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  1. Thanks Elle, and the same back at you. Three parties to attend Sunday. It's going to take all of the 5th to recover!
  2. Darlene, congratulations on reaching your retirement. Thank you so much for your efforts in spreading the gift of music to so many children! Reid
  3. Reid C.

    Tom Selleck

    Magnum P I was great! I just watched (again!) 'Quigley Downunder," and "Her Alibi," both good parts for Selleck. Not exactly box office smashes, but I don't care. They were pretty darn good!
  4. Happy Birthday Danny! Hope you have a good one! Reid
  5. Hey, Brian. Another year of excellent service on your part. Keep up the good work and I hope you have the very best of Birthday celebrations! Cake 'til ya ache! Reid
  6. Hey, Ira. All the best to you. Happy Birthday!
  7. Hey there, Anna! It has been a while. Hope everything goes well for you on your special day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Reid
  8. I hope things are looking good for you, Chris. Have a great Birthday! Reid
  9. Happy Birthday, Pat. Hope it is a good one!
  10. A great deal of talent flows through the Carmen family. Eric, I was wondering, what were your Aunt Muriel's thoughts on both Raspberries and you solo career?
  11. Reid C.

    O M G

    No Vera, you probably don't want to know.
  12. Sad to hear. One of the first 45's I ever got was "Deep Blue Sea," back in about '57. I also have ","Big, Bad, John," and "PT 109" somewhere. I grew up listening to his Gospel recordings I loved Jimmy and Rowlf (Muppet) at the piano on the old Jimmy Dean Show. We'll miss you, Jimmy.
  13. Sorry for being late, Giro, but I hope all went well on your B-Day. Reid
  14. Here is hoping that this very special day is everything that it can be for you, Marilyn, a most special person here in California. Paula was just mentioning the other day, "You know, I really miss the Kiwi's. Seems wrong that they aren't here." So, know that you are missed and and we wish we could give you the same kind of send up we gave Muzz. BBQ for everyone! Have a most wonderful celebration with your cool hubby, and don't worry about Paula's longing for NZ companionship. I can always send here to live with Anne! Reid
  15. I had the pleasure of meeting Gary once in a local hobby shop in the San Fernando Valley. He was a fellow model railroader. Seemed like a real nice guy. Sad he had to leave us.
  16. Have a very Happy Birthday, Andie! Reid
  17. Oh yeah, I remember now. He used to be on KFI here in LA.
  18. Sorry Austin, there were at least two of us "fifteen minutes from the Pacific" types in Cleveland for that show. Caught the last plane out literally the next day.
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