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  1. Hoo-boy! I'm not gonna let this one go by. In all these years, I have never seen the Beach Boys, not once. I did manage to see Jan & Dean for ten or eleven shows. How did things manage to get so skewed, not that I am complaining. This time for sure!
  2. Hey Kiwi! If Shaun, Shane, Jason, and Wayne get unruly, Otter would be more than happy to nip them back into line. We gotta put all those herding lessons to good use!
  3. Happy Birthday, Andy! May you have many more!
  4. May you have a great tome on your special day, Monica. Happy Birthday!
  5. I feel your pain, Diane. We started moving back in July/August and are still not finished. Not even close. It is amazing how much stuff you end up with after twenty years in one place. Much is getting the old heave ho, but there is a lot of stuff that is just going to have to be stored until the place and the new business get settled. Misery loves company!
  6. Great! Two of my favorites, Eric, and Nathan Fillion!
  7. Well, I'd hire her! Glad to see someone who cares and will stand up for what is right!
  8. Yeah, but at 2.4 times the size of Earth, the gravity would squish the living daylights out of you. Excuse me, but does this planet make my but look fat?
  9. There aren't too many of those who experienced it first hand left. Thanks to them all for their sacrifices and bravery.
  10. Sad to hear. We are running out of the old school, classic, actors. Thanks, Harry.
  11. Goodness, gracious! Thank you one and all for the outpouring of good cheer on my birthday. I am really touched. You are indeed, all wonderful people! Thank you so much!
  12. To The Man himself, and to everyone in the EC.com family, may you all have a most joyous Thanksgiving!
  13. All the best, Missy. enjoy your day!
  14. Hope you had a great day, billy. happy Birthday!
  15. Happy Birthday, Diane. May there be many more happy celebrations!
  16. Happy belated birthday, John Hope you had a great time with friends and family!
  17. All the best on your B-day, Paul'.
  18. All the best on your Birthday, PPM. Cake out!
  19. Sorry to hear of your predicament, Pat. Take care of yourself and get back to the board. You are missed. Reid
  20. I suppose someone ought to speak up for the Saturday morning TV contingent. I spent a lot of time watching Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys, suitably accompanied by Dale Evans (Queen of the West, obviously), Trigger, Bullet, Pat Brady, a Jeep, etc. Everybody got into the act on this one. Of course,if you were looking for something a little more modern but still with that good ol' western flavor, there was the always entertaining Arizonan, Sky King. He was a southwestern rancher whose Bovine interests always played second fiddle to helping the local sheriff round up all manner of varmints ans weasels, marching them off to the local hoosegow. In keeping with the times, Sky shunned the typical and traditionally faithful hay burner of yore, opting instead for a sleek, Cessna 310B, the Songbird. This enabled him to head the vermin off at the pass faster than a horse ever could. He was often assisted by his accident prone and gullible, niece and nephew, a mixed blessing if ever there was one. Without fail, the criminal element was conveniently dispatched within twenty-two minutes, the rest of the allotted half hour slot given over to brainwashing the youthful audience, courtesy of the folks at Nabisco. Very effective advertising. To this day, I can't leave an Oreo unmolested. Sadly, Kirby Grant, the actor who played Sky King and a great sponsor of children's charities, was killed in a car crash. He was on his way to Cape Canaveral where he was to be honored by the astronauts (who were fans) and watch their launch in the shuttle, Challenger.
  21. For a very special lady who has been with me during both laughter and tears, and has always provided a shoulder to lean on and a ready smile to lift me up. May happiness fill your heart from the knowledge that you have made so many friends who love and care about you. Happy Birthday, Birdie! "Thank you for being a friend." - Andrew Gold
  22. Hey there, Harry! Have a great Birthday!
  23. Hey Boo! Sorry I am late to the party. Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!
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