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  1. Hey Elle! Have the best Birthday ever! Love your posts, pictures, and sense of humor. All the best on your special day!
  2. Birthday Greetings, Music Man! Another year has gone by and I took a moment (as has been the custom for the past five or six years) to say thanks to the muse who guides you, Eric. What happiness and you you have brought friends, family, and myself from that first hot afternoon when I heard "Go All the Way" over a tinny car speaker. You Sir, most certainly rock. Thank you, and have a very Happy Birthday. Reid
  3. Hey Marlene! All the best on your special day. Have a great birthday and pound down some cake!
  4. Actually, you still have your cake. You are just processing it!
  5. Don't worry, Missm. I got a degree in Geography. California isn't going to break off. It might sink under the weight of all the illegal aliens, but break off, no way!
  6. It is nice to not have fire creeping over the top of the ridge in Simi Valley for a change. Of course, once the Santana Winds start to blow in November, all bets are off. We'll also have the chance to participate in floods, mudslides, earthquakes and the occasional riot in the course of a typical year. Come to Southern California There is always something going on! Locusts, anyone?
  7. Call me a silly, unrelenting fan, but all the Raspberries concerts I attended were incredible. Some were better musically than others, but each had a flavor all it's own and all left me profoundly effected and with memories that will keep me in giggles for a lifetime. If I had to call favorites of the four I was lucky enough to attend, I would go with the first Sunset Strip HOB back in '05. That ended a thirty-one year 'Berries drought and I was gasping for some good music. The key to that one was the smiles of the gang I was with. Everyone agreed, one of the best concerts they had ever seen. Both Anaheim and Sunset Strip 2 had their problems, but linking up with the EC.com people made up for any minor glitches. The best for me though, was Cleveland. Sort of a going home to Ohio trip plus the realizing of a long held dream of seeing my favorite band in their hometown. A great performance, wonderful venue, and party after with friends both new and old. It just doesn't get any better than that. Well, "Crusin' Music," on the play list would have been nice, but you can't have everything. I'll just have to dream back to the Whiskey a Go Go in '74 for that bit of 'Berries bliss!
  8. My wife shared an elevator with Eric as he was leaving the party in the lounge and she said he was quite humorous. Hey, wait a minute....
  9. Hey luv', I remember looking under tables and behind things for your poster. Did you ever find it or get a replacement?
  10. I heard Crusin' Music live at the Whiskey on the Sunset Strip back in '74. Fantastic song! Would have loved to have heard it again.
  11. Totally blown away by that Jay. My America, what has gone wrong? Hard to believe we were ever that young and innocent. The picture of the railroad welder was incredible! It spoke to me of industry, movement, and rugged determination. An image to be treasured for all time. Wonderful. Thank you.
  12. Never has there been anyone on this board with more creativity and skill (plus a lot of nerve ). Love ya, Girl! Reid
  13. Sorry Hollies, Raspberries still pull over Sir Paul, but it is oh so close. Val, You ARE his Mother. He must obey. Twist his ear, send him to his room, you know the drill!
  14. Happy Birthday Anne! Cleveland seems like such a long time ago, but Paula and I certainly had a great time with you. Hope you have the best of birthdays and congratulations on the new home. Now, start lining up EC board members who have pick up trucks to help with the move! All the best from the Left Coast Reid C
  15. All the best on your Birthday, OK! Hope you and yours have a wonderful time!
  16. Have a great Birthday, Dave! Have some cake and go out and get that Triumph running!
  17. Certainly does. Pass the mayo, please. Oh, and the song was good too!
  18. Still time to sneak in and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY? Thought so! Reid
  19. Happy Birthday HT. Many more at ya!
  20. Rob, that is great to hear that you have a station that will do that. Around here, the oldies station has a play list of the most popular songs and quite frankly, I am getting sick of them and spend far more time with CDs. Too bad we can't have more variety. But, the boys at Corporate surveyed the listeners, and......Click!
  21. Happy Fourth everyone! And you too, Underlings! Wish you were here, Kiwi! Hi to the Muzza. This was going to be a quiet weekend, but I am up to three parties and fireworks. Hope you all have a safe and fun Sunday!
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