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  1. All the best to a very special lady. Happy Birthday Val!
  2. "Well, the last thing Kirk remembered he started to swerve, as his bright red Tiger slid into the curve"
  3. No, I haven't, Ira. That is going on the short list of books to buy. Thanks for the head's up!
  4. "I flew past Doheny, Schwab's and Cresent Heights, and all the Jag could see were my six taillights" Great SoCal song with a terrific horn riff. Coming from the "They Can't Leave Well Enough Alone Department," I heard that they modified Dead Man's Curve years ago to make it safer. Any input on that, Curlew? Thanks for the memories, Ira. I loved these guys and I think my final count is eleven concerts. I saw Dean playing with Papa Do Run Run a couple of years ago. Really good stuff! BTW, Union 76 offered a CD some years ago with ten BB and J&D classic car songs, featuring Mike Love, Bruce Johnson, David Marks, with Dean Torrance still belting out the falsettos. Neat CD.
  5. Happy Birthday, Birdie! Here is a very special wish, hoping that you have a wonderful time on your special day. You are a truly beautiful lady and a cherished friend. Love ya, Robin. Reid
  6. All the best on your special day, Harry!
  7. Let me be the first. Happy Birthday, Paulie!
  8. Yeah Tony, but she sure can dance and is easy on the eyes at fifty! Not that I watch Dancing With the Stars or anything Like that.
  9. Happy Birthday to the Queen of Kentucky. All the best on your special day! Reid
  10. Late as usual. Hope you had a wonderful time on your special day. Happy birthday, Marlene!
  11. I'll second that post. Cleveland was stunning! Thanks, Eric, for all the very special memories that you have given me for these many years. May you have a most satisfying Birthday!
  12. Always has been my favorite Raspberries cut by far. Many times I have played this, then, "Starting Over," right after. Somehow seems very appropriate.
  13. Got it Kirk. PM will explain. (sigh)
  14. Let us know when you are getting to Las Vegas. We might just look you up!
  15. Time to head up the hill again it seems. Nice to have the Reagan so close. I go by there nearly every day.
  16. I never was a Ford guy, but you can't fault a guy who takes a small, lightweight, car (AC) and crams far too many ponies (289 Ford V-8) under the hood. That is what America is all about, right? It was seriously gratifing to watch the Ford GT hand Enzo Ferrari his lunch, and more than once, too. Well done Carroll. Race In Peace.
  17. Right you are, Ira. No my favorite BB song, but it does grow on you. This would be nice to hear on the radio, IF any station would bother to play it. I have pretty much given up on the airwaves. There is nothing that appeals anymore. Even after brow beating a local DJ on a big LA oldies station (Oh yeah, I seem to remember the Raspberries), I was told input was not an option. Play lists are all done by computer. Oh joy! Which of the six classic songs they play over and over will I hear today?
  18. Pound down some bacon and eye pie, Muzz. That will solve everything Happy belated Birthday!
  19. I had a wonderful Easter. Hope you all did too!
  20. Nah, it's OK. don't want to take ourselves too seriously.
  21. All the best on your birthday, Fred!
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