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  1. Right you are, Sherry. ICR has always been my favorite, but the live CD version has taken it to new heights. The same can be said for fav number two, "If you Should Change Your Mind." Both that on a whole new dimension when done live! :p
  2. I've gotta go with HT on this one, Bernie. It sounds like that shirt would be killer for the December show. I'll take three, XL if you please.
  3. Well, let's all keep our fingers crossed in hope that the Severance Hall event happens. ICR with the orchestra would be a staggeringly brilliant presentation done in that sort of classical venue. Just the thought of a real string section backing that piece up makes me shiver!
  4. Kathy Lee, you are right on the money. If there were any White Castle stands in LA, I'd be a regular on Kiwi's slimmer thread.
  5. And that's another thing, Bessiboo! Whatever happened to white birch beer? Not the regular brown stuff, mind you, but the kind that was totally colorless,...like Vodka. As I recall, it had a minty taste when compared to the regular cola-tinted stuff. Used to be able to find it up in the New England states, bottled by Cott or Canada Dry. It's the only thing that can turn me away from Dr. Pepper. Last time I found some in a Connecticut package store, I bought twelve bottles. Yeah, they were glass, so I guess it has been awhile. Only nine survived the suitcase monkeys. I wound up with a severely soggy box while United's LAX baggage carousel took on a rather fresh and wintery aroma. Well that, and a higher than normal degree of stickiness....
  6. Aww gee, luv'. Is this just a summer thing, or will I see you in the city?
  7. Nice catch, MJ, and a pretty good review. I couldn't disagree more about the petite fromage remark concerning the Overdub harmonies. Thanks to them, we got what I feel is an accurate reproduction of what was on the albums, and probably the best live sound that I have ever heard. As far as Dave's contributions were concerned, I thought he really shined, especialy in Makin' It Easy. Wears thin rather quickly? I think not! Still, another great review to fork the naysayers with. Hey, we don't we put them all in a binder and send them to the corporate types at Best Buys. Maybe someone over there can read. :rolleyes:
  8. Every now and then I get the urge for some apple Jello. I'll accept no substitues on this one. And how about White Castles? Are there any of them left? I tried some that I found in the frozen foods section the other day. A poor substitute for those delicious morsels I gobbled regularly as a child in good ol' Ohio. For those who might be listening down under, that's a small, square dinner roll stuffed with a square, ground (minced?) beef patty, cooked with grilled onions and topped with a pickle. Mustard and catsup optional. Food of the gods it was and you bought them by the sack. Muz and Kiwi, better put it on the list for next trip. Reid
  9. Well now, that's three votes from SoCal and one from England. The rest of you people feel free to chime in at anytime! Way to go, Sherry. You obviously possess exquisite taste.
  10. Hoo-boy! If you are looking for an objective critique of I Can Remember, you've got the wrong guy. This has been, not only my favorite Raspberries work since the first time I heard it, but my favorite all-time song, peroid. It hits a very responsive chord in me, so to speak. I went through the roof when Eric played those first few chords. How many times do a guy our gal get to hear their favorite piece, done by the original writers and performers. And, to have it done in such smashing fashion, well, it just doesn't get any better than that. If I am allowed to have one snivel, I was really looking forward to hearing Jim go nuts on the drums like the album version, but the omission of that was pretty minor considering the end result. It is hard not to use an excessive amount of superlatives when describing the LOSS show. The Smalley Collection have now become favorites, Wally's guitarwork kicked serious ass, and everytime Jim hit something with a stick, the result was magic. But the highlight for me was hearing that wonderfully complex cut complete with Eric hitting all the high notes. It just dosen't get any better than that. Thanks, guys, you rock!.
  11. I don't think you can blame Eric for the proliferation of vulgar grammar when it comes to rap and hip-hop, Paulie. Anything that is used with endless repitition is rapidly striped of any impact that it may have once had. It sure shocked me the first time I heard Starting Over, but it certainly did express the absolute biterness one can feel when one's optimism is sadly misplaced or betrayed. This is one of those cases where there is only one word that will do the job. Some might consider me hypocritical for giving Eric a pass while holding the rap industry's feet to the fire. Then again, the "F" word has probably never been put to such appropriate or, dare I say, "classy," use. Reid
  12. Yeccch! I saw that for the first time a couple of days ago. Crazy women should be kept out of the kitchen at all times.
  13. Many thanks to you, Don. I have been remiss and never checked out the Boats Blog. I just gave the demo of Temporary Hero a listen and, OH MY GOD!!! I was flat blown away! It is a complete and utter tragedy that this fantastic and soul-wrenching piece was lost to the Boats album. Great keyboard work, wonderful tune, and vocals that we all wish we could pull off (even if only in the shower). But those lyrics. This line, "Like a Galahad in denim with a six string sword", is pure Eric Carmen, and pure magic. Bernie, would it be possible to post the lyrics to Temporary Hero someplace? They really deserve to be seen. Eric, if there ever was a compostion of yours that needs to reach everyone's ears, this is it. Truly inspiring work. I am impressed.
  14. Reid C.

    No Sirens!

    Soggy Greetings, Kathy, Glad to hear that you and yours are safe. I grew up in Delaware, Ohio and my biggest childhood fear was getting hit by a tornado. Well, that, and the invisable monster in the sci-fi classic, Forbidden Planet, but that's a whole different thing. Funny, these days, I wish I could take the time off to be a storm chaser. Go figure. Anyway, keep your heads low, this will pass. Prayers and good thoughts for our Midwestern webmates, people. Prayers and good thoughts...
  15. Hi Baby sister. That would be 3 Eclectus,a Meyers, a Princess of Wales, a Rock Pebbler, some 'keets, and a whole raft of cockateils. The Rock Pebbler actually twists and turns her head and chatters in time to the Raspberries. Twisted Aussie bird. PM for details. Yours?
  16. Careful, Baby sister. Our feathered friends are sensitive creatures and should not be exposed to such tripe. It's bad enough that I line mine with the LA Times, let alone Farrar's ranting!
  17. I'll second everything you posted, mannoman. Your obervations are spot on. I wasn't all that keen on the covers either. They were certainly done with that incredible Raspberries flair, but I would much rather have heard Drivin' Around and Crusin' Music. Good call, hosskratz. I Can Remember was an absolute showcase for the talents and strengths of each of the band members, plus the incredible blending of the Overdubs. For me ICR is the ultimate ballad as well as my alltime favorite song.
  18. Hi, Kirk! Talk about your Rod Serling moments! We probably did cross paths. seeing as neither club is all that big. I managed to run smack into Eric coming out of the men's room at the Roxy, so I more than likely bumped into you, too. Starting Over is one of my top five Raspberries favorites, But my big HOB hurdle was I Can Remember. My girl always was bugging me to sing it for her. Managed to pull it off too, or at least to her liking anyway. It's a bit more difficult these days as I have lost a couple of notes in my high range (Damn! No more Jan & Dean falsettos either). Well, at the Whiskey, she kept yelling from the balcony for the band to play ICR. After not getting any response (duh), she made her way down to the front row, somehow grabbed Scott McCarl by the foot and yelled, "Ya gotta do I Can Remember, PLEASE!!! Scott laughed and said, "I'll see what I can do", but it sadly didn't happen. Looking back, I figured that it never would. Needless to say, finally gettng to hear it live, by the guys who created it orignally, ably backed with the stupenous support of the Overdubs, well, it just doesn't get any better. A couple of tears were shed to be sure, but the joy of finally hearing that wonderfully complex, enthralling, and totally relevant piece was pure rock and roll ecstacy. Never have the notes from eighty-eight keys made me happier. Whew. I certainly feel better now. Thanks for the thread, Kirk! Reid
  19. Not to worry, Kirk. Let's see if I can bump this thread back the otherway. For me, the LA concert was a night of absolute closure. As I mentioned in another post, the Raspberries provided the sound track of my life from '72 to '74. I was dating and married a girl from Twinsburg, OH, a Cleveland suburb (some coincidence, huh?). We had seen the 'berries at the Whiskey a GO GO and later, four of the shows put on by Eric solo at the Roxy, both clubs within spitting distance of each other on the Sunset Strip. Well, soon after, my first love found other interests and we went our separate ways, but I always got a lump in the throat whenever I played I Can Remember, or Starting Over. Passing those clubs on the way to the HOB sure brought back memories of how wildly intense and happy we were those nights. I felt a jab of the sorrow and loss too, but with my wife (more Eric than 'berries) on one arm, and a dear friend (more 'berries than Eric) on the other, the pain sure didn't last long! And, to top it all off, the guys were far superior than they were thirty-some years ago at the Whiskey. We had a smashing good time of it. Talk about coming full circle in style! I almost wish my first love could have been there. She really would have enjoyed it. After all this time, I guess there really are "no hard feelings". :rolleyes:
  20. Right you are, Kirk, although I thought things got really interesting around 2:30 or so. Wasn't the high note that it used to be, but it turned out more interesting IMHO. What power! A total goose bump take if ever there was one.
  21. Oh wow, Marilyn. SCORE!!!
  22. Well I'm really PO'd. There is nothing worse than making the wrong decision for all the right reasons. I'm not at WAB, but I've got LOTSS on turned up to eleven, and am WABcamming my heart out, and I still am feeling pretty empty inside. On ther other hand, I'm really glad you guys are all having a great time. Does take away some of the sting. Party on!!!
  23. Another SoCal hit!! Simi Valley checking in with #34. So much for doing anything industrious tonight. After I sign off, it's feet up, a six pack of Dr. Pepper, and I'm gonna melt into my chair as thirty-two years of frustration get rocked away. Damn, life is good!!!
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