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  1. I'm mad because I came down with a cold last week and had to miss last evening's show at the House of Blues. If anyone was there and has anything to say about it I'd appreciate it. Not too many concerts come up anymore that I'd really like to see!
  2. Haven't been on the site in a while, but knew that Nowhere Boy would encourage a posting by me. What a great film, heard it was actually filmed in Liverpool, has that authentic look, much on par with Backbeat released a few years back. The young man who played John really nailed it.
  3. I was doing my morning exercise last week,(which I do to music for motivation)and I usually listen to 98.5 or 104.9 here in Cleveland, but nothing I liked was on, so I tuned in 106.5 and thought I heard your voice discussing a new cd release slated for this February.Glad to hear you're doing well and back recording.I haven't been on the board for a while,busy with our new grand daughter and our other son's wedding plans.
  4. I remember the movie and the song "Come Saturday Morning". I don't remember who sang it.
  5. I thought his name was Albert Ladanyi,but maybe it was Alfred. My friends and I took a ballet class for a phys ed requirement while at Cleveland State in the 70's,and he was in it. I think there were only 2 guys in the class and he was one of them.Funny how reading these posts jogs my memory.I think he kind of liked one of my friends,Sharon,who sadly is no longer with us,ovarian cancer at age 44. Whew,anyway happy belated thanksgiving to everyone, I had no time yesterday, the sons and their girlfriends came to visit us for dinner.Btw,lots of pro sports players take dance classes to increase agility,one of the Steelers from the 70's comes to mind, so no digs from you guys on the board,ok?
  6. rosi

    Good "News"

    After posting about our dog passing on last week, I thought there wouldn't be any good news for awhile. Our younger son,who's 22 and a half just told us,or should I say,I knew before he told us,that his girlfriend is expecting.We expected the 24 year old to be first, as he's been dating the same girl for 6 years and moved out last year. Oh,well,life is life.He has one semester left to finish at tri-c,wasn't really sure of a career path,so just did liberal arts.Luckily he has a part time job with benefits at a major company.She is just 18,but also luckily is out of high school, is employed as a hairdresser,and has been living independently for a while.I'm trying to frame it as good news, a grandparent isn't a bad place to be for a 54 and 55 year old.I guess we'll have to watch Juno and get some insight.
  7. Thank you all so much.I took a walk yesterday in our beautiful Ohio Indian summer weather and plenty of friends are stopping by or calling me.My brother took me to the vet's office Monday so I could thank him and his tech also. I always liked this vet,he always played good music in his office. Curiously,several years ago we were talking about music during a routine visit and mentioned his son is a drummer and occasionally was taught some things by Jim Bonfanti from the Razz.Also he sometimes was a fill in drummer for the Beach Boys when they still were touring in later years. Talk about kindred spirits.A long time friend from high school and college days (and Chesterland and Agora days) is stopping by later to take a walk in a new walking trail in Parma Heights.I still miss the pooch a lot. Thanks a lot
  8. Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts.I did just recently planted 2 crabapple trees in my yard,one will be dedicated to him.We live in a dog neighborhood and several of our neighbors buried the pets in the yard,(My husband always buried his childhood family pets that way also) so we did too.A good friend and neighbor said also there are garden center items to place on the site.The Rainbow Bridge I've known about for a while,as I gave it to a friend several years ago.It really helps.
  9. I'm looking for a way to honor our family pet Trix,who died last night. I mentioned him a couple weeks ago when responding to hollies 65's post about having to put his dog down.We almost had to put him down,but our vet let us take him home,which I wanted to do,probably more selfishly for my sake.He stopped eating last week and just got weaker.He would have been 14 in January.We had to bring him home carrying him in a blanket.Up until last week he was slower,but still wanted to walk around the block and visit his favorite neighbors.Anyway,I sat by him and gave him ice chips and Italian ice to help him on his way.After 23 years as a nurse and also seeing my maternal grandmother pass over,I felt confident that I could handle it.Plus I wanted to be with him,as he has helped me so much with his devoted ways.Finally at 2:30 AM his breathing stopped.I feel he went peacefully knowing he was loved and in his home.I can't sleep yet but am hopeful tonight I'll get some rest.Tomorrow will be the test when my husband goes back to work,as the dog was a companion to me during the day since I stopped working outside the home.Please think of us,our two adult sons are having a hard time too.I was going to go on a pet loss site,but feel more familiar here.I use music a lot to help me feel better during tough times.Turn,turn,turn by the Byrds(and the Bible,although I'm not really into church)comforted me this morning.
  10. All of us who loved and love animals in our life understand how you feel,hollies.Our soon to be 14 year old collie mix is slowing down,has had a couple surgeries and is on medications now for thyroid and allergies.I never regret spending these last 2 years (for him and my mother)home and not working so I could respond to their now ever changing needs.Be glad you had the oportunity to know him.
  11. After living these 55 years,I'm beginning to see why my maternal grandparents lived such long and healthy lives.They had a small family dairy and vegetable farm,lived pretty much off of what fresh produce they grew,and as my mother remembers, now that she's in her later years,lived according to nature's laws. I remember her telling me how her father would plant according to the cycles of the moon,something about how he knew which plants to seed into the ground for maximum harvest.They also had 12 children(talk about planting seeds!)It's funny,but I see glimmers of both my grandparents and my parents in the choices I've made in life. I am doing more outside in terms of hobbies. I find nature very grounding these days.(no pun intended)
  12. Wow,We have a soon to be 14 year old border collie/sheltie mix and have nursed him through a lot these past couple years.Struggled with a virus last week,no sleep,but finally got back to regular sleep Saturday night.The vet said to put him on pepto bismol every 2 hours until he got some relief(and me too,from all the door opening!)We do have special times with our creatures,though and they sense our caring.Hope you feel better soon.
  13. As a sensitive person myself,I've found a book and internet site helpful to understand the trait and acknowledge the gifts and heartbreaks that go along with it.Called "The Highly Sensitive Person"by Elaine Aaron,it states the observation that changes in life,such as the loss of a loved one,really shake sensitive people up,more so than what others would experience. Knowing that Eric's father died last year and the troubles he's had since then sort of illuminate that. Take care.
  14. The cuyahoga county library system is hosting a book talk about the Beatles 2 Cleveland concerts in 64 and 66.The author,Dave Schwensen,who was all of 13 at the time of the first concert,but had parents who would actually let him go and even drove him there,is a really engaging presenter of the program. Because of his experience and love of the music,he has collected from various sources a variety of articles of interest,including some never before seen footage of the concerts.I believe Brecksville and Orange branches have programs coming up in September,but you have to register by either using the web site for the library system or calling.I saw the one in Parma in August,and there was a person there who was at that first concert.She was interesting to listen to also, after he asked for audience members who might have been there.I was jealous,as I was only 11 at the time,wanted to go,but my parents vetoed the idea.And after I heard the story of the fans rushing the stage,they were probably right!
  15. I remember from the Agora days,he had a pretty good sense of humor onstage. They used to make the Raspberries announce license plates of cars that had to be moved because of blocking someone in the parking lot.One began with YM and Wally saying "ok ,it's YM as in you monkey,please move your car."
  16. I recently read an interview with Tony Hicks,where he said he almost became an electrician!He auditioned for the Hollies while still an apprentice electrician,and luckily never went back.
  17. P.S. I guess it was just wishful thinking.On the other hand,it's probably what Eric and Wally said when first approached about reuniting. of course,it would have to be a limited tour as the Raspberries was,as Dave S. was still recovering from heart surgery,and Dave D. is recovering from the stroke.I read he can use his right hand again to play.We would understand,as the clock is ticking for all of us!
  18. That's the article I read.I don't remember how I found it .Thanks.
  19. I knew I should have written it down.I was just googling around and read it somewhere. I'll work on finding it.
  20. OK,now that I'm semi-addicted to the you tube site,(going back in time to my formative years when I'd be in my bedroom listening to the transistor radio my parents bought me)I'm finding out info as I link to related sites.The Raspberries reunion concerts were great,now I'm reading on the Kinks website that possibly a reunion tour is planned for late 2008.Dave has healed from the stroke he had in 2004,and evidently Dave and Ray Davies are speaking again.Oh that sibling rivalry.And I guess Pete Quaife and Mick Avory (original members)are in too.So keep an eye out.
  21. rosi

    the who

    For all those in the Cleveland , Ohio metro area,the county library has proved itself by stocking a good assortment of classic rock dvd's.We recently watched Amazing journey:the story of the Who.It contains fairly recent interviews with Roger and Pete,and also old footage of all 4 members,with insights on Keith and John's prsonalities,and how it all came together to create that sound.
  22. Less talk,more music.Didn't anyone ever hear of the expression"enough said?"
  23. For anyone who likes cover bands relating to early sixties rock,South Chagrin Metroparks hosts Sunday evening concerts for free.On August 17,Revolution Pie ,who perform Beatles,will play. On August 24,Stone River Band performs.They play Ho llies,Raiders,Eagles and those kind of tunes. A friend heard them at Chagrin Falls Pre-fireworks and said they were both good. I heard Revolution Pie last year.
  24. My husband has never had allergies either and last fall was so congested and he was using a box of tissue a day. he finally went to a doctor which he hates to do.He was put on medication also. it finally seems to be clearing a little,but our 13 year old collie mix dog had a miserable spring.From April til about last week he had to go on Prednisone. I was wondering if it was just age,(the husband is only 54,) the weather change pattern seems to make sense now.My friend who is a nurse at tne Clevand VA Hospital said last year was bad for her too.And she takes anti histamines too.So I've been reading up a lot on allergies.I think new research says it's not only histamine that needs to be blocked but leukotrines.But Singulair,which blocks leukotrines,just had an alert posted about it about 2 or 3 months ago. In the meantime,let's all do what we can about pollution/global warming.
  25. OOps,it was "No Reply." '
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