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  1. After an hour, she took over and I went to sleep. If anything horrible happened during that time, she isn't saying!
  2. All the best to you and yours, Adrienne. All of you will most certainly be in our prayers for as long as it takes to heal. Hang tough, Bonnie! Reid
  3. On Thursday before the Cleveland show, we headed south to visit my old home town. As we turned off Highway 71 onto 36 heading for Delaware. there was the first White Castle stand I had seen in forty-five years! Ah,the memories! After a rainy morning of visiting all my old childhood haunts, I promised the wife a meal fit for a king, or queen as the case may be. Prior to starting the trek back to Cleveland and, with saliva pooling uncontrolably, I stopped at the White Castle and ordered up a bag of those delicious little sliders. Couldn't wait to share this wonderful find with the Hunny, but thanks to a cold and exhaustion from the Hellish red eye flight the night before, she was sawing logs when I got back to the car. I had to eat the whole bag, all by myself, on the way back. What else could I do? They're no good if you let them get cold!
  4. We are here for you Vera. We are all pulling for Valorie, so have faith. PM on way, and as always, the very best to you both. Reid
  5. At this point, I think I would like to be one of those fortunate types, Margaux! Reid
  6. Reid C.

    Ralph Nader..

    I still haven't forgiven him for the hatchet job on the Corvair.
  7. Hi Vera Friends are forever, and sisters even more so. Give Sadiis my best and tell her to keep her chin up. Things will get better. You will both be receiving special mention in my prayers this evening. Keep your Sis happy. We are all pulling for her! Reid
  8. FAB, Bernie! It's good to know that there are still some Gerry Andersen fans floating about! Reid
  9. Ira, I'm touched! You are most gracious and thank you for the kind words. Please call again on your next trip to LA. Rosie's ribs are awaitin'!
  10. Good deal, Adrienne. The big birds do take some time to deal with. We lost two nice Cockatiels to various ills and a couple of the Eclectus are picking at themselves (what else is new?), but other than that, everyone seems pretty happy. We are redoing our patio to provide a secure area for some outside time. A little sunshine might help out the pluckers!
  11. Heaven help us! Looks like Blue Man Group is out of a job!
  12. Yes Bernie, the Lost in Space box was cool. I always wanted to get either the Supercar or Fireball XL5 lunch boxes based on the hokey but fun marionette sci-fi shows. Parents said paper bags were good enough. Oddly enough, I found the Supercar box in a vintage bookstore in Cambria, CA while on a motorcycle trip a few years back. Seventy-five bucks! For that kind of money, it would have to have been autographed by Mike Mercury and all his string-suspended pals!
  13. Thanks Adrienne. Functionality before form is always a good idea. Considering the poodle's function, that makes a lot of sense. By the way, how's the flock doing? Any new additions? Reid
  14. Agreed. You have to feel sorry for poodles, a pretty decent dog that gets a bad rap due to being condemned to a life of never-ending bad hair days by their owners. Seriously, does anyone know how these bad clip jobs became the standard of beauty for these noble, yet persecuted pooches.
  15. Hi raspberrywolf! We used to have a Malamute and were big with the working breeds. These days, we have a Belgian Shepard of the Malinois (pronounced mal-an-wah)variety, Border Collie mix named Otter. Sort of a Borgian Collanois if you insist on accuracy. Most just say he looks like a Coyote with a black face. He has just finished up clicker training and starts agility training in two weeks. He is a rocket in a straight line, corners like he is on Velcro. He has a wonderful temperament, loves kids, and is especially fond of smaller breeds and puppies. We watched the Westminster along with Otter who was paying rapt attention. He loves Animal Planet. There were three Belgians entered in the herding group, a Tevuren, a Groenendaal, and a Malinois. As usual, and as we expected, the fix was in and the German Shepard won. Should have been the Tevuren. Reid
  16. The opening horn riff from Jan and Dean's, "Dead Man's Curve" has aways struck me as a great ring tone! Anyone remember that one?
  17. Happy - "Dancing Queen" - ABBA (sorry, can't help it) Sad - "I Can Remember" Eric tune - "Sunrise"
  18. Kirk!!! You did it, man! If ever there was a keeper of the flame it has to be you. Well done and enjoy it to the utmost. As you are well aware, I do live conveniently close to you, so if you ever......no, I didn't think so. Reid
  19. Hey James, do you remember the Lazarus department store in Columbus? Always loved their lunch counter, or counters as I seem to recall they had seven floors. Toys on the top floor, a great place for an seven year old around Christmas! Wow, that was the late Fifties. Seems like only yesterday.
  20. Julie, I totally feel for you, but don't worry. We all have those days. Just take a page from AnnaR's book and listen to "Sunrise." If that doesn't help, then nothing will. Beth, you had me rolling on the floor laughing! Thank you so much for some much needed mirth. You are a fabulous sport and I tip my hat to the most forgiving person on this board!!
  21. Hey Goose! Hope you and the flock at a great birthday celebration!
  22. And a fine vintage it is!! All the best on your special day!
  23. Belated Best to you Raspberrywolf. Glad to have you with us!!
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