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  1. One that has stuck with me for years is "The Party" staring Peter Sellers. The man positively cracks me up. Highly recommended! Another oldie but goodie is "The Great Race" with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon. Lemon's portrayal of the arch villain Professor Fate, is hysterical. Reid
  2. I remember putting a new stereo in my truck and a friend asked to hear how it sounded. I grabbed the tape that was handy and out came "Sleep With Me". When we got out of the truck, she gave me a funny look and commented on my "interesting" selection. I know what all your salacious little minds are conjuring up and I am sorry to break the bubble, but that was as far as it went. On the other hand, she kept bugging me to hear more of that guy on the tape, and she ended up becoming a rabid EC fan. I haven't tried IWTTFT on anyone yet. Might get thumped by the wife. Reid
  3. Well, that is just plain creepy. Anything to make a buck, eh? The mind boggles over what they might create next. Think I'll leave that to those with more active imaginations.
  4. Hi Julie Glad to hear that you have been holding the line and are now starting to press forward. When things start to go wobbly (and they will from time to time) just remember that there are a whole bunch of us out here in the electronic ether who have got your six. You'll do fine. God Bless. Reid
  5. Yes P'mom, it does seem that a little Hell raising does tend to grease the wheels. In all fairness, the doctors and nurses that I have dealt with in my HMO have been, for the most part, helpful, caring, professional individuals. My gripe is with the administration that never seems to have a clue as to what is happening on the front line. They are more concerned with the bottom line it seems.
  6. If only I could, Kathy Lee!
  7. Yeah hollies, that was a real tough one for me too. I love the movie, but when that scene comes on,it's time to go build a sandwich. My Dad was always on the road and not very athletic. Of course, I wasn't either, but that really didn't matter. Catch between father and son is a priceless rite of passage. I guess that is why when my friend's son asks for a game of catch, I can never say no. "Big Fish" is another one that is best watched in private also. Hits too close to home, but in a good way. I always feel such a sense of loss after that one.
  8. Around here, you are never alone in the ER. The place is usually packed with every kid with a cough or sniffle at all hours of the night. Due to this, I schedule all my emergencies during daylight hours only. :rolleyes:
  9. 1. Flight of the Phoenix (the original) 2. The Party 3. The Rocketeer 4. On Any Sunday 5. Battle of Britain 6. The Phantom of the Paradise and the list goes on.....
  10. Depends on how far "south " they want to travel.
  11. Great to have you join our little group, Annie! Sorry we didn't meet in Cleveland. Enjoy!
  12. SoCal would be nice. We're gonna keep doin' it until we treat those boys right!
  13. Ah Bernie, I remember it well. Thanks so much! Reid
  14. Yes, things did seem to be pretty quiet from your end, lately. I am very sorry to hear that you and Valorie are under the weather again. Get well and get back soon. We miss you both! Reid
  15. All the best to you Kathryn. Happy Birthday!
  16. I do appreciate the art and lore of firearms and I couldn't have put it better, hollies'. Mr Heston was a strong advocate of the right to bear arms and I, for one, will always be grateful for his efforts to have those rights preserved. His contributions to the cinema industry were many and he will always be remembered as one of Hollywood's true legends.
  17. Aw comon, Beth. History of Violence wasn't Oscar material, but it wasn't that bad!
  18. Excellent first post, Josh. Welcome to the best board around! Reid
  19. Hi Adrienne. From my family to yours, the very best. We are behind you all and yours and our prayers are winging your way. Love to Bonnie, Ernie, and of course, you. Hang in there! Reid
  20. Gee, Kiwi, You ought to lighten up on poor Muzz. Standing in the wind and wet at the races or some downpour driving with the top down are not signs of impending dotage but rather acknowledged passions of the virile male. On the other hand, if he is looking in the phone book for directions to the racetrack or instructions on how to get the Miata's top up...well, in that case Muzz, you're on your own!
  21. Yes Kirk, I've choked on that one a number of times!
  22. He's small and easily intimidated. The rugby team at school will toughen him up and give the local dentist some trade, too!
  23. Two of the most horrible movies I have ever seen are "Invasion of the Neptune Men," and "The Prince of Outer Space," from the early Sixties. Both of these gems are bad Science fiction at it's absolute worst. The Japanese, obviously still annoyed about the shellacing they received in WWII, foisted these gems off on the American public, in a pathetic attempt at some sort of subliminal revenge. Bad dialog, atrocious effects, stupid story lines, and dumber dubbing make this movies truly heinous in both scope and execution. All is not lost, however. Mystery Science Theater 3000 attacked these losers with a vengeance and the results are hilarious! Well worth watching in their "modified" form. The Sci-Fi Channel would do well to pick up some MST3K re-runs. They might get me back as a viewer!
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