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  1. Never heard this before, except the part from the "Go Show". Wonder why Jimmy slagged this? Too much bass, probably. Well, I love it! I've only wanted to hear it since 1973. So, thanks, Bernie. You made an old fan get those goosebumps again!
  2. Wait. Gotta clear the eyes after that one. When he gets it right, there's just nobody better. I agree - my favorite lyrics are the ones he writes himself. Wow. Great song, Eric. Wish I'd heard it before now. Also, I personally could stand to have your fantastic voice a bit louder.
  3. Okay, haven't posted in forever. Got my first order (I'll probably 'gift' this to some folks later) in, but just wanted to say - This is the greatest news SINCE the show on the CD! I saw 5 or 6 of the reunion shows and this was my favorite by far. Not the best technically, perhaps, but best for emotion and for the much longer set list. And I totally love Tommy Allen's mixes! Wally's guitar just jumps out at you, which is how it should be, in my view. Can't wait! Seriously, just fantastic. Thanks so much to all involved! - Dougjack P.S. Play 'one'?
  4. I'd love to listen to this again (and any other mixes Tommy did - they're fantastic!) but it seems to be passworded now and I've forgotten that password if I ever knew it. Any chance this could be shared again? Doug
  5. This is my favorite book I've gotten this year! I bought extra copies for my recording geek buddies. (WE say 'nerd', but maybe that's regional. ) Three thumbs up!
  6. Boy, you'd be hard pressed to find any living artist/band with LESS available info on their activities. At this point, it'd be great to just get an update confirming that all 6 former members of the Berries are still alive and (reasonably) well! Gigs? Total silence. New songs? Nothing but crickets. We don't even get to hear about grandchildren, graduations, pets, or any of the other zillion ordinary every day things you get from other artists. Personally, I'd love to see some pics of Dave and his dogs (if he has any - I have no idea), or Jim and his prize-winning peach cobbler, or Wally's trip to Serpent Mound. Most folks here would love to hear even a routine list of what Eric is up to. Mowed the lawn? Tried Pepsi Throwback? Decided not to rent Grand Torino? Is the point of the site so we can all wish each other a "happy birthday" and argue about Obama? Or is there an active artist/band hoping we'll all stick around to see/hear what they come up with next? Are we fans or friends? If we're fans it seems like they ought to be doing more to keep us interested. If we're friends then maybe the professional distance could be relaxed a bit and we could hear what our friends are up to these days. Me? I'm digging in the garden and working on my two musical projects. Thanks for asking...wanna see a picture of my cats?
  7. I like it, 'cause it's a great song no matter who does it. It seems like a fairly 'safe' cover - no big risks taken. Best result would be more folks buying the original, of course!
  8. Does the "right to life" only apply to fetuses? Or do doctors performing legal services also qualify?
  9. Yeah, just ship 'em all back to Africa. Hm...now where have we heard THAT before?
  10. I thought Cartoon World was dead. But the outrageous fear and loathing on this thread and many others shows it's still alive and well (great Johnny Winter song, by the way). Fortunately the "idiot" voters don't seem to be listening to all your gnashing and wailing. Isn't a bit early to be predicting "decades of damage"? Me? I hear you folks all sounding so worried and scared, and I listen to the pundits from both sides, but when I watch Obama, I get a STRONG sense of a guy who knows what he's trying to do. And I think to myself, "Let's shut up for a while and let him do his job." And by the way, "Go All The Way" is waay better than either "Tonight" or "Ecstasy". Heading back to my happy place....
  11. Holy smokes!! You went to BOTH of those? ...game over, man. We have a winner.
  12. Love this topic! 1) Rush @ Vets Memorial, Columbus, OH, 1975. I know a lot of folks hate them, but I've loved them since this night when they just blew my teenage socks clean off. 2) Dave Edmunds @ Alrosa Villa, Columbus OH (Where Dimebag Darrell was killed) 1982. First post-Rockpile U.S. tour. Simply the best guitar playing I've ever seen/heard live!! 3) Raspberries 1st Reunion show 11/26/04 - still the best of all the Berry reunion shows I've seen(5?). VERY different set lists, arrangements, etc. from all the other shows. Plus, how can you beat the 1st Berry show in 30 years?? I cried. 4) Fountains Of Wayne @ Aloha Tower, Honolulu, HI (2003) - Fantastic band having a great night in a magical place! 5) Rolling Stones @ Cleveland Muni Stadium 7/1/78 Keith was awaiting word on his Canadian heroin-sales conviction sentence, and played like a house afire!
  13. Yes, it's definitely Hanson singing lead on the video. My only question is - what, if anything, does this mean for Fountains of Wayne? Adam has at least 3 groups he's in, plus doing music for Broadway Shows, TV specials, Cartoons, etc. FoW takes too long to make records already - this can only make it worse. So, I'm a little bummed about that, but I'll still check this new thing out. Doug
  14. Doug

    Plan B

    Hey, are there any samples of Eric's artwork floating around??
  15. How about Billy Joel and Paul McCartney doing straight classical music? I'm not a huge fan, but I enjoyed those as much as I do most classical (depends on my mood).
  16. I don't know...the BREASTS may have been fake, but the BOOBS were all too real, IMO. Loved seeing Plant and Krauss winning all their catagories and showing those youngsters a thing or two. Raising Sand rules!
  17. Wow! Great stories! I saw the EC/Sweet tour in Columbus. Styx played in between them. I thought Eric sounded great (missed Wally, though - I was still trying to get over the Berry Breakup!) and Styx had some great dramatic moments in their set, too. But to my ears, Sweet sounded unbelievable! Amazing fullness of instruments and vocals! Of course, now I find out it WAS unbelievable! LOL. Funny thing - the electric went out during Sweet's set, and they had to stand around shouting things at the audience to pass the time until it came back on. Maybe they should have just given us all a copy of the tape they were using and we could've all gone home early! Wankers, indeed.
  18. He also played Armando, the Circus owner who hid Ceasar the talking ape-baby from the evil gubmint and set the whole Planet Of The Apes in motion. He had a couple of great "acting with animals" moments that he probably would have laughed about if you asked him. But he was always Kahn to me. "Buried alive...."
  19. And just when I think That things are goin' right I get a call from L.A. Sorry to say "we're changin' your song" Hey - "My Girl" - GREAT song! Great topic, too. One of my favorite songs off my favorite Eric solo record (sorry, BATC fans!). Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the above quote (from Great Expectations - *another* great song on that record) written about recording "My Girl"? I believe this is detailed somewhat in Marathon Man (the book), but I've always wondered: - What, specifically did they change (and why)? - Does the original version exist for us fans to make a comparison? Anyway, Eric (if you're out there), I LOVED My Girl. Especially the chords at the end of the bridge ("so - in - love - with") - fantastic. Does it actually change keys or just seem like it? Doug
  20. I'm not listening to any new Raspberries songs....but I sure wish I was!
  21. Somebody get this guy a new tinfoil hat - the current one is apparently leaking.... :rolleyes:
  22. Sure, if anything written by a man who supported Bush in 2000 & 2004, advocated voting for Republicans in 2006, is Pro-war, anti-gays, anti-birth control, pro-Fox news, and still calls himself a Democrat can be believed....
  23. All the best, Marv! Here's hoping you get your Berry birthday present next year.... Doug
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