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  1. Go Team!!! I think she bought it last trip to Wellington. Pretty sure he didn't wear it on the layover in Sidney!
  2. Hi Phil! Let me put it into context for you. My good friend, an American citizen but still very much a New Zealander, gave her 10 year old son a shirt that says, "I root for two teams, New Zealand , and anyone playing Asutralia." You better believe they're a tough crowd! Reid
  3. We had that happen early one morning here in Southern Callifornia. Thought the world was coming to the end, or it was another earthquake. Still, I always get a smile when I here that welcome home double BOOM, no matter what hour. Is this a great country, or what!
  4. Seems that some kids found the chute when their father was doing some grading. They persuaded him to call the FBI. The Feds are waiting to determine if it is the correct type of chute before investigating further. The chute, if it did belong to Cooper, was found in Amboy, WA., quite a distance from where over five thousand dollars of the ill-gotten cash was recovered on the Columbia River near Vancouver some years ago. As they say, "The plot clots." Reid
  5. All the best, Raspathens! Have some cake on me! Reid
  6. All the best from Simi Valley, Steve! Have a Happy Birthday!
  7. Saddened to here this. The Rocketeer has always been one of my favorite heroes. I grew up with Republic Pictures Commando Cody serials so I was a ready-made audience. Rest easy, Dave. As long as imaginations soar through the skies, you'll be remembered.
  8. Hey Mike! Enjoy your special day with best wishes from all of us on the board!
  9. Reid C.

    Happy Easter!

    Ira, I am so very touched. Thanks you for those good wishes at this wonderful time! I'm looking forward to taking a couple of loved ones out for Easter breakfast and church services. Then, we're off to God's country to test two new bikes for a magazine review. It's gonna be a great day, filled with wonder and love!
  10. Hoo-ray, Baby-Sis! That good news just made my day!
  11. There was an ABBA tribute show that played at the Hollywood Bowl a couple of years back. I think they said that there were three of the originals still with the group, the sax player, the drummer , and someone else. Anybody know it this was the guy? Talk about your Rod Serling departures. Eewww!
  12. Hey hollies, you might give bicycling a try. I have an issue with worn cartilage in one knee and the impact of jogging was causing some painful swelling. I took up bicycling and saw an immediate improvement in the offending joint, a noticeable weight loss and increased stamina. Not only that, it took me back to being a kid when having a bicycle meant a quantum expansion of my rather small world. It really was the ticket to ride, so to speak. Also, it has proven to have rather stimulating social benefits, too. I bought a used Raleigh, got it tuned up and bought all the safety equipment needed for under two hundred and fifty dollars. Sweet deal. Give it a whirl, you'll go far!
  13. Priceless Ira, absolutely priceless!
  14. Julie Life is such a fleeting thing. We never know when we say goodbye in the morning if we will be able to say hello that evening. I hope you have many fond and loving memories of you husband to keep for the rest of you life. My God bless you and give your heart peace. Reid
  15. "Put down that hammer!" You just gotta love it! Thanks, Anna, for a much needed giggle. Reid
  16. I seem to remember an episode of "WKRP in Cincinati" that covered the event. There wasn't much of their irreverent style of humor on that particular show.
  17. All the best to you Dave. Happy Birthday!
  18. Don't worry, P'mom, I'm later than you. All the Best Bill, and have the very best of birthdays.
  19. Oh wow, P'mom! And I didn't even send you a card! Don't worry, I'll be on it next year. Meanwhile, have the happiest of birthdays and the best of wishes throughout the year!
  20. The very best of Birthdays to you Mary Jane! Here's hoping that you get to unwrap that special Birthday wish! Pedal to the metal, my friend!!!
  21. Best wishes and prayers going out to Kevin and Bonnie. Hang in there, Adrienne. I have found that baby sisters can be tough as nails when they need to be. Take care of yourself and we are all behind you and your loved ones! Reid
  22. Best wishes and prayers going out to Kevin and Bonnie. Hang in there, Adrienne. I have found that baby sisters can be tough as nails when they need to be. Take care of yourself and we are all behind you and your loved ones! Reid
  23. Well, that is really a relief. Was getting pretty worried about you there Valorie. Glad to have you back! Take good care of yourself, and that great sis of yours, too!
  24. I've always liked a wide range of music, but the first artists to really hit me hard were Jan & Dean back in 1964. Just love that opening horn riff on "Dead Man's Curve". The Beatles worked well for me and I got into the Beach Boys pretty heavy, at least until they went weird. But the musical revelation of all time came on a warm afternoon through the tinny dashboard speaker of a 1964 Chrysler 300. "Go All the Way" hooked me hard and I have never been so taken by anyone else's efforts. Believe me, I like a lot of different musical styles, but the Raspberries take the crown and have held it since 1972.
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