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  1. Wow, Kirk, I am impressed! That guitar really did go to the right person!
  2. I'm crushed. Every time I have been to Vegas over the past few years, I seem to have missed seeing Harvey and Tim Conway's show by a day or two. They could almost make me laugh as hard as Laurel and Hardy do. His bits, along with the cast of the "Carol Burnett Show" were priceless. The great Headley Lamarr will be sorely missed.
  3. True enough, Tim. But, after not having experienced an Ohio winter in almost forty-five years, I was almost sad when our plane de-iced and scampered off just as the snow was really starting to blow in Cleveland. Ah, nostalgia. If we had gotten stuck, I could have enjoyed the white stuff without having to shovel sidewalks!
  4. I am lucky to have a postal store just down the street from my house. Hardly ever a line, helpful employees, and they offer printing and various other services with a smile. Avoiding the U.S. Postal service and the Department of Motor Vehicles (thank you AAA) has gone a long way towards eliminating that pulsing vein in my forehead!
  5. Hey, ease up! I just didn't want you to get waterlogged. :p
  6. There it goes! Does that bring back memories. Thanks so much Al, for that little bit of heaven. It was a night that won't soon be forgotten!
  7. If gas prices keep going up, you're going to have to wax Kiwi's feathers and swim over here, Muzz! :rolleyes:
  8. Still have air fare saved up for that one.
  9. As a bicyclist and a motorcyclist, I can attest to the absolute lack of awareness on the part of drivers. Really sobering stuff, Julia. And yes, I missed the bear, too. Reid
  10. Just goes to show you where my head is. I totally forgot the race was on until I glanced at the TV in our local pit stop and there was a dejected Danica Patrick waking back through the pits. Didn't see the finish due to having to leave early in order to get my friend home before a Formula One race or something started. Now, I find that a Kiwi has won the race. Well, good job and congratulations to Scott Dixon, his team, and Kiwi race fans everywhere. It is sure to be a great and wonderful day down under. Of course, the timing might have been better. I only recently got over that America's Cup fiasco, you know. :rolleyes:
  11. A good friend of mine moved to Arkansas a few years back, stating that he was glad to be rid of the whole earthquake thing. Of course, if there is a repeat of New Madrid, Missouri quake of 1812 (a distinct possibility the boffins say), he, and most of the Midwest, will be sweeping up for months. He poo-poo'ed the tornado threat and all, but there have been more than a few calls this year starting off with, "The sirens just stopped, so I guess they missed us again." No thanks. Back in Ohio, my major childhood fear was doing the Ultimate Dorothy and being wisked away forever be some evil and indescriminent funnel cloud. California was a real relief, fire wind, mudslides' earthquakes and the occasional riot notwithstanding.
  12. All the best on your special day! Reid
  13. From what I hear Tony, not many. It is not just the schools at fault, either. A few years back, the place I was working at was open all Memorial Day Weekend. I brought up my concern over this to the owner who informed me that there were plenty of people with nothing to do on this weekend and it was a great time to take their money. Wonderful attitude. All was not lost, though. A bit later, I happened to glance out the window and there was a sleek, gray F-14 Tomcat, wings in full sweepback, making a low, slow, and very majestic pass over the local military cemetery across the freeway. Really choked me up. Nobody else seemed to grasp the significance. Then again, these were the same classless idiots who didn't give a damn when the Columbia burned up, either. Cretins.
  14. Thank you, Beth. That was really hideous!
  15. I am so very sorry to hear that Bonnie has left us. My prayers go out to you, Adrienne, Ernie and in memory of your beloved sister. Remember her with love, and I hope that you and your family will find peace in the days to come. Reid
  16. Thanks for reminding us, Annie. It is so easy to get excited over a three day weekend like this one, and forget the real meaning behind it. Please everyone, take a minute to remember those who serve and those who have given their all so that we can live in this wonderful country. Thanks
  17. Happy Birthday, Jennifer. May it be full of surprises and joy! Reid
  18. Another year under the belt. Have a good one, Tommy!
  19. The wife is threatening violence if I don't stop listening to "If You Should Change You Mind," and "I Can Remember." That does it! All of her CDs featuring Irish drinking songs are going in the can!
  20. Don't worry MJ. I'll jump up and down and yell and scream for ya!
  21. Greetings Al! I second LC's request for the golf shirt. You could count me in for a couple! Reid
  22. Hey Ira, what do you think it is about, "When I Grow Up." I thought that was a great song with wonderful harmonies. I can't remember the last time I heard this play on the radio. Reid
  23. Actually Marvin, the "guilty pleasure" remark was intended somewhat tongue in cheek. I like what I like and make no apologies to anyone. Still, it might not pay to walk into a biker bar whistling Dancing Queen and then request that they turn off football in favor of Dancing with the Stars! Reid
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