  1. Then again, maybe she could team up with Octomom. I smell a reality show! Sixteen is Enough?
  2. All the best to the Oracle of EC.com. I hope you and yours have a great time celebrating, Steve. Happy Birthday!
  3. All the best on your birthday, Al Enjoy!
  4. Reid C.

    Viva Las Vegas

    Too bad I didn't know, Ira. I just passed through there Sunday afternoon on my way to the biggest traffic jam in the world between Primm and Barstow. We could have had lunch. Took me eight hours to get home, twice the normal drive time! Vegas can be a lot of fun. Where else can you go out and rent a machine gun? Seriously. We used to go a couple of times a year to see shows, go to various races, the RenFaire, etc. Always have had a good time there. Lots of bargains to be had there considering the economy these days. Vegas is hurting, big time.
  5. Hey! I was gone. Out of town. Nobody called or anything. Sigh. Out of excuses. I hope it was a wonder day for a wonderful lady. Happy Birthday, Elle!
  6. What about that great ending in "Sunrise?" Everything comes to a crashing halt, just long enough for the crowd to start to yell and get to their feet, and then it takes off again at a full gallop. Absolutely mind blowing when live!
  7. Still huge in my book! Thank you for all these years of your special style of great music, Eric. I hope you have a very Happy Birthday!
  8. To one of the classiest ladies on the board, a very Happy Birthday wish coming your way from California. have a great one, Marlene!
  9. All the best from California, Joe. Have a great Birthday!
  10. I'll second that, 'Belle. I have recently seen how squabbling exes can mess up a child and it isn't pretty. There should be absolutely no ex-bashing in front of a child. An even better idea is no bashing at all!
  11. A new winner for my summer rotation!!! Top Down Summer, Drivin' Around, Cruisi'n Music, and now Boardwalk Baby! It just doesn't get any better than this. I am absolutely thrilled. Thanks Bernie, you are the greatest. Way to go, Mister C. That is a great tune to make my summer shine!
  12. All this is well and good. The real question is it Jennifer or Bailey that floats your boat. Bailey all the way for me!
  13. Reid C.

    Mom's Gone

    What can I say? I am so sorry to here this, Missm. may you and your family weather these sad times and have a brighter tomorrow. Prayers for you and yours.
  14. Hey Brian! Hope you had a fantastic Birthday. All the best to you!
  15. Nice car, Rob! Congrats to your nephew. Open Channel D!
  16. Hey Girl! All the best on your special day! Have a great birthday, Anna!
  17. Hey, Ira. I hope you have a great one tomorrow. All the best from the Left Coast! Happy Birthday!
  18. Happy Birthday, Tammi! Hope you had a wonderful day!
  19. Hey Chris! All the best to you on the wonderful day! Party 'til you drop! Happy Birthday!
  20. "Some people own cats and go on to live normal lives." God, I hope she isn't watching me type this!
  21. Have a great one. Pat! Happy Birthday!
  22. Admittedly, when someone reaches "favored artist" status, you might think that the devotee could be inclined to give the artist a pass on his lesser efforts or look at all offerings with, shall we say, "rose colored glasses." I tend to go the opposite way, being critical, but fair when it comes to bands or acts that I frequent. Not trying to be picayune, but I think I tend to hold them to a higher standard. While both Raspberries and Eric have offered up some songs that I consider off the mark, overall their catalogs have been filled with some truly excellent and definitive music. That having been said, I do try to keep an open mind when it comes to other artists. Good music is just that, regardless of who pens and performs it. Sadly, there isn't enough of it these days or, for that matter, good musicians. Still, it is amazing what you can find if you listen for it. The negative aspects of human nature can be trumped by an open mind. ICR is flawed, too long to be commercial and tries to cram a lot of things into one song to name a couple of things. But it is a marker in time that showcases well the raw talent and willingness to take a chance by a young, up and coming, band from Cleveland. It is a powerful piece of work, and after all these years, still rates as one of my Top Three. Just to show how differently we can view things, my mother watched and listened to ICR on the DVD and had this to say. "What a beautiful song, right up until the rock and roll part."
  23. Ooops! I did the styrofoam thing the other day in the mircowave the other day. Not pretty. Styrofries!
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