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  1. So Marvin, what were the reactions of those you talked to who weren't regulars? It would be interesting to know their impressions. Reid
  2. This wouldn't be the arrow on the shirt deal, would it?
  3. Ann, we were rooting for you. So sorry you you weren't able to make it. Don't worry though, we will raise a toast to you in Cleveland! Reid
  4. Yes, as a matter of fact, we shared a salad and ordered up a tart, too. Don't even think it, Kirk. Anne and the waiter already beat that one to death.
  5. Aw com'on Sherry, you're making me blush. Humble apologies for being somewhat (well, maybe a lot) distracted. I really wanted to spend some time talking to you and Joe. I am so glad you enjoyed your first outing with Raspberries. I remember the first complete show that I saw was thirty-three years ago, a few blocks up Sunset at the Whiskey. I got a wicked case of the tingles then and still get them now everytime that curtain rises. When the 'berries come to play, they mean business, no matter what the circumstances. It certainly was a night of surpises.
  6. Reid C.


    Hi Darlene The disaster was not that the performance of ICR was substandard, it was, after a few false starts, most unfortunately omitted from the show due to technical problems. Really sad for me (and more than a few others) because it is one of the finest musical compositions that I have ever heard. It is a favorite for many faithful Raspberries fans and comes across beautifully in a live concert. Well, $@%& happens, but I just wish it would happen to a far less deserving band. I wouldn't want the Raspberries to get the idea that LA is bad juju and never want to return. Now THAT, would be a real disaster!
  7. Reid C.


    So true, Kirk. I was hoping for a gremlin-free gig tonight, but the Southern California streak of Raspberries misfortunes seems to be running unabated. Losing "I Can Remember" was nothing short of an instant replay of the crash of the Hindenburg. Oh, the humanity! Still, they picked themselves up and carried on with good grace and conviction, never once leaving me with the feeling that I hadn't gotten more than my money's worth. The music was still top notch and the feeling that these guys really enjoy performing, in spite of a few technical glitches, was readily apparent. So, a flawed but ultimately satisfying show, an incredible steak and salad, and the comaraderie of some very special people made this an evening to remember. It certainly impressed my cohort and two time HOB alumnae Anne, who declared that she preferred this show to the first one. Thanks to everyone who came, and a special thanks to the Raspberries. You guys are the real deal.
  8. Hey Ann, even if you don't make the Meet& Greet, dinner is at 6:00. We will accept no excuses!
  9. Right back at you, Anna. Paula and I had a wonderful dinner and evening with you, your sister Liz, and niece Melissa. Thank you AnnD for some great conversation and laughs. Hope you can make HOB, 'cause it won't be the same without you. It was great to finally meet up with Kirk in person. He and I have been unkowingly shadowing each other at seemingly every West Coast Raspberries and Eric Carmen event since 1972! Babysister, my favorite animal lover, so good to see you, and what a smile! And, Kathy and Bernie, truly a pleasure to get to talk with you at last! The sound check and M&G were my the high point of my day. This was no assembly line cattle call, either. The guys came out, mingled, chatted, signed memorabilia and posed with all. I got to say hi, slobber thiry-five years worth of thanks to everyone, and get plenty of pictures. I was just amazed that I was standing there talking British motocycles with Dave, a fellow enthusiast and Triumph owner. The music was incredible, but my favorite part of the show was the kick I got out of watching Eric's grimmaces and eye rolls when the bass got out of control during "I can Remember". The laughter, banter between the band members and interaction with the audience made this a truly memorable show. Thanks Raspberries and Overdubs. Friday night can't come soon enough!
  10. The wife went a little nuts on stocking up candy for Halloween. I took the considerable excess to work, where it disappeared in three days, and I was branded a jerk because they my co-workers lack self control. Please believe me, I am not a jerk. An enabler, perhaps.... :p
  11. Yup, so far so good. Well, there was the chocolate fish incident.... :rolleyes:
  12. The parrot on my shoulder is chewing my ear, a painful reminder that this important topic was starting to slide down the list. Do your daily click, friends. Thanks Reid
  13. Thanks for the kind words, Kathy Lee. I hit a plateau a couple of weeks back and I have been getting a bit anxious for results. Of course, anxiety makes food start looking awfully good, especially a plate of steak fries with lots of mayo. Have had a few slips, but as long as the wife is out of town, the fridge is stocked with veggies,fruit, chicken, fish, and cottage cheese. I'm sure that the scale will start moving down again soon. Reid PS - The Grove and HOB have offically been designated as "free" days, just in case I pig out in front of witnesses. Didn't want to blow my credibility.
  14. Absolutely love the opening theme for "Ladyhawk". If I am not mistaken, Alan Parsons masterminded that one.
  15. Have an incredible Thanksgiving, Wally, Dave, Jim, and Eric! You've given a whole bunch of fans and lovers of great music a lot lot to be thankful for. The very best to you, your families, and of course, Jennifer, Paul and Billy, too. Reid
  16. Ah, the beginning of NASA taking the long trip down the porcelin facility! Reid
  17. Who knows what evil lurks in the heart of food? The Shadow knows!
  18. OK, so it is time to come clean, seeing as I promised Kiwi I'd confess my caloric sins. I made it through Halloween, but Thanksgiving looms, let alone the Grove and HOB. Encouragment might be needed here. This all started back in January when a female friend informed me that she wasn't attracted to fat men. Well no one wants to feel unloved and it is better to be safe than sorry. I modified my eating habits, increased excercise, and was just plain miserable until I realized that I had really lost thirty-eight pounds in nine months. The misery part was kinda bogus seeing as when I think I am being deprived, I just like to complain. Good thing I hadn't thrown away old pants because I lost about five inches and can now slip into my old forty inch waist jeans. Thirty-eights can't be far away! So it looks like there will be more bicycling, letting the dog take me for a walk, and the aforementioned friend has suggested that we start playing tennis regularly. So, I am going to commit to dropping below 200lbs by the end of January. That will be a weight loss of sixty-two pounds in one year. Then, just twenty more to go!
  19. So sorry to see Jennie go. Although she was never a favorite of mine, her improvement in both skill and confidence was inspiring. And that Cha Cha! Mercy me! Gracious in defeat, but certainly not a loser. Len's remarks were right on. At this level of competition, I really hope that skill and determination decide the winner, rather than the top spot being awarded to the star with the biggest fan base. Sorry, no controversial desserts tonight, just an overabundance of white wine.
  20. Left', is that Telstar the same as the one done by the Ventures? Great tune.
  21. Yes, Julia, I believe you are right. The results I posted were my humble opinions. And, we aren't worried about our choice of dessert. The Penicillin shooters consumed afterwards should keep any contagion in check. Who else but a New Zealander would have a can of of Spotted Dick on hand in the pantry? Anne whipped up some custard and cream as a topping and it was incredible. Marilyn, you people down under eat pretty well. I can't wait for her holiday pumpkin soup with cream, sherry, and chives.
  22. A Walk Through the Black Forrest is magic. It,s also one of the few things I can still play on the piano. Floyd Cramer's, Let's Pretend, and On the Rebound both top my chart, and he earns a solid second place on my list of all time favorite pianists. First place? Well, duh. I can't wait for the holidays because Vince Giraldi's Linus and Lucy always gets lots of airplay. Pat Metheny's Last Train Home and haunting solo guitar version of Ferry 'Cross the Mersey are not to be missed.
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