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  1. Had a few more than usual for the weekly DWTS gathering and shrimp and pasta dinner. Seems to be more interest as the final show nears and the competition becomes closer than ever. Marie looked cute, professional and finally got those hips working. Good on ya, gal! Jenny's costumes and music for her first dance were atrocious, but that wicked Cha Cha was to die for. Helio and Julianne did a smashing Waltz, but with all due respect to the judges, their final outing just didn't seem up to par. Mel B and Max cleaned the board with two runs of well deserved tens. The kitten with the whip themed Paso (maybe panther might be more appropo)did beg the question, just who is her costumer and, how do I get that job? The final group tally was discussed over coffee, spotted dick (Oh, go look it up!) and CHOCOLATE FISH, thoughfully provided by our own Kiwi and Muzza. Thanks you two, that was a real hit! Results were a dead heat between Mel and Helio, with dark horse Marie running third but weilding a massive popular vote. Jenny will probably be saying sayronara tomorrow night. Offcial results tomorrow.
  2. Believe me Bernie, I "get it", and I was rolling on the ground when I watched it. The Spousal Unit came running in demanding to know why was I laughing so hard and was that HE on the TV? Family Guy is tasteless and offensive and one of the funniest shows on TV. I might have been a bit "dry" in my original post. Always watch both the network and lose sleep over the Adult Swim reruns. Don't know why, but every time I think of Brian trying to jump through the closed car window, I just crack up. Reid
  3. Take every opprotunity to tell your parents thanks and that you love them. They can be gone in the blink of an eye. Reid
  4. Anyone catch Family Guy this evening? Imagine animated prison sex with "Hungry Eyes" as the soundtrack. Sure Family Guy is usually tasteless and offensive, but this just goes too far! Eric, you had better getting double royalties on this one.
  5. You really nailed it, Darlene. Our little group of Monday night couch hoofers have all compared the early performances with what is being offered up now, and the increase in skill, stamina, and technique is truly amazing. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears have been invested by these celebs, and it really shows. Perhaps a bit cilche', but there are only winners here. I didn't see the Larry King interview. Only King knows wheather this was a favor for Marie or just scooping the tabloids, but I will go with JuliaD's call. A bit extreme perhaps, but my flock will be more than happy to contribute all the feathers needed for this endeavour.
  6. Hey there, luvthemraspberries. I didn't mean to sound cold heated or anything towards Marie. Truly a tragic and hectic week for her to be sure. It is unfortunate that these things occur at the most inopprotune times. Still, competitions must go on, and may the best man or woman win. I give Marie and Jane Seymour three heartfelt "tens" for pushing past the the pain and being the ultimate super troupers.
  7. It's a real hoot to watch the antics at our local bike night once the clock hits 7:45. A number of the group mumble lame excuses, sidle out the door, mount their motorcycles and rumble off home, just in time to catch DWTS. Certainly puts paid the notion that motorcylists are uncultured louts, dosen't it? While I applaud Marie Osmond's forty-something foray into the world of ballroom dancing and am impressed (and envious) by her weight loss and showmanship, her last performance was sadly lacking in content. Let's keep this a competition, not a popularity contest. My prediction? Helio takes the flag while Mel B comes in a spicey second!
  8. Kirk-I was at Hansen Dam for the 28th Annual Southern California Norton Owners Club, "Best Ride by a Damsite," event. We had over six hundred vintage British and Italian bikes (and some modern stuff too) participate in our show and run through the local mountains. We do a similar (tho' smaller) ride starting in Pasadena on New Year's Eve, prior to the Rose Parade. Really fun stuff. Do you ride, too? Reid
  9. It takes me about a week to get back in the groove. Today was especially tough, seeing as I was out at 5 AM to set up and run an all day motorcycling event, then informed by my wife that we had a family party to attend (no excuses)
  10. Fully-feathered, birthday wishes to you, Adrienne. Gather up all the birds and have a Flock Party!!
  11. Reid C.


    After paying thirty-six dollars for a normally six buck bottle of "Little Penguin" at the last Sunset Strip show, you would hope there would be fresh Sharpies for everyone. Still, I don't like to leave anything to chance so I'm coming loaded for bear. Rental units will be available for EC.com members only, but you have to ask nice.
  12. Reid C.


    Lewsertude? I am reaching for my thesaurus....
  13. I'll second that, Tony. Don't beat yourself up over it. Our equine misadventure came courtsy of the Harris fire, just east of Dulzura. Our friends lost their home, too. Sympathy and prayers for your friend, her family, and for those who put their lives on the line to keep the rest of us safe.
  14. Francine, be advised that "I Can Remember" is so terribly habit forming. While always my favorite, the Sunset Strip version absolutely lit me up! Enjoy!
  15. Good news! Animal Control got into the fire zone and found our horse (and about eight others)suffering from little more than an extreme case of the munchies. Hay was left for all. Might have to find a new home, but at least she is safe. Heartfelt thanks for the concern expressed by members of this fantastic board. Positive thoughts and prayers for all those who have lost everything in these fires.
  16. Okay, so I dropped one little "s", but what a visual! You see what I mean, julesberry? The media will go with absolutley anything to get ratings. What can I say? :p
  17. Oops! Dumb thumbed the tab button. Saw 20/20 and you were right, Kirk. Other than the hores running up the canyon teaser, they seemed more concerned about Malibu's celebrity colony welfare and whether or not Suzanne Sommers was going to rebuild after the last firey, beach-side debacle, held earlier this year. The brief zoom in on the parrot at Qualcom Stadium was nice, tho'. Kiwi, sorry to hear that the NZ media gets their stories upside down too, so to speak. Nothing worse than to be teased into sitting through mind-numbing "news", weather, and sports only to find that the subject you were interested in rates a ten second blurb just before, or worse, during the credits!
  18. I'm at Tapo Street and Cochran, a bit west of Tapo Canyon. They must have been worried about the Stevenson Ranch Fire coming over the hill. The local cops said mo problem, however.
  19. We hope so, Sherry. Thanks so much.
  20. Thanks, Ira. Much appreciated.
  21. Thanks, Mellie and GMan. Good thoughts from the board really mean a lot.
  22. After dodging the firey bullet here in Simi Valley in both '03 and '05, we thought we could sit this one out. No such luck. The fires in San Diego raced through the ranch where my wife's horse is boarded before she could be evacuated. Anxious times to be sure. Latest word is she was released from her coral and is milling about with some other homeless hoofers at a small pond in the burn zone. The fire department isn't letting anyone back in yet, so we won't be able to get to her for a while. Probably hungry and hopefully uninjured. Hoping for a happy ending here, but so many others have lost everything, God bless 'em.
  23. Hey Muzz! Good to hear from you. Coincidentaly, I just popped my shots of you and Kiwi into my "special save" file. No thanks are needed for the run to LAX. I was totally happy to make the trip. Meeting you guys was wonderful and could there be a better way for a Noob to be introduced to EC.com? I think not. Oddly enough, in spite of being only twenty minutes away, Sherry, Kirk, and I have yet to link up. Hopefully we can remedy that. Why wait for an LA show? Do either of you two have a favorite place to meet for drinks?
  24. Done, Kathy Lee. From myself and the flock, thanks for this wonderful tdbit of info. I'm on it from now on. :
  25. You can count on it, Sherry. Are you going to make it to Cleveland?
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