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  1. Wow, it is amazing how pets work their way into your heart and don't let go. I had the kind of weekend that made jabbing knitting needles into my eyes seem like a good time. On two separate occasions, I had to take self-enforced time outs, storm off to the bedroom to lie down and focus on where the normally pacific and reasonable me might have gotten off to. In both cases, after about five minutes of decompressing in the dark, the door was nudged open and Otter, our eighteen month old Malincollie meekly jumped onto the bed. He walked up to me and draped himself over my chest, turning his head so he could stare at me with his big, brown eyes and give my chin a gentle swipe or two with his tongue. After about a minute or so, he got up and trotted back out the way he had come. Talk about your touching, tender moments. That simple act of unconditional love made me forget so much of the anger. Well, that and coming close to blacking out from lack of air thanks to fifty pounds of dog sitting on my chest, but you get the idea. Who ever first coined the phrase "dumb animals" just didn't get it. Now, if I could only teach him how to close the door...
  2. Yes, indeed! One false move at the beach there and BLAMMO...,you're raspberrie-flavored chum!
  3. Such good news. Kathy Lee. Keep hammering away at, Sweetie! You're making us all proud!
  4. Hey, misery loves company, Muzz! If you gain anything, I'm gonna laugh, and cry, at the same time.
  5. Better make them white, Al. If Kiwi and Muzza's "Eric delivery scheme" doesn't pan out, we're all going to have to beat the bushes for autographs on yet another shirt! Reid
  6. Have a great birthday, John!! Reid
  7. All the best, Paul. Have a great B-day! Reid
  8. All he best to you, Beth. Have the happiest of birthdays! Reid
  9. A special day for the Wonder From Down Under!!! Lots of goodies and pieces of cake, and we'll catch you on the Slimmers thread April 28! Happy Birthday Muzz!!
  10. Deee-Lite - Groove is in the Heart
  11. About a week ago, I had to run out to retrieve something from the car when I noticed the neighborhood cat sitting next to the doorstep. She was staring off into the bushes and was unmoved by my greeting. Sensing that something was up, I shone my key chain light off into the direction of her interest and was rewarded by two great orange eyes staring back at me. Had no idea of what it was until my eyes adjusted and I could see the black mask. After a couple of minutes of looking back and forth, this big fella eased his way out of the undergrowth and came toward the house. I sat on the steps and watched him approach to about ten feet, where he sat down and started grooming himself. The cat relaxed and went into groom mode, also. I prefer to shower rather than lick. Everyone seemed pretty relaxed for about five or ten minutes when the raccoon stood up, sniffed, and ambled off under the truck. That was a first. Normally we have opossums and squirrels running back and forth along along the back fence, owls nesting in the palm trees, or the occasional coyote zip past out front, but this is a first for raccoons.
  12. Yet another fine year of service! Well done Annie. Have a wonderful B-Day! Reid
  13. Hoo-ray! Happy Day! Hope lots of presents come your way! Best I could come up with on short notice. Have a wonderful celebration of family and friends on this special day, Kathy Lee! Love from us all! Reid
  14. Hi Ira! Thank you so much for the good thoughts this Passover season and for wishing all members at EC.com well. May you and yours have a happy and love filled celebration during this special time! Reid
  15. Turning Japanese - The Vapors
  16. I Touch Myself - Divinyls Ohhh kayyy :rolleyes:
  17. Kirk likes the Phantom. How could I have possibly known? :rolleyes:
  18. Reid C.

    Welcome, Wallyum!

    No great loss. I was told it was BYOB anyway.
  19. Reid C.

    Welcome, Wallyum!

    Race you to Purgatory!!
  20. Reid C.

    Welcome, Wallyum!

    You do realize Margo, that thanks to you, we're all going to Hell. :rolleyes:
  21. Reid C.

    Welcome, Wallyum!

    Uh-oh. Sounds like there might be some competition for MJ here! Glad you are aboard Wallyum. You're in for a great time. Reid
  22. Yes indeed, pretty pathetic fare...,unless you had the hots for Annette! :rolleyes:
  23. I forgot about that one, Margo. Funny movie!
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