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  1. Hey Muzz! We've got a bunch of them! When you have multiples of the same model, it pays to have a way of distinguishing one from another. 1971 Norton 750 - "Scruffy", because it is. 1973 Norton 850 - "Carmen San Diego" Because that is were we found it! 1974 Norton 850 - "Ray's Bike" Purchased from best friend Ray and we couldn't think of anything better at the time. 1970 Norton - "The Music Box" Found in a Los Angeles garage right next to the base of the stairs that were used in Laurel & Hardy's famous piano moving short of the same name. I had leaned up against the garage wall while changing film during a photo shoot four years prior to being sought out by the owner to buy the bike. I was totally oblivious to the fact that it was leaning against the same wall right behind me! ? Nortless - "Lassie" An unlikely melange of Norton, Matchless, Suzuki, and Triumph bits that when combined, made a surprisingly competent sixties-themed motorcycle. Due to her mongrel heritage, one club wag christened her "Lassie, the Beautiful Dog." Tried to quash that one, but once out, the damage was done. We also had a '73 AMC Gremlin Levis Edition, a really great car that didn't deserve the brickbats it received. Called her "Blue Thunder" in order to upgrade her fierce factor. Hey, we tried!
  2. Susana - Interesting observation on the "why' or "but" in "Starting Over". It certainly does put a whole different twist on that lines meaning! Full agreement on ICR, also. My favorite and, once you have lived it, oh so true. Reid
  3. Calvin and Hobbes The Far Side Non Sequitur Calvin and Hobbes is the greatest. At our house, something under the bed is always drooling!
  4. "Like a Galahad in denim, with a six-string sword, playing out his dreams on the stage." If you're looking for some goose-bumps imagery, this line has to qualify!
  5. It was funny. Magic, electricity, chemistry, I felt all these things at the Cleveland show, and why not? I'm not a big concert goer, but in my limited experience, it was the best show I have ever seen. But, there was something more going on here. At the dinner get together at Otto Moser's (Thanks again, Trindy), I got to meet quite a few people from this board. I was waiting for the wife by the entrance to the theater and I was amazed by the looks on the faces of the people filing in. I recognized many of my new acquaintances heading for their seats and the looks of joy and anticipation were not to be believed! In fact, the whole crowd seemed totally wired on happiness. I never noticed this before at any other event I have been to. Everyone was on a total "up", and that made it one special night. And, as far as after is concerned, I don't think I wiped that silly, satisfied smile off my face for about a week! Well done, Guys. Very well done indeed! Reid
  6. Big points for Bebop, Captain, but then you lost them all with Lupin. Have you read "The Chase", Cussler's latest? What did you think? Reid
  7. Reid C.

    Thanks, Ira

    So often, the phrase "we'll do lunch" is more the polite brush off rather than anything of substance. At the post-concert gathering in Cleveland, I had the good fortune to talk briefly with Ira and he said we'd have to get together sometime when he came to the West Coast. Well, sometime turned out to be Saturday night when he called and invited me to dinner with himself and his long time friend Mel at their favorite rib emporium (come to think of it, mine too) just twenty minutes from my home. We had a wonderful evening of ribs, Raspberries, and great conversation. Thanks Ira, you are a great conversationalist and a fine gentleman. Let's do it again next trip.
  8. Amen to that. "We've got to make these two countries work well, not work us over." Very astute, prettymom. Hope you don't mind if I borrow your thought and use it from time to time as needed. It's a keeper!
  9. Way to go, Kathy Lee. Kids need to learn early on how valuable and beneficial the relation between humans and animal is. And, yes Anna, I clicked earlier. Thanks for reminding!
  10. Hey there, 'Jay. Mine is Otter (Belgian Malinois/Border Collie) and he hails from Vancouver too, except he was born on the other of the sound. Sure, he's Canadian, but we love him just the same!
  11. Has anyone ever seen "Utopia" (AKA Atoll K)? It was one of the last things they did and I have heard that it was pretty sub-par. I just got it but haven't had the time to watch. So very true, MJ.
  12. Never has been and never will be. Partners of this caliber only come along once.
  13. Thanks Bernie. "Towed In A Hole" is the one I was reaching for. I'm cracking up just thinking about it! Chris, I'm right there with you on "Sons Of The Desert". Truly one of their all time classics. Anybody out there remember "Way Out West"?
  14. Way to go, MJ! "The Music Box" is my all time favorite Laurel and Hardy outing. The stairway used in that film is still standing off Descanso Street in Los Angeles. You wouldn't recognize it now with all the buildings around, but a plaque at the bottom stair commemorates the event. Can't remember how many steps there are, but I walked it top to bottom and back and nearly passed out! My next favorite would have to be "Sons of the Desert", an epic toast to the battle of the genders and why deceiving you mate can have serious consequences. Hey what was the title of the one where Stan& Ollie try to renovate a boat and Stan gets his head stuck behind the mast and has to cut it off (the mast, not the head)? I laughed so hard it hurt!
  15. Thanks James, I'll take a look. I had the good fortune to intercept a wolf/shepard hybrid on his way for disposal at the pound a number of years back. Not for everyone (or maybe anyone, really), but a loyal friend, VERY protective of us, and an absolutely fascinating creature. He did have a few tweeks, however.
  16. I think that a lot of people participate on this site because of its upbeat nature. Still, serious discussion of less than palatable topics should be encouraged between individuals who share similar interests. I like to know what my fellow board members think about a wide variety of subjects, not just music. Last night, Animal Cops, a show on the cable channel Animal Planet, was dealing with fighting Pit Bulls, bait puppies, and all manner of hideous perversions that can be accomplished with Man's unsuspecting and trusting best friend. I can't put into words how much I loathe these sub-humans who abuse, torture, or neglect animals. I don't give a damn whether it is some inane celebrity, overpaid sports figure, or everyday schmo. They should all be dealt with harshly and to the full extent of the law. And, none of this plea bargaining or back room, good behavior escape clauses either. Sorry, no tearful recants and apologies, either. Let them make license plates 'til their fingers are bloody stumps. It's not a big jump from committing violent acts upon an animal to doing the same to another human. Locking these monsters away, toiling for a looong time at some task benefiting society is in everybody's best interest. Good topic, Chris, James, and John O. Let's keep everyone aware of the cruelty that is visited on unsuspecting pets, and do everything we can to stamp it out.
  17. Back to the top of the list. Please everyone, give us a click.
  18. I would imagine that the hard part was digging up enough marshmallow worms for bait, eh Muzz?
  19. Hey, I haven't heard it either. Go for it, Bernie!
  20. Reid C.


    In under the radar on that one!
  21. Sorry gang, I am a backslider. I stay away from the scale because I tend to obsess. When I checked the other day however, I was stunned to see that I had gained SIX pounds back. OK, self-pity over. Back to watching food intake and riding that bike..., well, once the rains let up!
  22. Well, looks like tonight is going to be a real non-event. My wife had her new saddle and stuff go all loose on her while riding Friday in the burn zone east of San Diego. She crashed, heavily and headlong, into a burned out bush. She hit hard enough to have trouble remembering Christmas or all the phone calls I made trying to keep her from falling asleep before someone could get to help her. Final score, a concussion (thank God for the helmet), one broken shoulder, a broken wrist, numerous facial scrapes and a black eye. The horse, a very sensitive beast, is OK and rather contrite in spite of the cause of the affair having to be chalked up to pilot error. Paula is currently drugged to the gills and told me to go party, somewhat tough to do after everyone has left for their respective celebrations. So, she is down for the count at her mother's and things around here are pretty quiet (except for one rather vocal parrot). Looks like 2007 is going out with a real whimper, or squawk as it were. Boy, do I feel like the ultimate Lewser! On the plus side, today's Annual Rose Ride out of Pasadena was spectacular. About one hundred and thirty classic motorcycles headed up into the mountains north of Los Angeles for some police free frolic. In spite of a rather obnoxious Santana wind condition, a great time was had by all. Lunch and libations were had at a British pub on the Rose Parade route back in Pasadena. Sure am glad I am involved in a relatively safe sport such as motorcycling. Those damn horses can get you killed! By the way Kiwi, an empanada is sort of a meat pie (although cheese, seafood, and veggies are OK,too) Latin American style. Good stuff. I might just have a recipe! Happy New Year!
  23. Thanks Diane, but I can't take credit for the boys signing the shirt. That was all Anna Rs doing. Way to go, Anna! And to the rest of you at the past three shows who gladly put up with autographing the shirt and me pestering you in the middle of dinner, a very heartfelt thank you.
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