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  1. Many local Happy Birthday wishes for a great asset to the EC.Com family. All the best to you, Good Buddy!
  2. To a guy who keeps me current, thinking and entertained better than any news agency can, have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Steve! You are EC.Com's official town crier and nobody does it better! Keep ringing the bell and many thanks!
  3. All the best on your special day, Missy!
  4. Beautiful Gail. I am so happy for you!
  5. Reid C.

    Christmas Songs

    I'd have to go with Linda Eder's "Do You Hear What I Hear?" Great vocals with an African beat. Second would be Pat Metheny's "Last Train Home." I have heard it on two consecutive Christmas Eves now and while not a Christmas song per se, it reminds you of places you have been, places you would like to be, and the people you would like to be with. Certainly appropriate for the time of year!
  6. Happy Bithday Diane. May you have many, many more! Thanks for all the work you put into the board throughout the year. You make it shine!
  7. Way to go, Aventurine! Congratulations! It is really a fine thing to see your work in print. It is even better when you can cash a check for doing it. Creating with words and getting paid to follow that love. It doesn't get any better than that!
  8. Hey Val! Hope this finds you well, healthy, and filled with good cheer. Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many, many, more!
  9. Hey 'Gail! I hope your special day is filled with happiness and fun. May this be the best Birthday celebration ever! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  10. Hi Keith! Hope your Birthday is a good one!
  11. Happy Birthday, Billy! Hope your special day is a good one!
  12. Grateful thanks to members of the Armed Services, both past and present. God Bless.
  13. Here's hoping for the best. I always liked his work. It is a shame his life has gone this way.
  14. Now the little vermin get whiplash rather than a crushed skull! Only you, Missm!
  15. Hey John! All the best on your Birthday!
  16. I can't remember when there haven't been some sort of animal cast-offs in our house. It is just the way it is here. Fins, fur, or feathers, there is a place for the needy and those in pain. I have no tolerance for those who maim and kill animals. I guess I am not so charitable to my fellow man after some of the things I have seen. Correction, when it comes to animal cruelty is little more than a minor fine and a note in there file. How about making the punishment fit the crime? Strip the perpetrator naked, sprinkle him/her liberally with ticks, tie them in the sun with no water, food, and a collar that is so tight it is cutting into their neck. Then, come back in seventy-two hours (See? I am charitable after all) and see if their views on animal neglect have changed. Most importantly, get the message out and put it on network TV, not off in the corner on Animal Planet! Now that's reality TV that counts. We had an incident here a while back where some idiots were catching brown Pelicans and slitting open their pouches, leaving them to starve. what kind of society have we created that breeds these sort of monsters? Makes me sick.
  17. You hang in there, Aventurine. We are all pulling for you. Prayers and the best of wishes!
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