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  1. That is my understanding, Beth. The wife hates those things with a passion, but my birds just love 'em. Am I right on that, Muzz?
  2. Well we started with a wonderful (if I do say so myself) bacon and egg pie, along with all manner of eggs, sausage, bacon, etc. Truly a cholesterol and sodium nightmare. Lunch was pork roast, taters and gravy, salads and veggies. It was back to New Zealand for dinner including some to die for lamb, ham, roasted potatoes, carrots, parsnips, pumpkin, green beans , and some pumpkin soup with cream, sherry, and chives, that just cannot be described. Do you guys always eat that good down there, Muzza?
  3. LMAO!!! Lew, that is priceless! Thanks for a great Christmas Eve giggle.
  4. Ira, I remember that bit well. I was always watching the Stooges as I grew up in Ohio. We only had three channels back then, but they always seemed to be on. Stan and Ollie were and are my favorites, but Larry, Moe, Curly and Shemp never failed to bring a smile. God bless all who have the talent to make us laugh!
  5. Sorry guys, I have to disagree. I enjoyed them both. The real stars were the cars. Admittedly neither film was in danger of being nominated for an Oscar, but sometimes, you just gotta watch a car movie. Nothing more, nothing less. Not the best in automotive cinema I will grant you, but far and away better than dreck like Cannonball Run II. Now that mug fest was both lame, boring, and stupid.
  6. What fun, Anne! Seeing as the average American is totally brain dead when it comes to where things are in the world, this should be required reading/participation. Look up your mistakes and find the correct answers, too. When educational budget cuts are made, geography always seems to be on the hit list. Such a shame.
  7. EWIC would be great! I remember Drivin' Around and Cruisin' Music from a show back at the Whiskey in LA. Top notch rock and roll! And, if we are talking about any add ons from the EC catalog, Sunrise with the loooong intro and accompianing "light of dawn" lighting effects would knock everyone on their collective ears! Great opening number and it totally lends itself to the Raspberries style. Just ask Kirk if you don't believe me. Go for it, Guys!
  8. Ahhh, that was supposed to be enraged, not entraged. :rolleyes:
  9. Careful Muzza. A rolled newspaper in the hands of an entraged housewife is truly a weapon to be feared.
  10. Did I mention the free cage that comes with the purchase of five of these little darlings?
  11. Hey Muzza, the Cockatiels you ordered are in the mail! Don't worry, I've got plenty to spare, and with your quantity discount, you'll get them real cheep! (sorry)
  12. Sure would like to see something shot from the front looking back at the audience. The back of my head keeps showing up on Youtube and even I am getting sick of it!
  13. Thanks for having us along, Muzza!
  14. Hey, I'll come back to Cleveland anytime. Maybe everyone was on their best behavior, but it was quite nice to have everyone smile and wish you well. Even that massive security guard down at the right front of stage shook my hand and said that he was real glad I could make it! Good news, Trindy. All the MTA people were quite tolerant and pleasant to a couple of bumbling Californians. Thanks Cleveland, you people really shine! Reid
  15. Paula and I are in, Trindy. Five thirty it is!
  16. Thanks for the reminder, 'Jay
  17. Certainly a small world, isn't it Sherry?
  18. Well, I knew that would get a rise out of you, MJ. JohnO and Hollies65, I will agree that it might not make much sense on the surface, but that is just the way I relate to music. Some things hit and a lot of things don't. No particular reason, it just is what it is.
  19. Indeed, the covers do provide a certain degree of interest for both fans and the uninitiated alike. It is neat to hear what a song sounds like when given the Raspberries treatment. I never thought much of "Needles and Pins" until I heard their version. Now, it's a favorite. "Ticket to Ride"? Listen up Beatles, the Boys are back in town. Still, it dosen't aways work. Nothing can save "Substitute" imho, and I give "Can't Explain" barely passing marks. Of course, I never liked these songs to begin with so please, no screaming retorts. It is just my taste in music, and you may well feel differently. Good as a cover may be, however, I find it really hard to give up "Drivin' Around", Crusin' Music", or "Starting Over". These songs are just too good not to be included. As far as tracks from the EC solo catalog are concerned, "Sunrise", "That's Rock and Roll", and "No Hard Feelings" would do really well with some Raspberries flavoring. OK, start shootin'!
  20. As we got our tickets taken prior to the show, Anne, in her dulcet Kiwi tones, was mentioning to someone that more people know who SpongeBob SquarePants is than know who lives at 1600 Pensylvannia Avenue. The woman next to us quiped up with, " My husband is SpongeBob SquarePants". Yeah sure, lady. She insisted that it was true and as we entered the club, she pulled her husband along side and he started jabbering away with a watery dialog, just like SpongeBob. Well, he was good, I'll admit, but cartoons are serious business and proof was needed. This was provided when he whipped out a SpongeBob Songs CD and an 8x10 glossy (Well, who else would carry around stuff like that?)which he autographed and personalized for Anne's sprog, a rabid fan of this absorbing, cartoon character. If this is any indication, the Raspberries certainly have a wide and varied fan base (and his wife seemed so normal,too). Thank you, Tom Kenny. You made a good little boy very happy!
  21. So that's were you got to, Kirk. We were just to the right of Beatlejay and Marlene at the front, pretty much between Dave and Eric. Talk about sensory overload. I literally had to take some quiet time after work on Saturday, to remember who all I had met, what I had seen, and what I had missed. Evidently I missed a lot at the HOB, but what the heck. It was a killer evening. Hey austinberries! Remember us? We stunbled upon you at the valet parking kiosk. Good to meet you.
  22. Excellent! I showed LOSS at work Saturday and the general response was, "Hey, these guys are really good". Thanks Marvin.
  23. I only heard a little bit of that, MJ. Care to share?
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