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  1. Yesterday went well and without the usual fights, failures, or catastrophes that can befall a holiday  celebration when multiple families and venues are on play. I hope all my fellow EC.comers were as successful.  Here's is wishing you a shiny, "Brand New Year." :)

  2. I have a real thing for Stana Katic (Det. Kate Beckett) on "Castle," at least as long as they don't screw her hair up like they did last episode.

    Second and third would be Dana Delany followed closely by Jerri Ryan.

    Believe me James, I am gonna dust for prints! grumpy

  3. Been there a couple of times myself, Ira. It is never easy, but at least it seems that you two are moving on with respect for each other. I was lucky in that way also. Brighter times ahead, good buddy.

    I don't know how many times I played that song during those hard times. It really helped.

  4. Ira, Ira, Ira. Tsk, Tsk. I had this love affair with the neighbor's '65 Monza. Four on the floor, wire wheels with knock offs (well, caps really, but they looked great), and four, one barrel carbs. This beautiful, maroon cream puff could have been mine for only $400. I got the money up and found that some knuckle-dragging troglodyte had slit the convertible top and stole the thing. May he spend eternity inhaling oil fumes from a well worn, flat six. Actually, not a bad car, if you took car of it, and once they sorted that wee, tripping over it's own independent rear suspension thing, was a good, if somewhat tail happy, handling car. Porsches do that, too. Racing great and inventor of the fabulous Chaparral sports racers, Jim Hall, helped Chevy out with the handling and pronounced it a decent little car. Good enough for me.

    And don't you dare say a word about AMC products! I have an 390 AMX, and still am pining for my long gone Gremlin. sniff

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