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  1. All the best on your Birthday, Miriam! What is the sprout getting you? LOL!
  2. Thanks, MissM and back at 'cha. Green Beer for everyone!
  3. Reid C.

    Weird news...

    Living in a mobile home is just asking for it. They are magnets of misfortune, often being taken out by fires, floods, plummeting airliners, and Godless tornadoes. Now you can add cannonballs to that list.
  4. Yes, I am late, but hoping that you had the very best of Birthdays, MJ!
  5. That really sucks, Elle! That would be the event and, more than likely, the pun, too. Seriously, glad that you dodged the bullet and are still in the county of your choosing.
  6. A sad day. Davey was a real talent. RIP.
  7. Yeah, Ira. That's my boy, Dean!
  8. Way to go, Steve. I'm impressed. have a great time!
  9. Better late, and all that. Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!
  10. Congrats Ira! Still hoping to see them. If not, I'll just have to fall back on memories from ten Jan & Dean concerts! Must be a fan of that California sound!
  11. What I always do. Avoid "ball." Sorry, Ira!
  12. Better late than never. Happy Birthday, John!
  13. Nicely done, Rob. Sort of disappointed that there are no trains running in the waiting room, but I'll get over it.
  14. All the best to one heck of a guy! thanks for all your hard work here, Bernie. Have a very Happy Birthday!
  15. Have a wonderful Birthday, Julie!
  16. Yeah, see both sides of this one. then again, what's wrpng with a little creepy romance?
  17. Nappy Birthday 'Belle! Hope you had a great time and have a Happy New Year!
  18. Reid C.

    Dating At 50+

    There certainly is a lot I could add to all that, Tracy, but I must refrain on the grounds of self- incrimination.
  19. All the best on your birthday, Jim. Oh, and Happy Wright Brothers Day, too. (Dec.17).
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