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  1. All the best, Belle. Hope it is a good one!
  2. Yep, don't ask it if you don't mean it. Listening helps because there are some really interesting things going on with other people!
  3. A simple smile and a hello can change the whole outlook on day. Believe it!
  4. According to Sunday's sermon, The Twelve Days of Christmas officially end on Jan. 6. That works for me with it taking about a week to get Christmas put away. I do it in stages because I hate to see it go. The tree usually goes up Friday after Thanksgiving. that way, there is plenty of time to celebrate the real reason for the season, be charitable, enjoy all the holiday festivities, socialize, and commercialize, all to the heart's content. The order here is important. The transfer of "stuff" was way down this year, replaced by the giving of time to others. It really beats having to take things back things on the 26th. Exchanging love doesn't require standing in long lines either.
  5. Missm, I think that "stuff" you are referring to is called Viagra. Better living through chemistry! That, and the money that covers up a multitude of sins, too!
  6. I'm sure that your mother will always live in your heart. I am sorry for your and yours pain at this festive time of the year. Shelley. All my best to you and my things be better for you in the new year that approaches.
  7. Sad to see him go. I still chuckle about a scene in Barney Miller with Landesberg and Jack Woo throwing peanuts at pigeons. Loved his acerbic delivery.
  8. Reid C.

    Michael Vick!

    That dog would know whether to be thankful or afraid, Paulie!
  9. Reid C.

    Michael Vick!

    So Vick has paid his debt to society, is an unincredible talent, and everyone deserves a second chance? Try as I might and, in spite of the season, I find that I have precious little forgiveness for the likes of Vick. As far as I am concerned, it is no animals allowed in the Vick household. When the kids come begging for a puppy, perhaps good ol' Dad will explain to them why that isn't going to happen. Some things are more important than football and money.
  10. No, it would take all my property and the neighbors to duplicate the Loop in O Gauge. One of my college professors use to hop a slow moving freight there and ride around the Loop to the top. then he would jump off, slide down the hill to the tunnel and do it all over again. The railroad police (Bulls) just love this sort of thing!
  11. All the best to you, Jim! Hope your Birthday is a good one!
  12. Nothing rings in the holidays better for me than the wafting aroma of pine and the pungent smell of electric train generated ozone. Electric trains are such a wonderful tradition. Every year I set up three or four loops under the tree at my Mom's house and at the her Christmas Eve party, there is always a group of young boys on their hands and knees, clustered about this little railway empire. The average age of these "boys" must be somewhere in the seventies, but the laughter and sparkling eyes prove that the child still lives on even though the bloom of youth is many years past. Trains bring out the little boy in almost everyone, especially at Christmas! Hey, MM, how about posting a video of a trip around your Christmas layout. This little boy is dying to see it! Merry Christmas!
  13. All the best to you Andy! Have a great Birthday!
  14. Heart attack? He probably would have preferred to have gone out with a bang. RIP.
  15. Let me be the first, Tim. Have a very Happy Birthday!
  16. I saw Black a few years ago and was reduced to just twitching in my seat. You cam only laugh so much and then something breaks inside! You will love him, Tommy. Have a great time and Congratulations
  17. In no particular order... Elizabeth Shue (currently at 46) Jan Smithers Stana Catic
  18. I heard some things of interest regarding the celebration of Christmas in Japan at church not so long ago. Thanks for filling us all in on that, Aventurine. It is good to hear the facts from the source. Now, about KFC for Christmas dinner. That is one I haven't heard. How did that custom come about? And no, I am stuck in my ways and will not give up my turkey. I don't care what Harlan Sanders has to say!
  19. I assume that was the the Mark and Brian Show on KLOS, Al?
  20. Just a quick and belated note to all of you who took the time to wish me a happy birthday. Thank you so very much for making my Thanksgiving something to be truly thankful for! What a wonderful bunch of friends you all are!
  21. Who slides down the Festivus Pole. Costnza Claus?
  22. I loved "Swamp Fox." Thanks for jiggling my memory, Steve! We're gonna miss you, Lesile.
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